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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
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Articles on Enhancing Your Child's Intelligence

Early Brain Development in Children

Stimulating a baby's brain
See how a medical doctor attributed his son successful academic performance to early stimulation of his brain

Protecting your child from toxic threats to brain development
Find the guidelines for parents and future parents to protect your children from toxic threats that could affects their brain development.

Raising smarter and intelligent children
Smarter and intelligent children are the by-products of a series of intelligences and talents that develop in the brain during the early parts of life. Parents can make their children smarter and intelligent by using various techniques.

Parental techniques for raising intelligent and smarter children
Raising smart and intelligent children involves boosting early brain development by making the children acquire several intelligences like verbal, linguistic, bodily kinesthetic, analytical, motivational, cognitive and social skills.

Parental guide to understand baby brain growth
Baby brain is an amazing organ in the body! To ensure proper and optimum baby brain development, parents may want to know and understand how baby brain works. Click to learn more.

Boosting baby brain development - Simple parental techniques and methods
Parents are the first facilitators of proper brain development in children. Here are some techniques and methods to help parents boost optimal brain development.

A Wonder that is Children Brain - Knowing the Basic Science of Working Brain
Child brain is a wonderful organ! It is mysterious too! With its amazing abilities and skills, a child brain is a fascinating area of the study.

Amazing Facts about a Child's Brain - Things that Most Parents Never Knew!
Learning about a baby brain can never be boring and tiresome. There are a number of unique things to a baby brain and parents may wish to learn and understand them in a proper manner to boost brain development in their children.

Brain development centers
Brain development centers that promise to bring improvements in your child's concentration, memory, language, math and more. Get more details here.

How to give your child encyclopaedic knowledge
Do you know your child is capable of gaining encyclopaedic knowledge? You can find the detail method on how to give your child encyclopaedic knowledge.

What is Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence? A Primer for Parents
Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence is assuming an important role as an effective model of using one's intelligence in an optimum and productive manner. The new theory attempts to use different intelligences in a judicious manner.

Sternberg's Practical Intelligence in Children's Everday Life
Understanding Sternberg's practical intelligence requires parents as well as teachers to learn the basics of different types of intelligence and how they play a role in molding the persona and character of children.

Understanding Edward de Bono's Principles - Lateral Thinking
Dr.Edward de Bono is possibly one of the most genius thinkers and developer in the history of human psychology. His theory of lateral thinking is a new and pioneering way of thinking in a different way. Lateral thinking is complex and unusual because it depends on your ability to think in an out-of-the-box manner.

Applying Edward De Bono's Principles - Lateral Thinking
Teaching lateral thinking to your children is refreshingly different and thrilling. Dr.Edward de Bono suggests a number of different techniques and methods to teach lateral thinking to your children. Lateral thinking also assists your children solve all complex problems with relative ease and simplicity.

Lateral Thinking - Empowering Children with Maximum Thinking Power
Lateral thinking is an unusual way of thinking that leads to learning an important cognitive skill of the brain. Although indirect in its approach, lateral thinking is highly effective and result oriented. Click to learn more.

Lateral Thinking - Simple Techniques and Methods to Learn the Art
Many problems in life need a fresh and different perspective to solve in a successful manner. Lateral thinking involves using ideas that might never be visualized in the normal course of life. Read the article to learn more.

Enhancing Right Brain Learning - Fundamentals
Right brain learning is a new and novel concept that will help your children develop their brain in a uniquely blended and harmonious manner. With this type of learning your children can use the entire brain in a wholesome and complete manner.

Enhancing Right Brain Learning - Methods and Strategies
Teaching right brain skills, techniques and methods is rather very easy and simple. Most of them are right with you and within your home. Very young children tend to learn at an accelerated pace, when you provide the right type of exercises, that are visual and consistently repetitive.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Understanding the basic differences
Which is good? Left or right brain power? In fact, both of them are necessary for an optimum brain growth. Your child needs stronger left and right brain lobes. Read more to know how you can make your children possess a wholesome brain that is stronger in both sides.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Activities to boost both sides of the brain
The debate on left vs. right brain is fierce and confusing. Most parents are confused as to how they can train their children for better brain activities. Learn more on left and right brain activities and how you can make your children strong in both of them.

Right or Left Brain Training Conundrum - Which Lobe of Brain is Your Children on?
Learning in a brain occurs in an amazing way. It is very complex too. Recent research findings suggest us that learning occurs in both lobes of the brain - right brain and left brain.

Right or Left Brain Training Conundrum - Learning Simple Techniques and Methods to Train Brain
Children, who are right brain endowed, find conventional learning based on memorization, repetition and reproduction very difficult. Parents may need to find suitable methods and techniques to train their right brain to optimize learning.

What is Brain Balancing?
Human brain is a complex organ that is made up of two lobes and they handle different areas of learning. Learning becomes optimum, when both lobes- the right and left, work in a seamless manner.

Brain Balancing - Tips and Practical Suggestions
A child's academic achievement could be boosted by developing both lobes of the brain in equal proportions. Parents may use a series of simple techniques to optimize dual brain lobe learning.

Boosting Child Brain Functions with Different Techniques and Methods - Part I
Child brain is just like sponge and it can absorb millions of inputs and data bits. Child brain boosting is possible when the young brain is given sufficient training with proper parental and academic intervention.

Boosting Child Brain Functions with Different Techniques and Methods - Part II
Parents may use several time-tested and proven brain boosting techniques to make their children intelligent and smarter.

Stimulating Brain Power in Children
Boosting brain functions in your children involves a number of basic and primary techniques that any parent can learn and master. Here are some information on how children's brain works and how parents can work to boost the functions of their children's brain.

Stimulating Brain Power in Children: Simple Things Parents Can Do
Follow this simple steps to boost your children's brain functions. Most of these methods are already in front of you!

Child Brain Building through Smart Play - Understanding the Basics
Smart play is possibly the most critical type of play that can help their children to learn highly sophisticated and polished life, social, logistic, communication, thinking and cognitive skills.

Ten Brain Building Activities to Raise Smarter Children - Part I
The efficiency of brain is directly related to the quality of exercises and activities that the children get when they are in their young age. Brain building is a challenging task. Find out various brain building activities that parents could use to raise a smarter child here!

Ten Brain Building Activities to Raise Smarter Children - Part II
A busy brain is an active and agile brain. Good brain building activities can help them become smarter. Read the article to learn more.

Brain Building through Smart Play - Techniques and Tips
Brain building through smart play is a highly polished and intelligent technique that can help parents make their children smart, intelligent and talented. Parents want their children to become successful in their life. Using a number of techniques of smart play is a different, but efficient way of building your children's brain.

Brain fitness exercises for your children - Understanding the basics
Brain fitness for children is as important and critical as physical exercises. An agile mind is sharper and intelligent. A fit brain will help you remain agile and intelligent throughout your life.

Brain fitness exercises for your children - The brain fitness training
Brain fitness exercises can assist your children enhance cognition, imagination, thinking, visualization and coordination skills. Developing a habit of mental exercises will help your children make their brain sharper and smarter.

How to improve your child's IQ: Learning the basics
Here are some simple tips and suggestions that will help parents and teachers to train and streamline their children to increase their IQ values.

How to raise your child's IQ: Some simple techniques
Parents may need to apply and follow a series of IQ enhancing methods to raise their children's IQ levels. Find out here!

Child Brain Training - Is It a Myth or Reality?
Child brain training is an amazing concept that can help parents to enhance innumerable brain functions. However, there is a still a big debate raging on in the academic world about the feasibility of adapting brain training in every day life. Is brain training a myth or reality? Let us check. Click to learn more.

Brain Training for Pre-school Children - Unique Methods and Techniques
Pre-school age is the best for brain training because maximum brain growth occurs between the age of three and six. Parents may want to use a series of complex brain training techniques to enhance their children's brain power.

Optimal IQ Development in Children - Learning the Basics
It is possible to enhance IQ in children by learning and understanding the basics of IQ development.

Optimal IQ Development in Children - Practical Techniques and Methods
Here are some of the productive methods and techniques that can enhance brain power in children.

Bilingual can Boost Children's Brain Power
Languages are unique to our civilization. It is an amazing tool of communication too. Those people, who can speak in different languages, are socially superior and mentally stronger. Click to learn more.

Raising Bilingual Children - Boosting Brain Power with Language Training
Bilingual children are very smart and intelligent. Being bilingual in life is a surefire way to enhance brain power, social and cognitive skills. Read the article to learn more.

Matching IQ with classroom performance - Part I
Some children have very high IQ and are endowed with unique talents and giftedness when compared to other children. Even with their high IQ and giftedness, these children could face tremendous problems in their classrooms. Most children who exhibit higher IQ values may not match their traditional classroom programs.

Matching IQ with classroom performance - Part II
Teachers and parents may need to integrate specialized tutor and lesson plans to take care of the unique requirements of children with special talents and intelligence.

High IQ Scores and Mismatched Academics - Correcting the Anomaly
What happens when higher IQs do not match academics? Several reasons and causes are responsible for this perceived mismatch. Click to learn more.

Matching High IQ Scores and Academics - Numerous Tips to Rectify Anomalies
Matching higher IQ scores and reduced academic achievements is a difficult task as parents may need to first understand the root cause of the problem and later try to find out solutions for the problem. Read the article to learn more.

Five Non-classroom Activities to Sharpen Your Children's Brain - Part I
Non-classroom activities can help your children acquire a number of skills and abilities that eventually lead to sharper intellect and better brain development.

Learning neuroscience to design a fun-filled learning program - Part I
Neuroscience helps parents to understand how they can use it to brain train their children. Neuroscience could be used to design and create an enjoyable learning system that streamlines and refines learning process.

Learning neuroscience to design a fun-filled learning program - Part II
Reticular activating system, Amygdala's affective filter and copious amounts of the brain chemical Dopamine are necessary to enhance learning process to an optimum level.

Five Non-classroom Activities to Sharpen Your Children's Brain - Part II
Non-classroom activities could be exciting and thrilling for your children. They do not exert undue pressure nor do they demand too much time and effort; non-classroom activities act as catalysts to fuel brain development.

Baby brainpower
What do babies know, and what are they capable of learning? These questions have always fascinated parents, and now there are some important new answers.

Boost your child intelligent with baby sign
Study showed that baby sign actually increase the language and cognitive development in baby. It can even boost higher IQ on your baby.

Prenatal stimulation for a smart baby
Want A Smart Baby? Start before birth! Think of the womb as your child's first world, so whatever he experiences in the womb will shape his expectations of life after birth. Learn 5 tips on how you can start prenatal stimulation with your unborn baby today.

Early brain nurturing in children - Parental intervention to kick start brain development
Brain is a mysterious organ! The more it is used the more would be its efficiency. Medical facts and research findings suggest us that child brain has a number of periods of higher and better learning when compared to others. Click to learn more.

Early brain nurturing in children - Working beyond standard parental techniques
Parents should try to work beyond traditional parental techniques to boost brain development in their children. Understanding different growth phases of brain would help them use new and innovative methods. Read the article to learn more.

Thyroid deficiency in pregnancy affects child IQ
Even a mild, symptom-free case of thyroid deficiency in a pregnant woman can affect her child's IQ scores years later, results of a study suggest.

Riddles and children's IQ development
Today, riddles are part of children's education and they serve to develop mental skills in children. Trivia and pictorial riddles are easy to understand for all kids, and yet fun and challengeable.

Can music make your child smarter?
Find out the facts about how music can affects the intelligence of a child and how do you get your children actively involved in music and make learning music fun and exciting.

Music develop the child brain
Music has the ability to train our brain for higher level of thinking. It was found that music can help in developing human's spatial-temporal reasoning skill - the ability to perceive the visual world accurately and form mental images of objects.

Music training aids verbal memory
According to a new study, children with music training had significantly better verbal memory than their counterparts without such training. Plus, the longer the training, the better the verbal memory.

Raising Your Children' IQ through Music
Music can enhance IQ in children. Music has the ability to streamline brain functions and set the pace for better brain development.

Raising Your Children' IQ through Music - Tips and Methods
Raising IQ through music is possible by learning how to play classical music by using a musical instrument. The Mozart Effect is a true benefit that your children can realize by learning music.

Boosting IQ in Your Children
IQ is an indicator of children's' mental abilities and skills. Is it possible to boost IQ in your children? Yes, you can! That is what latest research findings suggest us! Click to learn more.

Boosting IQ in Your Children - Simple Tips and Practical Suggestions
Parents can use scores of different techniques and methods to boost IQ values in their children. However, they may want to understand that it is a long and arduous process that is quite challenging too. Read the article to learn more.

How parents could influence the EQ and IQ of their children
As a parent, do you know you are responsible to the EQ and IQ of your children?

Understanding TV's effects on the developing brain
With new shows targeted to children as young as 1 year, parents are asking more questions about how television might be influencing their children

Gifted Child Development

Is your child gifted?
Find out the common characteristics that are frequently found among gifted children.

Is it good to be gifted? Optimal IQ and the flipside to giftedness
Is it good to be a gifted? This may sound like a strange question - of course being gifted is good... isn't it? But how gifted do kids need to be to reap these benefits -- and is there a flipside to having a high IQ? Read more here....

Identifying Gifted Students: Who gets tested and why
In this article, Dr. David Palmer, author of the newly released Parents' Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education: All you need to know to make the right decisions for your child, answers these questions and more.

Bright Child Vs Gifted Child - Learning the basic differences
Both gifted and bright children are entirely different and their requirements are different as well.

Nurturing bright children - Some methods and techniques
With consistent effort, it is possible to make your bright children acquire the positive skills of giftedness.

Bright kids with learning problems - When IQ and achievement don't match up
When some parents think of high-achieving or gifted students, what comes to mind is a child who shines in every aspect of life. Problem is, this idea just isn't true....Read more here!

Gifted Children - What do they Mean and How do they Behave
Gifted children never come in big numbers and they are very scarce to find. Giftedness also come with two distinctive faces (both negative and positive), but packaged in one single bundle. Click to learn more.

Gifted Children - Several Faces of Gifted and Understanding them
It is a tough task to understand gifted children because of their complex personalities and multi-dimensional persona. Read the article to learn more.

The unique challenges of raising a smarter kid
Raising a socially responsible and intelligent kid could be a daunting task and a strenuous exercise.

Different types of giftedness in children - Part I
Giftedness in children seems to be a rare case. Not all children are gifted while giftedness comes naturally to some children. Did you know that giftedness among children comes in forms and patterns? Read more here!

Different types of giftedness in children - Part II
Creativity may not be confused with the term "giftedness". In fact, creative giftedness is a special skill that some children possess.

Frequently asked questions about gifted children - Part 1
Children, who are gifted and talented, are difficult to understand. Parents are bound to ask hundreds of questions about giftedness in children. Read more here!

Frequently asked questions about gifted children - Part 2
The unique topic of giftedness among children raises more questions than available answers. Read the article to learn more.

Gifted Children with Never-Ending Questions
Questions never end especially when gifted children ask them! Parents often get frustrated by these questions that seem to come at them like waterfalls. Click to learn more.

Gifted Children with Never-Ending Questions - Tips for Parents
Parents may need to show gifted children how good questions can lead to collecting right and useful information. Questions and answers are good tools to empower both gifted children and their parents. Read the article to learn more.

Develop your child's genius - How to treat a gifted child to bring out the best
Every child is a gifted child. There are some special talents or skills within every child. However, giftedness among children could be boosted only with parental help and intervention.

Develop your child's genius - Gifted children unlock their full potential with active parental help
Unlocking a child's gifted potential is possible with active parental intervention. Boosting a child's potential is a long and intricate process. Read the article to learn more.

Supporting your gifted child: Tips and Suggestions
To support your gifted child and to manage his or her intrinsic capabilities, you will need to first learn and understand about gifted children, their special characters, and how one can identify and streamline those characters to make them better person.

Early Signs and Methods of Raising a Gifted Child - Part I
Finding different signs and characters to notice a gifted child could be confusing. Parents may want to learn and understand different signs of raising a gifted child. Click to learn more.

Early Signs and Methods of Raising a Gifted Child - Part II
Children, who are gifted, cannot hide their God-given traits and characters. Somehow, they display different signs that help parents identify and later boost to make them smarter and intelligent. Read the article to learn more.

Hidden Gifts: What to know so your child isn't overlooked
While it may seem that gifted kids should be able to do well in any setting, parents, researchers and specialists who advocate for this sometimes overlooked group point out that many of our brightest child minds become bored, frustrated and tuned out both socially and academically.

Gifted children: Getting the balance right
Gifted children are a diverse group of kids who are talented in specific areas such as math, language, sports or music. Some gifted kids are multi-talented excelling in a number of areas.

Motivating Underachieving Gifted Children - Understanding the Basics
One of the most significant problems that exist among gifted children is their underachievement in academics. They are known to be affected by a sense of under-achievement. Click to learn more.

Motivating Underachieving Gifted Children Tips
Motivating underachieving gifted ones is a challenging task. Although several methods and strategies are available to motivate gifted children, parental help is a must to ensure maximum effect and complete training. Read the article to learn more.

Identifying Hidden Talents in Children - Part I
Every child is naturally talented and skilled. Identifying hidden talents in a child is a vital duty for parents because it might help to unlock hidden potential in their children. Click to learn more.

Identifying Hidden Talents in Children - Part II
Children, who hide their talents and skills, can never do it for long. They are bound to explode them if given an opportunity. Parents have an immense responsibility to unlock children's hidden potential. Read the article to learn more.

Unlocking a Child's Potential - Success Secrets Every Parent Wishes to Know
Unlocking hidden talent, skills and potential can help children achieve the best in their life. Potential is a word that denotes plenty and children have plenty of hidden potential. Click to learn more.

Unlocking a Child's Potential - Easier Approaches to Help Children Realize their Hidden Potential
Unlocking potential in children can open up their horizon and provide innumerable choices and options to succeed in personal and professional life. Read the article to learn more.

Developing Academic and Personal Talent - Basic Rules
Both academic and personal talents are very critical for the success of children in their classroom and profession. Children should learn various skills of personal talent before trying to succeed in academics.

Developing Academic and Personal Talent - Simple Tips
Developing academic and personal talent in children is a skilled activity for a parent. Parents may need to systemize their parenting regiment to include teaching various skills needed for academic and personal excellence.

Advice For Parents With Gifted Children
Gifted children need exceptional guidance. Let us have a look at what constitutes sound advice for parents with gifted children.

Gifted Children Challenging Authority - A Parent's Perspective!
Many of us with children of "gifted" ability will definitely find ourselves waging verbal battles with our children and it can be a disheartening experience.

Four Principles for Parenting a Gifted Child
We value our children, but may display impatience, frustration and even outright rude behavior toward them. It is a fact of life with which we all must reconcile ourselves. A gifted child, to accompany his wondrous capabilities, also has difficult character traits.

Stimulate Creativity

Can creativity be taught?
How do you teach creativity? Like a modern designer looking for inspiration, follow the tried-and-true motto and go back to the classics....

Igniting your child's power of imagination
Find various tips and suggestion to ignite your child's power of imagination here.

Simple steps to develop your children's creativity and imagination
Find methods to help you to develop your children's creativity and imagination here.

The Power of Children's Imagination and Creativity - Learning the fundamentals
The power of imagination and creativity helps your children in a number of ways. Parents will need to find out meaningful ways on how they can make their children imaginative and creative. Here are some useful tips and suggestions.

Raising Imaginative and Creative Child - Some Ideas and Tips
Children who possess the qualities of imagination and creativity can reach tremendous success in their professional and personal life. Raising imaginative and creative children is not an easy task! Here are some practical tips and suggestions for parents to make their children develop imagination and creativity.

Boosting Your Child's Imagination and Creativity
Imagination and creativity are two of the most critical and needful skills that everyone should acquire and develop. Find out how both imagination and creativity offer several advantages and benefits that can help your children achieve excellence in their life.

Acquiring Imagination and Creative Skills - Simple Parental Techniques and Methods
Simple techniques and methods can help you teach your children the basics of imagination and creativity.

Stimulating your child's creativity
Find out the proper understanding of children's creativity. Also how can you encourage creativity and what are the easy things you and your child can do together to promote creativity.

Igniting Creativity in Children - Learning Fundamentals
Creative children are entirely different lots. They can be unpredictable and non-conforming. They can easily rattle their parents at homes and teachers in the classroom. Read more here!

Boosting Creativity in Children - Practical Activities and Working Tips
Children need sufficient time and freedom of expression to boost their creativity levels. Parents may want to give just enough independence and unlimited opportunities to their children to learn the art of creativity. Read the article to learn more.

Develop creativity among children
Highly creative children have a reputation for having wild and silly ideas. Their work is characterized by production of ideas 'outside this world'. Find various non-authorization ways of learning to stimulate the development of creative thinking in your child here.

The creative child: A guide to encouraging low-tech play
Learn what toys and materials create an environment that encourages creativity in your child.

The top 10 ways to nurture creativity in your children
There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to nurture your children's creativity. There are 10 ways you can learn to nurture your children's creativity.

Children and curiosity - Understanding the equation
With curiosity, your children can be very smart and intelligent, both in their classroom and society.

Developing curiosity in your children - Some simple tips and suggestions
Curiosity provides your child an exciting moment to immerse themselves in finding the right type of answers to the most complex questions. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to all parents.

Learning Outcomes from Nature - Exploring Nature to Boost Curiosity and Enthusiasm in Children
Nature is not only a great healer and rejuvenator, it is also a great teacher. Nature can teach us the power to become curious and lift our senses to learn a lot. Click to learn more.

Exploring Nature to Boost Curiosity and Enthusiasm in Children - Simple Tips and Practical Suggestions
Children can learn from nature in their own ways, techniques and methods. Parents may just need to cajole and introduce their children to the wonders of nature to boost enthusiasm and curiosity. Read the article to learn more.

Nurturing Creativity in Children - Understanding Basics and Comprehending Fundamentals
To be creative, children should see things in fresh ways and from a very different perspective. Read more here!

Unlocking the Power of Creativity in Children - Learning Simple Techniques
Creativity is a skill that children must cultivate with consistent practice and determination. Here are some simple ideas and suggestions to teach children how they can be creative.

Develop Thinking Skills

How to improve thinking skills in children? Tips and Suggestions
When you ask questions that lead to a mental stimulation of your kid's thought process, it can be really good for you as well as your kid. Find out how to improve thinking skills for your children here.

Tips to develop thinking skills for your kids
The extensive use of critical thinking is perhaps the most valuable skills that we can teach our kids. Find the tips to develop thinking skills for your kids here.

Raising children who think for themselves
Creating the proper family environment so our kids can think for themselves.

Develop your child's critical thinking skills
Critical thinking skills in children are quite essential and sometimes, mandatory for their success in classroom as well as personal life. Read more here!

Teaching critical thinking skills to children
Here are some useful methods and techniques that help you teach your child critical thinking skills.

How to improve critical thinking skills in children?
Critical thinking is a special skill that defines a person. Critical thinking is always acquired early in life. Parents may want to learn to improve critical thinking skills in their children.

How to improve critical thinking skills in children - Techniques to train your children for critical thinking
Teaching critical thinking is a combination of several processes. Six competences play an important role in defining critical thinking skills. Children, learn best and become successful, when they apply all these six competences in their daily life.

Quiz: Is your child an independent thinker?
Take the quiz to find out whether your child can think independently.

Developing child independence thinking skills
Going all the way to help may actually hinder your children's ability to develop independence thinking skills. Read more here!

Teaching your children independence thinking skills - How parents can be proactive in training their children
Personal and professional success of your children depend how well they think on their own and in what manner they derive solutions from their independent thinking.

Raising independent thinking children
Learning independent thinking skills help your children face difficulties and obstacles of life. The act of being an independent thinker is encouraged by several factors. Very high self-esteem or self-image is the two characters that separate an ordinary thinker from an independent one.

Raising independent thinking children - Tips and Suggestions
Teaching independent thinking skills to your children relates to the act of mental metamorphosis, where they will change the manner and ways in which thinking process is performed. Parents may need to understand the fundamental principles of independent skills before they can help their children.

Develop your child's thinking Skills
Learn the tips on how to make your child to think. Thinking skill can be trained by using a technique called ...

Cognitive strategies and metacognition at different age levels
Metacognitive strategies are intricately linked with each other. Our children can improve their cognitive abilities in a remarkable manner.

Using metacognition learning to make children smarter
Metacognition learning is a series of conversations or dialogues that closely focus on how your children achieved their results after working on some intricate assignments.

Cognitive learning styles - What is it?
In simple language, cognition means thinking. Cognition is very critical for a child's optimum brain development. Cognitive learning styles are different among different children.

Different cognitive learning strategies - Some tips and suggestions
Identifying an individual style is very critical to teach cognitive learning methods to them. Click on the link to learn which method your children use to learn in a cognitive way.

Piaget's theory of learning and cognitive development - Part I
Piaget is a legendary scholar who explained in great detail about how children use their brain to develop thinking and cognition. Though it looks very complex to us, it is rather very easy to learn and understand the basic theory of Paget. Piaget's theory makes lot of sense to those parents and children who want their children or students to be intelligent and smart.

Piaget's theory of learning and cognitive development - Part II
Piaget's theory of cognition and brain education helps you understand how you can make your children learn cognition and thinking at their own leisure.

Children's Cognitive Development - Training School-age Children for Better Cognition
Cognition deals with many aspects like how children gain knowledge, store and later modify it to use at an advanced level. Similarly, a challenging area of cognitive study is why and how one child differs from the other in cognitive processes. Click to learn more.

Parental Techniques to Teach Cognitive Processes to School-going Children
With careful planning and calibrated approach, parents can train children to acquire better cognitive skills like problem solving, abstract thinking, creativity, memory, concentration and interpersonal skills. Read the article to learn more.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences
Have you discovered the multiple intelligences within your child?

Understanding Gardner's multiple intelligence in children
Multiple intelligence is an interesting study of intelligence and smartness in your child. Your child may display a range of intelligences, abilities and skills that relate and connect to a specific area of activity or performance.

Multiple intelligences activities in children: The basics
By learning more about your child, how he learns things, performs certain tasks and in what manner he projects himself, will provide you an invaluable insight on his overall personality.

What is Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence?
Gardner believes that bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is a hidden gift for many children because it helps them in learning in a practical sense. Read more here!

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - Teaching Physically Active Learners
The main source of bodily kinesthetic learning style is through taking part in bodily activities. Both parents and teachers may need to introduce a hands-on learning system to teach kinesthetic children. Read more here!

The Reggio Emilia approach
Want to find the best early childhood education for your child? Check this out!

What is 'Attitudes-Based Learning'?
Attitudes-Based Learning (or ABL, for short) is a program initiated in the year 2000 to inculcate positive attitudes and characters in children...

Brain-Based Learning - Learning the basics
Brain based learning seems to be a redundant term for many parents. But, this wonderful concept is considered very critical for your child's overall brain and personal development. Here are some basic information about brain based education and learning, and how it can help you train and educate your child to reach maximum potential.

Brain Based Learning - Some Practical Tips for Parents
Brain based education or learning is a combination of a number of naturally occurring skills and processes in a child. Brain based education also means that you can provide and give the best possible opportunities and conditions suitable for an all-round development of brain and its perceived abilities.

Ten steps for tapping into your child's imagination
Research indicates that imagination starts with a child's play-instinct. This is the ability for children to recreate something with themselves as a centerpiece. Find out more about child's imagination here!

Visual spatial learners characteristics
Visual spatial ability is a rare and gifted skill that a few children possess by birth. They are the artists who waiting to explode in subjects like fine arts, painting, drawing, math and science. Parents will need to know and understand what visual spatial skills are and how they can promote them in their children.

Visual spatial learners - Motivating them to enhance their skills
Teaching visual spatial ability and skills to your children involves a series of methods that aim to promote development of visual and imagination techniques. Consistent and dedicated efforts will help children learn and master some types of spatial skills like painting and drawing.

Enhancing spatial intelligence in children - Fundamentals
Spatial intelligence is a natural gift to some children. It is a rare gift that allows them to visualize things around them and create concrete forms of objects, patterns and forms in their mind. Some of the greatest engineers, painters and sculptors are known possess a highly sophisticated form of spatial intelligence.

Spatial intelligence in children - Practical activities
Teaching spatial intelligence to your children is more of a science than art! The basic techniques of teaching spatial intelligence are right in front of you and in your home. Here are some basic spatial intelligence activities you can teach your children.

Spatial Intelligence in Children: Teach me those Words and Let me think in Images and Space
Some children are born strong with spatial and visual intelligences and their learning abilities are severely restricted in a traditional classroom. Click to learn more.

Spatial Intelligence in Children: Help me Achieve Success in Life
Children with spatial intelligence need special training and care, both in their classrooms and homes. Parents may like to use a variety of methods and techniques to train children, how to score better in their traditional classroom. Read the article to learn more.

Emotional Intelligence

Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Intelligence
Among different types of intelligences, IQ and EQ are very critical for a person's life. Both IQ and EQ are like right and left eyes. Click to learn more.

Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Intelligence, which is better?
Which is better - IQ or EQ? Although it is very difficult to answer this question, some experts still believe that EQ is a necessary cognitive skill. Read the article to learn more.

Are you raising an emotionally intelligent child?
Although many parents are concerned with our children's intelligence quotient (IQ), research shows that a child's emotional quotient (EQ) is just as important for that child's personal success. So what is Emotional Intelligence? Is your child emotionally intelligent? Find the tips to help you to raise emotionally intelligent children here.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) and gifted children
Gifted children own and master very unique emotional perceptions and expressions that are entirely different than those nurtured by normal children. Hence, managing ever changing emotions of such children may become a big and monumental task for parents.

Emotional intelligence: Assist your children handle their emotions
Children can get emotionally distressed because of a number of reasons. Emotionally stable and robust children can be responsible and caring towards their friends and peers as well as other family members.

Develop Your Child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Emotions are integral to humans including children. Above all, emotional intelligence is as important as mental IQ. Develop emotional intelligence is a necessary skill for your children.

Develop Your Child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Simple Methods and Practical Techniques
Caring parents are most important in aiding young children in acquiring emotional intelligence. Emotional development is a slow process too. Here are some of the best ways to develop emotional IQ in children.

Top ten ways to raise emotionally intelligent kids
Do you want happy, healthy, kids? Here are ten specific ways to help parents make this happen.

Raising emotionally intelligent sons
Men generally haven't received the training in "emotional intelligence" that women have. They have a harder time identifying their own feelings, as well as the feelings of others. They have been trained from an early age to learn that being tough is more important than showing feelings.

Tops 10 tips for supporting your toddler's emotional development
Find out the ten tips written by Dr. Clare Albright, Psychologist and Parenting Coach to support your toddler's emotional development.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Empowering Children with Superior Social and Emotional Skills - Part I
An emotionally stable child can easily learn a series of social skills that boost both personal and professional life.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Empowering Children with Superior Social and Emotional Skills - Part II
Training Children in SEL (social emotional learning) could provide them several other benefits too.

Five steps to raising an optimistic child
Children with optimistic thinking skills are better able to interpret failure, have a stronger sense of personal mastery and are better able to bounce back when things go wrong in their lives.

The innumerable benefits of optimism and expectancy - Teaching basics to your children
Optimistic children are successful children, while children who expect good things in life are confident and courageous!

Practical and useful tips on making your children optimistic and expectant
Optimistic parents are more likely to have optimistic and positive children. Find few practical tips here!

Promoting social competence in young children - Learning the basics
Learning the basics of social competency will help you in training your children in acquiring a number of social skills.

Promoting social competence in young children - Simple methods and techniques
It is possible to train your children when you apply the most basic principles of social competency and adaptability.

Making promises to your kids
It doesn't take too much for kids to begin to lose trust in you. A few broken promises can have a big impact on a child.

Are you meeting all your child's basic needs?
It is important to take action now to meet all your kid's basic needs. Your kids will be well-balanced and happy.

Mixed Blessings - Thoughts based on Helpline enquires
By Elaine Hook - An Education Consultant for 'The National Association for Gifted Children, Britain'

Understanding gifted and talented child
Highly able and gifted children think differently to others. As parents and educators we must arm ourselves with as much knowledge as possible about giftedness in order to understand how their minds work and then we will be better equipped to support their needs

Rewards and child development
What are the right ways to reward your child?

Why sex education determines what type of person your child will grow up to be!
Sex education has been proved to determine what type of person your child will grow up to be. Read more here!

Ten tips on talking with your kids about sex
Strategies for parents about how to talk with their kids about sex, approaches to discussing the subject of sexuality, and the consequences of not discussing sexuality with children and teens.

How to use your to-do's to boost baby's IQ
As a parent, do you know you are responsible to the EQ and IQ of your children?

Do early childhood experiences really count?
Good early childhood experiences do count tremendously, but providing children with an early childhood education means much more than making them smarter earlier.

How to prevent harmful effects of computer on your child
As a parent, how do you utilize the computer on your children? Do you know the potential hazards of computers? Find out here!

The negative effects of television
Do you know what are the negative effects of TV? Read more here!

My child watches too much TV
This article provides parents with some television guidelines that may help you to gain control of your remote control.

Keeping kids addicted to electronic screens (Computer, Video Games, TV)
The biggest factor affecting children's play habits is the revolution in sedentary entertainment options - television, computers and video games. There are ways to limit the amount of screens that children watch.

Harmful Effects Of TV and Computer Games On Your Kids
Did you know that letting your kids watch TV and play computer games may affect how their brains develop?

Television & Computer Effects on Learning and Emotional Intelligence
Here's a look a simple look at the research that shows how visual electronics effect a young person's brain development.

Why Do Kids Become Addicted to Video Games?
Kids and teens are constantly targeted for gaming advertisements everywhere they go. Why do people become addicted to video games?

Building Self Confidence

Building self-confidence in your child
Give children the skills needed to take risks while developing self-confidence. Tips on helping children learn to be leaders and build their self-confident.

Raise confident children and avoid overparenting
The trend by many of the current generation of parents to overparent their children can be detrimental to children's healthy development.

The perils of parental overprotection - Understanding a dicey topic
Many parents do not know the difference between protecting and overprotecting. What they think and feel is that what they are doing is right for their children.

How not to overprotect your children - Meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles
Parents could use a series of techniques to learn how not to overprotect their children. It is possible to deploy techniques that do not endanger the safety of children.

Five biggest mistakes parents make with confidence-boosting
Here are the five biggest mistakes parents make when boosting kids' confidence and what they can do to avoid them.

Building resilience in children - What is resilience?
The power of resilience nature is more of a psychological parameter and it is very difficult to comprehend its real meaning.

Building resilience in children - Basic methods and techniques
Training your children in developing the power of resilience is a thing of art and perseverance. you can help your children develop resilience so that they can face adverse situations with confidence.

Resiliency: Teaching children how to cope with adversity
Learn what we can do to teach children how to be resilient in the face of challenges here.

Resilient, Confident Kids - 10 Ways to promote resilience in children
It is difficult to resist the temptation to over-organize their lives and bubblewrap our kids rather than provide the type of childhood that promotes real resilience. Read more here!

Self-confidence secrets of Bindi Irwin
What it is the secret to Bindi Irwin's self-confidence? What can we learn and apply to parenting our own children? There are possibly eight factors working in her favor - three are due to birth and the other five due to the environment.

Praising with impact
There are three types of praise that will impact immeasurably on your child's self-esteem and confidence. Read more here!

The Power of Praising and Encouragement
The power of praising and encouragement are two of the strongest pillars of child development. Parents who are well trained in the techniques of praising their children tend to create better and successful children. Here are some useful suggestions on how you can praise your children in everyday life.

The Power of Praising and Encouragement - Tips for Parents
Though parents praise and encourage their children on a regular basis, they tend to do it only when children show good results or after achieving better output, especially in their classroom. However, this could be a wrong method of praising as praising only for good results may be extremely counter-productive in the long run. Here are some practical and helpful tips for parents on how they can praise their children at the appropriate time.

Building Self Esteem

Give your child the gift of self-esteem
Children with high self-esteem are happier and more successful. Low self-esteem is common in children who are performing badly at school, have behavioral problems and suffer from depression. Find out more here.

Healthy self-esteem thinking
Research shows children with low self-esteem have three poor thinking habits, which are reflected through the way they speak and behave. High self-esteemers have different thinking habits which result in higher levels of satisfaction and achievement.

Build your child's self-esteem
When a baby finds that her signals are validated and responded to appropriately - that troubles are soothed and pleasure enhanced - she begins to sense that her feelings, expressions, of her very being, are of value and important.

Building healthy self-esteem in our children
It is a significant part of being a parent, and parents play an absolutely essential role in helping to promote a positive self-esteem in kids.

Developing your child's self-esteem
A child is a mirror image of his or her own mind. Self-esteem is what makes your child. Self-esteem is an important personal trait that plays a critical role in your child's mental development.

Developing your child's self-esteem - Practical empowering techniques
Positive or healthy self-esteem is a much-cherished quality in children. Training your children for healthy and positive self-esteem is a lifelong process.

10 keys to children's high self-esteem
Find out what are the 10 keys that children with healthy self-esteem do here!

Building your child's self-esteem
According to researchers, most children enter school with a good sense of self-esteem, yet leave high school with a poor sense of self-esteem. What happens in those years between starting school and finishing school? It is estimated that 25-35% of children have learning disabilities.

Raising self reliant children: Tips and suggestions
When a kid leads a self-reliant life, he or she is able to think and act for self and for own good. With positive quality of self reliance, he or she can also trust his or her own sense of judgment and later introspect on various aspects of life. Find tips and suggestion on how to build self-reliant on your children here.

Golden tips to make your child self-reliant
A kid who is self-reliant is always self-sufficient and independent, is capable enough to think and act on his or her own initiative, is ready to take simple risks and becomes successful in solving intricate problems, rather than needlessly fret over them. Read more here.

Teaching Your Children to be Independent, Self Reliant and Responsible
Self-reliant and independent children, may kick start a process that leads to inculcation of self-esteem and confidence.

Teach Your Children to be Independent - Methods and Techniques
Teaching children different ways to be self-reliant and independent need not be difficult. What it takes is learning new skills of becoming independent, practicing and making it a daily habit. Read the article to learn more.

The Power of Positive Parenting: Raising Happy and Positive Kids
Positive parenting is often confused and misunderstood by many parents. Though, positive parenting looks difficult at first, it could be actually easy and simple when you know, learn and understand the basic principles of responsible and positive parenting.

Useful and Productive Tips for Positive Parenting
Positive parenting starts right at the moment when the baby is born. Your kid is actually your mirror image, especially when he or she is very young. Here are some useful and productive tips on how you can parent your kid in a positive way, right from the birth till the end of second year.

Positive Parenting: The benefits that last a lifetime
Positive parenting - offering children positive feedback for their achievements and efforts - can go a long way towards raising positive, emotionally healthy adults.

Is your child becoming a praise junkie?
For years parenting experts have claimed that praise is important for children's self-esteem so parents have immersed children in words of praise. But too much praise can demotivate children rather than motivate them to extend themselves and take risks.

Instilling Responsibility in Today's Children
If you find that disciplining your children and fostering a sense of responsibility in them is stressful or unsuccessful, the use of traditional parenting approaches may be the problem. Click to learn more.

Raising Independent and Responsible Children
In order to become productive and happy adults, children need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions and follow through on commitments. The home is one of the best places for teaching responsibility and preparing children for the future.

How can I teach my child to be responsible?
Most of us when asked what we want our children to become we include "responsible" among other things such as happy, fulfilled and caring. Do we teach children to become responsible by simply giving them chores to do?

Make it easy for your kids to be responsible
Some children need some help to develop responsibility rather than being left to their own devices. As a parent you need to make it easy for some children to be responsible for their own well-being.

Helping your kids to develop responsible behavior
There are a number of good issues and topics that you can teach your child as a responsible parent.

How to raise responsible kids: Tips and suggestions
Training your kids to be responsible can be a great way to make them succeed in their life. Find the tips and suggestion here!

How to teach your children about goal setting
Help children take ownership of their futures!

Goal setting with children
Goal setting is a wonderful skill for children to learn at an early age, so here are some pointers to get you started.

The importance of goal setting for children
Setting goals and creating a solid plan to reach the goal post is a unique way of achieving success in personal and professional life. Click to learn more.

Goal setting for young children - Teaching children the basics of goal setting
Goal setting for young children involves a series of steps and processes, where each one of them link to the other and every step leads a little degree of success.

Leisure time goal setting for your kids
Kids, by their nature and kind, cannot concentrate and focus on a particular task. They tend to get distracted very quickly and this distraction actually deters and prevents them from achieving long term goals. A year or more could be very long time for your kid.

Do you want your children to be like you?
We are the role models regarding whether or not our children learn to take personal responsibility for themselves ¨C physically, emotionally, financially, relationally, spiritually, and organizationally.

Do you expect too much from your kids?
Expectations of children are tricky for parents. What is the 'right' expectation? Read here.

Let's not hurry children through childhood
Many children feel the same stress that adults feel. In a culture that values success they can easily be pressured to grow up to quickly. It appears that the pressure for children to perform is increasing.

Memories not made: Spending more time with your children
Don't you get caught up in the rat-race of acquiring "stuff" so that you are overlooking the importance of spending time with your children. Remember, you only have one chance at it!

Early head start: Are parents trying too hard?
One of the implications of the current trend toward smaller families is that we now have a generation of parents who are willing to go to enormous lengths to give their children a good start in life. Are parents today trying too hard? Read more here!

Hidden Messages: What our words and actions are really telling our children
There are many subtle but significant ways that parents' words and actions influence their children's behavior and development. You will find significant changes parents can make to help blend their good intentions into better parenting skills.

Parents - We can't escape what we model
Children watch and absorb every move their parents make. By modeling good and appropriate behavior you are able to have children who behave appropriately as well.

Teaching Children - Should you let nature take its course Or intervene?
The role of parents in teaching children about the consequences of their actions is not always an easy one and one of the difficult choices we face is whether to intervene to teach our children a particular lesson or to simply stand back and let them learn from their own experience. Read more here!

Four simple tips to help you stop policing your child and start parenting
There is a difference between policing your children and parenting. Read here the four simple tips that you can use to help stop policing your child and allow them to enjoy some of the experiences that will shape their adult lives and provide lasting memories of a happy childhood.

How to raise a child with a caring spirit
The answer is with self-esteem and caring deeds. Find out more!

Motivating Children

Motivating Children: The Power of Optimum Motivation
Parents need to encourage and motivate children on a consistent basis. Find workable suggestions and tips to help motivate your to perform both in studies as well as other daily activities.

Motivating kids to perform better: Some useful tips
Motivating your children is actually a long drawn process that needs tremendous levels of dedication. Find some useful tips to motivate your kids to perform better here!

Motivating children to achieve - Basics
Motivation helps your children perform better both in classrooms and out of it. Motivation is a critical requirement for everyone including your children!

Motivating children to achieve - Practical Methods
To teach achievement motivation to your children, you will need to touch this perception first before attempting to do anything else. A number of methods and techniques assist you teaching achievement motivation to your children.

How to Motivate Children to Achieve?
Motivation is a special skill. Children, who learn by self-driven motivation, are always productive and result oriented. An intrinsic motivation would help children perform better in their classroom and out of it. Read more here!

How to Motivate Children to Achieve - Catalyzing an Internal Urge to Succeed in Life
Boosting motivation in children involves teaching independent thinking, persistence, dedication, and developing a deep enthusiasm for finishing assigned tasks. Positive rewards (not negative) and reinforcement works very well for children who are deficient in motivation. Read the article to learn more.

4 ideas to help you motivate your children
Motivation is not only important for adults, but also for children. What they learn as children will have an enormous impact on the rest of their lives.

Start raising successful children
Raising healthy, well-adjusted, respectful, and ultimately successful children is hard work. Unfortunately, it seems that many parents are either unwilling to put in the time and effort or, more likely, they do not know how to parent effectively .....

Failure - boon or burden for children?
As parents, we can raise our children to both welcome and learn from the mistakes they will surely make during their lives instead of being shattered by them.

Don't turn your child into an over-achiever!
While it may be true anywhere in America, I've noticed that children who grow up in an urban environment face an unusual amount of pressure to over-achieve. Maybe it's the eclectic atmosphere, but I also think it's their parents....

Underachieving Children - Motivating to Achieve the Best
Underachieving could be a crippling factor in a child's life. Underachievement occurs because of many reasons that are unknown to children. Click to learn more.

Leading Underachieving Children to Achieve Unlimited Classroom Success
Dr. Rimm's Twelve Laws are universally acknowledged as a sure-fire antidote to reverse underachievement among children. Parents can easily use these laws to help their children. Read the article to learn more.

Is your child lazy?
Is there a difference between lazy and unmotivated? Why do some children move as if in slow motion? If your child is lazy, find out more here.

Transforming a passive child into active child - Characteristics of a passive child
Passive children are dull, withdrawn and deficient in self motivation. Passive child also exhibit several visible symptoms.

Transforming a passive child into active child - Methods to raise an active child
It is possible to transform a passive child into an active child by using thoughtful parenting methods and techniques. Here are some useful methods and techniques!

Developing Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills in children - The basic
Leadership skills does not come automatically to your child. In many cases, you may need to help to develop leadership skills in your children. While just a handful of young children display the ability to lead people, the rest actually lack that ability. Parent's role in educating their children about the importance of leadership is very critical.

Developing leadership skills in children - Tips and suggestions
Leadership skills are a combination of learning and mastering a series of positive characters and habits. Parents should learn these techniques before they can teach their children.

Improve Child's Concentration

Improve your child's concentration - Understanding the problems
Concentration and focus are perhaps the most important qualities that your child should develop so that he or she can succeed in both personal and professional life. Improving the power of concentration involves understanding the basic causes and reasons that actually result in the loss of ability to focus and concentrate.

Improve your child's concentration - Tips and suggestions
Improving and enhancing the power of concentration in your children is a long drawn act that needs lot of efforts from a parent's side. It involves a serious parent-children partnership with active interest and dedication from both sides. Parents can do a lot of things to help their children develop the skill of concentration and focus.

Focus and Concentration in Children - Two Important Cognitive Skills for Lifelong Success
Two of the most important cognitive skills, focus and concentration are the foundation stones for future success that is overtly linked to better classtroom performance.

Focus and Concentration in Children - Various Techniques to Motivate Children to Learn in an Effective Way
It is possible to boost focus and concentration in children by using a series of techniques and methods. Like any other life skills, focus and concentration could be boosted and made internal and lifelong.

Improving your Child's Attention Span
Short attention span among children is a source of concern to parents. Short attention span could be a big impediment to children's success. Parents need to understand the pitfalls of short attention span.

Improving your Child's Attention Span - Useful Techniques and Methods
Training children with short attention span is easy. To achieve this goal, parents will need to learn and understand the basic methods and techniques of focus and concentration.

How to Increase Attention Span in Children?
Attention span among children is notoriously short and inefficient. Almost all children lack the ability to concentrate for a longer duration on any given task. There are many reasons for this perceived deficiency.

How to Increase Attention Span in Children - Methods and Tips
To enhance attention span among children, parents may need to devise a dual faced set of techniques, those that remove barriers to poor attention spans and those that they can introduce which eventually enhance longer spans.

Mental focusing techniques - Basics
Mental focusing is an important aspect of one's personality. Without proper focusing, it is very difficult to achieve success in life. Children can find it very difficult focusing on their lessons and classroom projects. Mental focus and concentration are two of the most enduring words that baffle psychologists and academicians alike.

Mental focusing techniques - How to improve focusing in children
Focusing on an assigned task can be very difficult. In nature, humans have a very short attention span. Everyone needs to take a small break before resuming on the pending task. You can use a number of techniques to teach your children how to enhance focus and concentration.

How to develop your child's genius: Improving concentration and focus
A child's ability to focus and concentrate, affects their level of performance. When a child increases their concentration skills, they see a big improvement in everything they do.

Successful Parenting

The 5 B's of successful parenting
Find out what is successful parenting

The seven habits of highly effective parents
Children don't come with a 'how to' manual. Being a Mom or Dad is a tough, demanding and time consuming job, but there are certain habits that seem to make the job a little easier. Here are the seven that really seem to make a difference.

Do you know your parenting style?
Want to be a better parent? Knowing what your current parenting style is will help you identify your needed areas for improvement.

The myth of the perfect parent
As parents the love we have for our children is intense and all encompassing. We want so much for them to have a fulfilling, loving life full of ease and joy. Learn some secrets of 'perfect' parenting here.

Parenting from Perfect to Great: Five ways to avoid the perfect parent trap
Dr. Kelly Pryde offers insights on the causes of the perfect parent trap as well as five key ideas on a more positive and realistic approach to parenting.

Authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, or loving parenting
Neither authoritarian nor permissive parenting is loving parenting. Find out here!

What is Positive Parenting? Its Benefits and Advantages
What is positive parenting style? Is there is special connotation attached to it? Are there any special techniques tagged to it? Learn more here!

Helpful Positive Parenting Techniques and Methods
A major shift in the thinking process is necessary for the parents to start applying the principles of positive parenting. Learn these helpful positive parenting techniques here!

10 things that successful parents do
Learn the ten thing that most of the successful parents do.

Parenting styles - Differing styles and common goals
What is your parenting style? Parents can use a number of parenting styles to raise their children. Here are some of them!

Assessing Your Parenting Style
Each person has a parenting style. While experts have categorized the various types of parenting into three or four styles, the fact is that each of us has our own parenting style that is unique to our particular personality characteristics and philosophies on how children should be raised.

Parenting styles - What are the effects on children?
Every parenting style has its own effects on the psyche of children. Some of them may be very good and advantageous, while others could be detrimental in the end. Here are some of the effects of different parenting styles.

What is Helicopter Parenting?
A helicopter parent is an intrusive parent, who keeps hovering around children to control them and their activities. More often, this type of parent wants to do everything for her children. Click to learn more.

Negative Consequences of Helicopter Parenting and Ways to avoid them
Helicopter parenting is counter-productive and detrimental to children. Parents may need to avoid and control this parenting style to prevent children from becoming excessively dependent on their parents. Read the article to learn more.

The Magic of Slow Parenting - Freeing Up Family Time and Eradicating Parenting Stress
Slow parenting is a new life style. It is a way of freeing up family tensions and worries. It is also a great concept of happy parenting. Click to learn more.

Slow Parenting - Leisurely, yet Effective and Productive!
Slow parenting allows both parents and children to find their own time to develop personalities and persona, and at a steady and slow pace. It is a combination of new ideas too. Read the article to learn more.

Balance your roles: Partners vs Parents
It is important to keep a healthy balance between thinking of ourselves as both partners and as parents. Read more here!

Are you present with your children?
How often are you fully and completely present when you are with your children? One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is to be fully present with them. This can often be a big challenge.

5 tips on how parents can take control of their lives
This article pointing parents to five tips that could put more relaxation and ease into each parenting day. "I'm overwhelmed" doesn't have to exist when you know how to make family life livable, workable and enjoyable!

Parenting confidence - Who needs it?
Why not boost your parenting skills by boosting yourself first and foremost? Whether you're a Mom or a Dad, or even if you want to do this together as a couple, there's a wealth of resources available.

How Much Do You Compare & Compete With Other Parents?
It's tempting to use other children's development as benchmarks for your own children's development. It's also tempting to use other children's behaviour as benchmarks for your own child's behaviour.

Comparing Children - A Solution For Parents In Just A Few Short Words
Comparing our children to anyone - inside or outside the family - is a only an invitation for negative feelings. Here is a simple solution whenever we are tempted to compare.

Parents driven by fear of failure
Parental fear may be at the heart of today's rushed approach to child-rearing, some experts say.

Fear of failure - Overcoming the most common problem of life
Fear of failure is common in many children and almost every other child experiences it throughout the childhood days.

Helping children overcome fear of failure - Practical tips and suggestions
Here are some tips that help your children break the mental barrier to come out of the shell to perform better in classroom and achieve meaningful goals.

Fear is good! - Teaching Children Different Ways of Using Fear as a Stepping Stone for Success
Failure is an enduring event. Failure is not permanent and it is a stepping stone for future success. In other words, it is a powerful tool to convert possible, future failures into definite success. Click to learn more.

Teaching Children How to Convert Failure into Success - Simple Tips and Suggestions
Is it possible to convert failure into success? Parents could use a number of methods and techniques to train their children in the art of converting failures into success. Read the article to learn more.

How to help your children reach their full potential?
To reach excellence in life, your child should pay his or her attention to other areas. Find out more here!

Help your children reach their full potential - Tips and Suggestions
Experts, believe that children can reach their full potential, by managing different "managerial or executive" functions of the brain. Read more here!

Developing the right type of attitude in children - Right attitude is a precursor to success in life
Attitude is everything - to develop personality, achieve success in personal and professional life. Just like adults, right type of attitude is critical to ensure success of children too. Click to learn more.

Practical tips to develop the right type of attitude in children - Right attitude is a precursor to success in life
Developing a right and positive attitude in children is a challenging and complex task. Parents may want to use a number of techniques to boost positive attitude in their children. Read the article to learn more.

The question of expectation from your children - How much is too much?
Almost all parents expect too much from their children, be it getting a very high classroom score or maintaining utmost discipline both in the house and outside. However, expecting too much from children could be extremely disadvantageous. Click to learn more.

The question of expectation from your children - Simple tips to create easy to follow expectations
Unfair parental expectations usually end up in raising stressful and impatient children. Parents may need to set simple and practical expectations for their children to achieve desired success levels in life. Read the article to learn more.

How to raise an appreciative child?
Parents could train their children to learn the art of appreciation, by understanding the real meaning of that word.

How to raise an appreciative child - Parent's tips
Children take a long time to learn the art of appreciation and thankfulness. Fortunately, parents can use several methods to raise their young children to demonstrate a deeply appreciative character.

Love your children ... without counting the cost
A Recent estimate put the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 at US$160,140 for an American middle-income family. That doesn't even include college tuition.

Your child's first teacher
Survival in that future world will require the highest intelligence possible. We must do all in our power to develop that intelligence in our children.

How children learn?
Exactly how do children learn, when do they start and where do they learn? Find out here.

Children's Learning Styles - How Do Your Children Learn?
Children are different in the way they learn and understand lessons and instructions. Every children learn in their own way by using a specific and definite learning style. There are so many learning styles that your child can choose to learn.

Enhancing Learning Styles of Your Children - Some Methods and Techniques
Children should use their preferred learning style to learn. Otherwise, your children may struggle to learn the lessons recited in the classroom. As a parent, you can help your children achieve better classroom performance by detecting and enhancing their learning style.

Facilitating Early Learning in Young Toddlers through Active Learning Techniques
Early learning in your child occurs right through the birth and you may need to facilitate it by learning the basic principles of learning.

Boosting Early Learning in Toddlers through Active Play
Active play is the best form of early learning. Children simply love to play. Find early learning activities that can help your child learn a number of skills.

Words parents should never speak to their kids
Positive words can make such a difference in a child's life. Find out words parents should never say to kids.

Rewards and Praise: The poisoned carrot
For the modern and discerning parent, the hitting-and-shaming method of "discipline" is passé. Punishment is out, and rewards are in. Why use the stick, when we can better teach a child by using a carrot?

Can Praise Be Harmful to Children?
Praising kids for things that are not directly under their control, like intelligence, can backfire.

Rewards Carry Risks
Research shows that punishment and rewards are not really opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Both are trying to manipulate a child's behaviour.

Should we compromise with our children?
Compromise actually is a process of giving and taking, a sign of strength not weakness, and an avenue toward a win ¨C win situation for everyone involved. Find out how to compromise with your children here! 

Five ways to help your child cope positively with discouraging people
Find out how to help your child deal with discouraging people here.

Problem solving skills with children two to eight - Part I
Young children always respond to a problematic situation in their own way. Thus, teaching problem solving skills becomes very critical and important for parents.

Problem solving skills with children two to eight - Part II
Problem solving skills and techniques are the invaluable tools that can help your child acquire a series of personal skills that are very important to life. Find out more here!

Teaching problem solving skills to children - Why are they so important?
Problem solving skills can make your children self confident and bold to face any type of difficult situations that come in front of them every day.

Teaching problem solving skills to children - Methods and Techniques
Problem solving techniques and methods are numerous. Parents should know how to train their children towards solving problems that occur in their daily lives.

Kids not listening? Top 10 tips to deal with it!
The kids are not listening to you without you repeating yourself over and over and it's driving you crazy. You give them chances or count to ten and they still won't listen. Here are some tips to deal with it.

Training children for active listening
Listening skills are very critical to your children's success. Hence, training your children for better and proactive listening skills becomes so important and critical.

Teaching children the power of active listening
You can use a number of methods and techniques to train your children in the art of active listening.

Help your child deal with peer pressure - A two edged sword
Peer pressure in school is common. Peer pressure could be both positive and negative. Here are some basic information bits on peer pressure.

Help your child deal with peer pressure - Avoid falling prey to it
Handling peer pressure is very critical. Negative pressure could be very detrimental to your children. Learn some pressure handling techniques here!

Discipline Strategies for Parent

Using positive reinforcement to change your child's behavior
Focusing on your children's positive behaviors could be the most productive parenting change you make if you don't already do it.

Help your child manage their own behavior
Children, like teens, like to feel personal power. Power is mostly the ability to influence some aspects of our lives by the choices we make. Giving a child a choice is the most powerful way to build personal power and self-esteem for your child's lifetime.

Tackling difficult behavior by defiant children
Defiant behavior by kids is a difficult issue to resolve and a tough problem to solve. Parents need a different perspective and a fresh approach to tackle this unique problem. Read more here!

Discipline Mistakes Parents Usually Make and How They Can Fix Them - Part I
It is common for parents to make numerous mistakes, while disciplining their children. However, repeating similar mistakes may turn counter-productive and negative. Click to learn more.

Discipline Mistakes Parents Usually Make and How They Can Fix Them - Part II
Parents may need to find out most appropriate solutions to set right any mistakes that they are likely to make, while teaching better discipline to their children. Read the article to learn more.

Three important tips to overcome defiant behavior in kids
Here are three useful and practical tips that will help you in controlling misbehavior displayed by your kid.

Changing children's behavior by using positive reinforcement methods
A child can display many types of undesirable behavior. Some of them may be pronounced in display while the others may not to be readily noticeable but could manifest in a severe manner after sometime. Find out the different kinds of undesirable behaviors in children here!

Changing children's behavior by using positive reinforcement methods - Tips and suggestions
if you find that your children are difficult to control, do not worry! Here are some simple positive reinforcement tips and techniques that will help you shape your children's unacceptable behaviors. Read more here!

Effective Discipline Techniques that Actually Work for Your Children - Part I
Self discipline is perhaps the most critical parameter for future success. Without good discipline and good mannerism, children might fail to become the person of responsibility and good character. Click to learn more.

Effective Discipline Techniques that Actually Work for Your Children - Part II
Harsh punishment, threat and force may not work while respectful techniques may help parents to get the results they always wanted, that is children with impeccable behavior and self discipline. Read the article to learn more.

Why children don't listen? Understanding children's defying behavior
Children refusing to listen to their parents could be a defying behavior. Click to learn more.

Why children don't listen? The delicate art of listening
Here are some techniques that you can deploy to make your children listen to others.

Parent Spanking - The golden rule of child discipline?
We cannot believe that spanking children is abuse until we can honestly acknowledge the mistreatment from our own childhood experiences and examine the shortcomings of our own parents. Find out if spanking is the golden rule of child discipline.

Spanking - Why many parents keep seeking for a better way
Spanking kids over the knee may seem like a good idea to get them to REALLY learn from their mistakes. But does it work?

How to discipline children without punishment - Part I
Disciplining your child is not about punishment or scolding. It is all about teaching your children how to become responsible for their own actions and deeds.

How to discipline children without punishment - Part II
Teaching discipline to your children without punishing or scolding them, becomes easier, when you learn the fundamentals of discipline and how it works for small and younger children.

Effective discipline strategies for parents - Two basic principles
Proper discipline is very critical for every child too. Teaching good discipline strategies to children is a challenging task.

Effective discipline strategies for parents - Useful techniques and methods
Effective discipline strategies for parents involve motivating children to follow set norms of life and avoid breaking the barrier. These techniques are mutual as well as reciprocal.

Defiant Children - Understanding Defiance and Oppositional Characters
Defiance arises in children due to many reasons and factors. Understanding these factors will help parents in handling a defiant child.

How to Deal with Defiant Children - Tips and Methods
Find some practical solutions to deal with defiant behavior problem in children here!

The Art of Saying "Yes" and the Art of Saying "No"
What to do when your out-of-control kid wants something from you, the parent: The Art of Saying "Yes" and the Art of Saying "No".

Managing highly able children's behaviour
Managing challenging behaviour in clever, highly able or gifted and talented children is more difficult than one can ever imagine. Find out the tips here!

Discipline techniques for children that work
Teaching discipline to children is perhaps the hardest thing for all parents. It starts in your home and its begins with you!

Discipline techniques for children that work - Basic techniques
Several discipline techniques and methods can help you teach discipline to your children. Most of them work well, when you use them with a firm hand and conviction. Find out here!

Discipline strategies that help kids think instead of react
There are many ways to encourage kids to think their way to better behavior so that they grow to become self-confident, competent, moral and independent. Here are some examples of discipline strategies that do just that.

Top ten tips for disciplining your toddler
Find ten tips to discipline your toddler without causing him to feel shame.

How to deal with your child's inappropriate behavior
Children bombard parents with many challenging behaviors. We are delighted if their behavior is mostly positive. But what if your child constantly demonstrates negative behavior? How are you going to deal with it?

Bringing out the best behaviour in kids
It is more concerned with "teaching children how to behave well" than teaching "them a lesson." Bringing out children's better behaviour is easy if you have easy children. It can be more testing if you have challenging kids or when you are raising active toddlers and feisty teenagers with plenty of attitude.

The secrets to improving children's behavior
How to affect change is a challenge for many parents. Do you ignore a child's annoying behavior or do you pick up on it?

Children and anger
How can you help your children deal with their anger?

Helping children to control anger
Anger is common in children and it pays to know more about anger. Help your children to learn to control their anger and impulses.

Helping children to control anger - Anger management techniques
Anger management is all about helping children to find appropriate and effective ways to express their anger. Here are some practical ways to help children manager anger.

Let them have their temper tantrums!
Temper tantrums are a way a young child expresses his frustration over a situation or a person. Try these three tips to create an emotional safety catch for both you and your child.

Temper tantrum in children - A simple guide to parents
Temper tantrums are common in all children. In many cases, temper tantrum in children occur when they feel that they are denied something they badly need. It could also occur when children fail to achieve some specific tasks.

Temper tantrum in children - Finding a solution to the problem
Finding a practical solution to your children's temper tantrum depends on the reasons that result in frustrations and disappointments. Use the best strategy that you feel is right for the moment.

Parents - Tune in to time out
Find out several guidelines to effectively accomplish the purpose of time-out.

Effective Communication with Children

How to foster an environment for successful communications with your child
Children are by nature easily distracted and not always responsive to their environment. It is the responsibility of the parent to emphasize positive patterns of communication and ensure the child learns that ignoring communication is not acceptable.

Effective communication with children - Learning the basics
Effective communication is critical for everyone including your children.

Effective communication with children - Techniques and tips
Parents could use several techniques and methods to train their children in the art of effective communication.

Managing Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry: The magic trick that stops it instantly
When sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, what do you do? Try to reason with the kids? Scream, threaten or punish them? Ignore it and run for cover? Find the trick here!

Sibling Relationship - Teach our kids to resolve conflict peacefully
There are steps parents can take to help children to resolve Sibling fighting peacefully and effectively. Find out here!

Preventing Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry is the most feared concept in all of parenthood. Find out how to prevent sibling rivalry here!

Top 10 ways to keep your kids from fighting
While there may be times when it's difficult to deal with kids' fighting, there are some simple things you can do to limit fighting and make it tolerable

7 Parenting strategies that cause sibling rivalry
Parenting practices do play their part. Find the parenting strategies that cause sibling rivalry here!

The secrets to improving kids' behavior
Find out the four effective principles to change your child's behavior if you are both patient and persistent.

How to create an attitude of cooperation
A cooperative environment is one where everyone in the family wins; there are no losers.

Developing a fantastic relationship with your child
Find out how you too can develop a fantastic relationship with your child here.

Second Borns - Lucky position or victims of bad timing?
Find out the different parenting experiences second born needs.

Raising boys
It is no secret that many parents struggle when it comes to raising or even teaching boys. It is easy to raise and teach a boy as long as you understand the trigger that motivates them. Read more here!

Boys' Behavior - Why boys behave the way they do
In this article you will learn why boys behave the way they do. Find numerous of helpful tips in dealing with boys to help you be more successful in dealing with you boys behavior.

Reading & Languages

How can I help my child to read?
How does a child's hearing affect his reading? What are the suggestions on how to teach your child to read? How to select the book for your children to read? How to evaluate your child's reading readiness? Click here if you are interested on all these questions on phonics reading.

How to Teach Phonics and Reading?
Before a child can learn to read, he or she must first learn the alphabet letters, and know the sounds represented by the letters. It's usually easier to teach some consonants and short vowels first before moving on to more complicated things such as consonant digraphs.

Best Way to Teach Kids to Read
Teaching children to manipulate phonemes in words was highly effective to teach kids to read.

The importance of reading to children: Ready your child for reading
It's never too soon to start your child on the path to reading. Simply talking to your infant and toddler helps her develop the vocabulary she will need as she enters school and begins to read.

Developing reading habits in your kid is easier now than ever
Get some of the most common and practical tips to make your child learn reading quicker and faster here!

Teaching kids how to read: Your time starts now
As a parent do you have a solid blue print or an action plan to make your child a "bookholic?". Find out here!

Improve child' reading - even without book
Find out the suggestions for parents to help their children improve vital reading skills - even without a book in their hands. Read more here on how to jump-start your child's enjoyment of reading.

Help your children to love reading
It is so important to create an environment that promotes the love of reading. Not only is reading necessary for survival in today's world, it is educational, it sparks imagination, it is a stress reliever, provides entertainment and enjoyment, the list goes on. Here are some ideas to help you help your child love reading.

Teaching your child to love to read
Raising a child who loves books can be easy, if you have a plan. However, you must keep in mind that no matter how well you prepare to foster a love of books, other influences may keep her from being a reader.

The importance of reading to children
What types of benefits do your children gain by developing reading habit? Does the habit of reading really matter? There are many practical benefits to reading. Read more here!

How to improve your child's reading
Improving your child's reading habits is a lengthy effort. Here are some of the well-known tips and suggestions to help your children develop reading habits!

Throw book parties for kids
Book parties are really a new and an innovative idea to bring children closer to the books so that they can read and share their thoughts and views. Book parties can be organized by universities, colleges, schools, bookstores, as well by parents at home. The habit of reading is really wonderful and it opens up the doors of intelligence in a child's world.

The impact of bilingualism on overall language development and academic success
Research suggests that children who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving complex problems than those who do not.

The Importance of Learning Language Skills - Part I
Parents must ensure that their children learn basic language skills very early in their life.

The Importance of Learning Language Skills - Part II
Children are capable of learning basic or rudimentary language skills very early in their life. Learning verbal and non-verbal language is a natural act that comes to them over time with help of their parents, friends and teachers.

The basics of reading - Why reading skills are important?
Reading skills enable your children to transform writing into comprehensible meaning and understanding and later reach the goals of independence and fluency. Reading is also an art that your children must master in order to perform better in their classrooms.

Improve reading skills for children - Simple methods and tips
Improving reading skills in your children is a series of meaningful strategies and methods that start right in your home. Several methods and techniques help you in teaching your young children the art of reading and understanding printed words.

Top 10 tips on storytelling and making an impact
All great communicators are great storytellers. Listeners are more open to receiving when they hear the message delivered in a story format - they can lower their walls and defenses because the message is coming to them in a safe and indirect way. Wherever you want to make an impact, tell a story!

Montessori Education

The Montessori classroom
In a Montessori classroom, the focus is on the child's learning, not on the teacher's teaching. A child's learning process does not involve in a one-way flow of information from the teacher. Continue to read more here!

Montessori school method of education
Montessori is an individual based teaching curriculum which is receiving world wide recognition, learn about what Montessori is and how it will ensure the best education for your child.

Nourishing the young absorbent mind
The young child has what we call the "absorbent mind." Children are ready to take in the world around them, so think carefully about the environment they are spending their time in and make sure they are realizing their full potential.

Checklist to select the right pre-school provider
Research shows that high-quality child-care and early education can boost children's learning and social skills. How do you choose a quality child-care provider? Here is the checklist!

How to help your child be successful in kindergarten
You can play a key role in preparing your children for a successful school experience by pre-exposing them to key concepts they will experience in school.

Ten tips on jump-starting your toddler's education
Find ten tips to start your toddler education at home. More tips on educating your toddlers.

Modern Learning Methods

What is Concept Based Education?
Traditional classroom based education methods seem to suppress a child's ability to think and act in a big way; in fact, children may even lose and destroy their abilities to ask questions, pose queries and think in an inquisitive manner. Concept based learning is a learning process that enhances or supplements a child's capabilities to relate various concepts to their life's experiences and patterns.

Concept-based Learning: General Tips to Parents
Concept-based learning is an intricate process that assists parents to involve their children to learn things and events in an effective manner. Here are some practical tips on how parents can use several benefits of concept-based learning to make their children smarter and intelligent.

Concept-based Learning - An Efficient Method to Organize Learning Process
Concepts are difficult to learn when they are not understood properly. Concept-based learning is an excellent way to streamline learning elements and organize them in a sequence. Click to learn more.

Concept-based Learning - Useful Techniques to Boost Learning in Children
Concepts are excellent tools to boost learning. Although the ability to understand different concepts is still rudimentary in children, parents can use useful and effective techniques to train their children to learn in a conceptual way. Read the article to learn more.

Project-Based Learning - Part I
Project based learning is a new age learning method. Both teachers and children use an entirely different approach to teach and learn lessons.

Project-Based Learning - Part II
This system involves a series of project based learning activities that try to teach children in a practical and experienced manner. Project based learning will help children to enhance their thinking skills and improve motivational levels.

An Inquiry Based Learning Approach
Curiosity and inquisitiveness are the two pillars of an inquiry-based learning process. This learning approach is a very thoughtful method of educating children.

Inquiry Based Learning - Parental Techniques
With an inquiry-based learning approach, children can easily imagine things and scenarios that eventually provide answers to any types of questions. However, teachers and parents should learn the art of asking the right type of questions before trying to teach the basics of inquiry based learning.

Enhancing auditory learning in children - Basic principles
Auditory learning skills are very essential for your children's normal brain development. Read more here!

Auditory learning information for Children - Useful techniques
Find the enhancing auditory learning information in children that can provide numerous benefits in classroom.

Perceptual thinking - How Children Learn in An Optimal Manner by Using this Principle
Perceptual thinking is unique to children. It is different and special to different children. Academic experts believe that external stimuli play an important role in learning. Click to learn more.

Using Perceptual Thinking to Help Children and Learn in an Optimal Manner
Children learn in three important modes. Parents may deploy these three learning modes in different combinations to foster better learning in their children. Read the article to learn more.

What is Emergent Learning?
Traditional classrooms always relied heavily on teachers asking questions and later eliciting answers from children. However, this method may not help children in the real sense as they may never use their thinking or evaluation skills to best of their abilities. However, emergent learning can help children develop a keen sense of thinking and evaluation.

Emergent Learning - Practical techniques and methods
Parents and children can use the basic principles of emergent learning by applying most common scenarios that they encounter in their homes and classrooms. Emergent learning helps your children to develop a personality that is very sharp, intelligent and smart.

Experiential Learning and Education - Basics
Experience can come to children only after doing or performing some tasks. Experiential learning is like a catalyst that boosts learning process in young children. Read more here about experiential learning.

Experiential Learning and Education - Practical methods
Experiential Learning and Education are two new concepts of primary and secondary education systems. Experiential learning is an experienced based system that your children can master by doing things in a practical way. You can use a number of methods to teach experiential learning to your children. Here are some of these methods.

Coyote Teaching - Some Salient Points
Coyote teaching is quite different from other educational theory in its approach and technique. Learn to know the essential basics of coyote teaching before trying it on your children.

Coyote Teaching - Methods and Techniques
Coyote teaching is a wonderful system of education that relies heavily on the nature around the children. Coyote teachers are experienced mentors who can make your children learn how to be self-motivated and learn lessons in an objective way.

Waldorf Education - An Effective Education System
Waldorf education system is the brainchild of Dr Rudolf Steiner. Regarded as one of the most effective learning system, this method attempts to make your children realize their inner potential by developing a keen sense of motivation to learn their lessons.

Waldorf School Education - Learning the System
The Waldorf-Rudolf Steiner learning system relies on including age appropriate content in the curriculum and later transforming the classroom into a vibrant and cajoling environment. This system also relates to learning according to the age groups.

Gagne's Theory of Learning - Part I
Gagne is one of the foremost learning experts in the world. His theory of learning is practical and working just because it uses a series of different steps that relate to learning by doing.

Gagne's Theory of Learning - Part II
Gagne's theory of learning is a wonderful way to teach and train children in the most practical manner possible. Parents and teachers can use the nine different steps of the learning process to teach different lessons in an efficient manner.

Show me the way I learn - Dunn's Powerful Learning Theory
Children are different learners. They have their own style of learning. One of the popular ways of using a child learning theory is "Show me the way I learn" Click here to learn more

Parents' tips to use Dunn Theory of Learning
Why some children find it very difficult to learn their lessons? Are they using the right learning style to fine-tune the learning process? What are the benefits of deploying the right kind of learning style? Read this article to learn more.

Succeed in School

School grades: Helpful or harmful
A child's self-esteem is a very precious commodity. Parents who attempt to maintain their child's self-esteem by avoiding the potential hazards of an imperfect, misleading, and harmful grading system should be .....

The effects of pushing academics too hard
Find out how to maintain a balance between setting high standards and putting undue pressure on their child here!

Helping children succeed in school: Top ten mistakes parents make
Helping children be successful in school and enjoy life-long learning can be a difficult task for parents. Often, with the best of intentions, parents end up making these common mistakes. Learn how to avoid those mistakes here.

Helping children succeed in school - What works best?
Ensuring school success for your children is a complex issue that needs your hard work and dedication. However, it becomes easier when you give enough attention to their studies.

Helping children succeed in school - 20 practical tips
School and classroom success comes to your children when they learn and master the basics of success formulae. Here are twenty practical tips that can help your children attain greater success levels in their academic life.

Helping your children succeed in the classroom
Classroom performance is very critical for your child's future success. Here are some tips that will help you how you can assist your child perform better in the classroom.

Ensuring educational achievement in children - Understanding the basics
Parents could be the perfect teachers at home, who can help their children achieve the best in academics. Click here to know how.

Ensuring educational achievement in children - Practical tips
Educational achievement is possible by integrating classroom lessons and project work with a range of other cognitive skills. By using an integrated approach, parents could train their children to achieve the best in classroom education. Read to learn more.

Improving classroom performance of your child - Some practical tips
Better classroom performance is a series of steps and instructions that start very early in your child's age. Here are some practical and useful tips that will help your child compete with his or her peers in the classroom to show better performance.

Time management tips for children
With better time management principles, your children will know there is much more do with their classroom than they could do in the normal course.

Effective time management techniques for children
For young learners, you may wish to introduce pictorial and theme based exercises that relate to time management. Find out some of the simple time management techniques here.

Kids' Math Help
A fun and innovative way to help your kid to learn mathematics. Find out here!

Unschooling: What is it and why you should consider?
Home-schooling provides a unique opportunity to step away from systems and methods, and to develop independent ideas


Alternative Approaches to Children Education
Most of the gifted children and a number of intelligent children often find conventional and traditional classroom unsatisfactory and boring. Under such a scenario, children may need alternative mode of education other than the traditional type of classes.

Alternative Schooling for your Child - Knowing the Basics
Alternative schooling is an alien concept to a majority of parents. Many parents still think and feel that sending their children to alternative schools is something very bad and not advisable. Find out more.

How to get started in home schooling?
If you are a parent who find homeschooling a bit of a great task, here is a list of some tips on how to get you started in home schooling your child.

Homeschooling your children and the Ins and Outs of do it yourself education
Many people see homeschooling very much as 'do it yourself education' and most parents immediately see themselves as the 'you' in 'yourself'. As a consequence, many parents who have busy lives earning a living or undertaking other important activities, and especially single parents, tend to dismiss any ideas of homeschooling out of hand. But are they wise to take this course of action?

Pros and cons of home schooling
What are the pros and cons of home schooling? Find out here!

Creative Play

Creative Play: Stimulate your child's natural talents
Creative play is an important aspect in your child's life. Creative play can help your child learn and master a number of personality traits and attributes which are otherwise impossible with ordinary play.

Creative play activities for children
Getting creative with your child means teaching your children the basic essence of creative play and its innumerable benefits. You can teach your child a number of creative games and activities that are specially focused at developing a positive personality in your child.

Everyone Can Be More Creative
As most creativity experts hold - including Jack Foster, Roger von Oech, Edward de Bono, and many others - creativity is a process that can be learned, practiced, and perfected.

Creative Play - Why It Is Important
Creative play is a very important aspects of children's development - a way for them to express feelings and explore their creativity.

Creative Play Suggestions for Parents and Children
Play is the work of children and often times learning through play can be more effective than being taught in a formal setting.

Imaginative play - A vital tool for optimum child brain development
Imaginative or pretend play is an important part of your child's life. Imaginative play will always go hand in hand with your child's mental and physical development. Parents must help their children develop their personality by including a number of playtime activities especially designed for the purpose.

Imaginative play ideas - What do your children learn when they play
Your child can learn a number of important skills and abilities when they involve in a number of imaginative play activities. Find some imaginative play ideas here.

Promoting Imaginative Play in Children
Imaginative play allows children to play and interact with toys and tools to create surreal situations and scenarios that eventually lead to better learning, and absorption of ideas and concepts.

Promoting Imaginative Play in Children - Practical Suggestions
Imaginative play allows children develop imagination, creative thinking, logical reasoning and other brain skills.

How Children Learn Through Play?
Play time is learning time. Children, who enjoy unstructured play, develop a series of skills and abilities all of which are related to optimal brain development. Click to learn more.

Children Learn Through Play - Toys for Boosting Creativity, Discovery and Exploration
Toys that encourage children to explore the world will help to develop many skills and keep the child entertained in the process. Read the article to find toys that help to boost creativity, discovery and exploration.

What is Pretend Play and Using It to Boost Intelligence in Children
Pretend play is one of the most thoughtful ways to boost intelligence in children. With pretend play, children learn cognition, thinking and imagination skills. Click to learn more.

Pretend play - Some Ideas and Activities to Develop Intelligence and Boost Cognition
Parents can help children in a number of pretend play activities. It is easy to pretend play in the cozy ambiance of home or classroom by using existing materials and plaything. Read the article to learn more.

Kids learn a lot of skills from the world of play
For children, play is their work. It is naturally enjoyable, of course, but more than that, it is their way of learning about the world. It helps them naturally engage in things that interest them. Play gives very young children the means to experience the world through their own eyes, which is vital for their development. Read more here!

Learning and Play - Maximize the value of your child's playtime
Playtime is an essential part of growing up. Through play children hasten their own development while they learn about the world around them.

Chess games for kids
Studies carried out in different countries have clearly shown that chess games build up concentration, perception, self-discipline, planning and much more. In other words, chess games for kids combine developmental thinking and enjoyment.

Other Parenting Articles

Children educational software
Learning software programs are being designed for younger and younger children, and today there are even learning educational software for babies.

Parents, Kids And Time Alone
Parents feel guilty only when they believe that they are doing something wrong by spending time alone and couple time without their children.

The Most Cost Effective Plan for Your Kid's Birthday
Find cost-effective kid's birthday party ideas that will help you save on your child's special day!

Let Your Children be Free of Stress and Anxiety - Make Them Mentally Tough and Resilient
Anxiety is a crippling and negative mental state that can cause innumerable ill-effects. Anxiety is a result of many negative emotions. Click to learn more.

Let Your Children be Free of Stress and Anxiety - Creating a Mentally Tougher Child
How to assist children with extreme anxiety and make them mentally tougher? Here are some techniques to drive away anxiety from their children's mind.

Dealing with Child Bullying - Understanding Bullying Facts
Bullying by children in a classroom is dangerous and detrimental especially to the child who is bullied. Bullying is also a negative act that could have a far reaching consequence to others.

How to Prevent and Stop Bullying at Schools?
Children are always reluctant talking about bullying in their classrooms. Learn the tips to prevent child bullying at schools.

The Basic Science of Discovery - Enabling Children's Life with the Skills of Logic and Inquisitiveness
Science is basic to life. Discoveries and inventions are possible only with science. Teaching everyday science of discovery offers numerous benefits to your children.

The Basic Science of Discovery - How to Teach Your Children the Basics of Discovery
This article gives you a number of tips on how children can develop an ability to discover everyday secrets of scientific discovery.

Raising a successful child entrepreneur - Sowing the seeds
Entrepreneurship comes naturally to children when parents train them in the art of business. Click to learn more.

Raising a successful child entrepreneur - Steps to entrepreneurial Stardom
You can find several, simple, business-like activities within the confines of your home that are similar to real-life businesses.

Child safety
Making your home a safe haven for your precious one is one of the most important things you need to do. Find out the child safety products here.

Top 10 ways to keep an active toddler safe
Parents always say, "I just looked away for a minute" when serious accidents happen to their toddlers. Safety First!

Baby walkers may delay children's development
Although baby walkers get infants moving before they are able to on their own, this early locomotion may actually delay babies' physical and mental development, US researchers report.

Health insurance for children
Is your kid covered?

Enhancing a child's general knowledge
Learn how to enhance children's general knowledge using quiz.

TV and Children: How much do parents really need to monitor?
I'm sure you've heard someone say that today's children watch too much television. So much in fact, that there's even a day where your family is encouraged to turn off the television and find other, more creative things to do. Read more here!

How TV affects your children?
TV is an exciting medium! At the same time, it could be very dangerous too, especially for young and growing children. Excessive TV watching could hamper normal brain development and learning process.

Teaching appropriate TV Habits to your children - Useful techniques and suggestions
Excessive TV watching habits could be detrimental to your children's brain development. You may need to teach them appropriate and right TV habits so that they will not become infatuated to the small screen.

Important Internet Safety Tips for Kids - Part I
Usage of internet by children is very common today. Children use internet for a number of purposes like research, projects and communication. With all those immense benefits, internet also comes with many pitfalls. Internet could pose lot of potential problems to your children.

Important Internet Safety Tips for Kids - Part II
Children should know how to use internet services in a safe and effective manner. They should also know and understand about the potential dangers that always come along with the usage of internet. Parents may need to learn how to help their children use internet in a safe manner.

Tips to keeping children safe online
Follow these basic rules to ensure child safety on the Internet

Is your child addicted to the Internet?
It is fair to say that many concerns concentrate around overuse at the expense of offline activities and relationships.

Stop the media mania
Fighting the battle against mass media influences on your children today is much more challenging than in years past, and even more important....

How to replenish your body after a workout
You may know that eating properly prior to a workout will provide you with the necessary energy and endurance. Yet, replenishing your body after a workout is even more critical.

Money management for children - Part I
Most children do not know the importance of money nor do they understand its importance and advantages. Parents have a big responsibility to make their children learn the basics of money management and fiscal discipline.

Money management for children - Part II
Parents can use a number of simple techniques to teach their children how to manage their money and develop a mind for managing their monetary resources.

Starting your children on hobbies - Introduction
A person can become complete only when he or she develops some hobbies in the life. Hobbies can help a person achieve many notable things in life. Children with hobbies can perform better in their classroom when compared to those who do not have any hobbies.

Starting your children on hobbies - Simple methods and techniques
Home is where parents can teach their children new and good hobbies. Teaching hobbies to your children is an exciting and thrilling event. Learning hobbies can help parents and children build a strong bridge of emotional relationship.


Food for Brain

Food for the brain: Helping your child to be smarter
Your children will need a highly nutritious diet that is full of brain boosting additives and ingredients to boost memory functions, enhance cognitive abilities and assist normal growth of brain functions.

Important brain foods for your child
As a responsible parent, you may wish to set a meal plan that incorporates all critical nutrients and components to ensure proper brain development, boost creativity and help provide endless stream of energy to sustain the rigors of classroom.

Brain Food
Find out the types of food that enhance your child's brain power.

Top brain foods for your child
Here are some practical tips that tells you how you can provide your child those nutrients and food items that can boost quick brain development.

Best brain food for children - Brainy recipes (Part I)
Children are what they eat for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without nutritious and balanced diet, children may not develop their brain functions in an optimal manner.

Best brain food for children - Brainy recipes (Part II)
It is quite easy to use wonderful cooking recipes to prepare brain boosting food for your children. Make sure that you use those ingredients that contain copious amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

7 Simple Brain Promoting Nutritional Tips
Find out the 7 types of brain food that are proven to work here!

Do children need vitamin supplements?
With this widespread interest in the use of vitamin supplements to improve health and the brain of a child, it is no wonder that there is also a lot of interest in the best vitamin supplements for children.

Nutritional supplements for children
The question of whether children need nutritional supplements and extra vitamins is a subject of some controversy in the medical community.

Breakfast is vital for growing children - Important reasons
Latest research suggests that having regular breakfast can help your child develop intelligence, a number of cognitive skills and an optimal IQ value. Find out here!

Choline plays key role in brain development
The B vitamin choline - recently classified as an 'essential nutrient for humans' - appears to play a key role in brain development, mounting evidence suggests.

Australian study finds breastfed kids smarter
It is not known precisely why, but breastfed children tend to end up significantly smarter than those who are bottle-fed, a major Australian study has concluded.

IQ, Intelligence and Brain development - Another breastfeeding benefit
Learn the connection between breastfeeding and intelligence here.

It's never too early for proper nutrition
Eating right brings with it great rewards. A child who receives adequate nutrients from a proper diet will be able to think clearly and function psychologically in an optimal fashion.

Importance of nutrition for children & parents
Find the tips and suggestions to help you provide a nutritious diet to your kids.

What are you REALLY feeding your kids?
Here are some exciting and useful tips that show how you can really feed your kids, the ways in which you can lure your kids with smart choices and intelligent recipes.

Feeding your child for a lifetime
Just how important is a child's diet? What you feed your infant, toddler, or adolescent can determine their growth and performance over a lifetime, researchers say.

Eating disorder in child: Dealing with the "Finicky Eater" Child
As parents, we want to be sure our children have the best start so that they can lead healthy lives. Start early and pay attention to the messages you are giving your children about food.

Smart drugs
Wouldn't it be nice if you could swallow a pill rather than study for a test? Are there such "smart pills"? Perhaps you could take a pill and get a "mental tune-up" if you are feeling a bit dull.

Superb Memory Skills

The secret to recalling 4,000 random numbers
Superior memory was not driven by exceptional intellectual ability or structural brain differences, but rather enhanced by using a spatial learning strategy.

Vitamin A aids memory
A study in mice suggests that vitamin A plays an important role in learning and memory.

Vitamin B deficiency can cause brain damage
A deficiency of thiamin (vitamin B) can lead to loss of cognition, memory decrease and potential brain damage, according to two new studies.

Choline the "Memory Vitamin" for your child
Experts believe exposure to Choline during early development can increase memory capability

How to improve children memory power? Understanding the fundamentals
Improving memory in children could be a big challenge. Understanding the basics of memory is the first right step towards improving memory in your children. Read more here!

How to improve children memory power? Some simple techniques
Why some children have more memory power than the others? Are they trained and guided by their parents to improve memory? What are the techniques that enhance working memory in children? Read this article to learn more.

Improving your child's memory
Memory is fascinating! Some children are extremely impressive in their memory skills while a number of others are just above average. Knowing and understanding memory could be very challenging as memory is a faculty that emanates directly from our brain.

Boosting memory and learning in your child - Fundamentals
Memory is a basic brain function that depends on many factors. Better memory in children will help them perform better in both classroom and life.

Boosting memory and learning in your child - Basic methods
Parents can use these methods to enhance and boost memory in their children at least by some degree. Some of these methods look to improve the nutritional standard in your children, while others relate to brainy techniques and solutions.

Helping your children develop memory skills
Find out some well-known approaches that can help to improve your children's memory skills.

What is “The Rule of Seven”? - Applying it to Enhance Working Memory in Children
Human memory is an enigmatic phenomenon. It is mysterious too. Working memory is basic to learning and achieving scholastic excellence. Click to learn more.

“The Rule of Seven” - Practical Applications to Boost Working Memory
The "Rule of Seven" is an effective method to streamline and organize learning by memory. It is also an effective way to enhance working memory. Read the article to learn more.

Brain Building Toys and Games

Smart toys
Can brain-building toys help to boost the level of intelligence.

How to be smart about smart toys?
What does a smart toy do, and how does playing with one affect your child?

Choosing the best educational toys for your kid - Tips and Suggestions
Choosing the right type of educational toys will help your kid enhance and catalyze a series of skills and techniques. Here are some simple tips and suggestions to choose the best types of educational toys.

Brain Building Toys based on Different Skills - Part I
Educational and brain building toys have the ability to develop and enhance a number of skills and capabilities in young children.

Brain Building Toys based on Different Skills - Part II
You can choose educational toys and play-sets based on the skills and capabilities they enhance and develop in your baby.

Why your kid needs the best type of learning toys?
Your kid's brain may need a strong impetus or fillip to kick start better functioning of skills like cognition, mind-muscle coordination and motor skills. Right type of learning toys can help your kid improve and enhance these skills and techniques.

The importance of play: Educational toys make a difference
Playtime is one of the most vital parts of childhood development. Research has proven that all areas of development are enhanced through a child's play activities.

Guide to choosing educational toys for children
How do you ensure that the educational toy you buy will be right for your child? Read more here!

The most appropriate educational toys for your children
Children learn about the world through toys. Different toys fulfill different developmental and educational purposes, and understanding this variety and the needs of your child will help you in selecting the most appropriate toys for your child.

Educational toys for girls and boys - Is there a difference?
Do boys and girls play differently? Should you be choosing different toys for them? And should an interest in certain toys be discouraged? Read more here!

Interactive games
Ten interactive games for parents and their toddlers.

Twenty toys you don't have to buy
Make toys from items you will already have around the house.

Six Super Saving Educational activities for kids and families
Here are many easy and inexpensive activities you can do with your children that will help them become keen learners.

Fun (Cheap) activities for you and your kids

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