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Motivating Kids to Perform Better: Some Useful Tips

By Andrew Loh

Motivating your kids is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in parenting. Every kid has a different motivation level and all kids cannot be motivated in a similar manner. Motivating your kids is also a process of enhancing personal growth and assimilation of a positive character. It is very tedious to know what exactly motivates your kid. The first step towards motivating your kid to achieve good things in life is to know and understand his or her mind. To know the mindset, you may also need to learn to listen to your kid, what he or she says and comprehends, and how they work and act. You will also need to learn how to spend quality time with your kids to know their likes, preferences and dislikes. In essence, as a parent, you will need to get closer to your kids and learn their behavior and mannerisms. Once you know what motivates your kid to perform their own duties and responsibilities, then you can start devising better and individualized methods and ways to motivate them.

If you are finding it very difficult to motivate your kids, you can try the following tips and suggestions to rectify the situation:

Finding out the nature of interest: Your kid may have some excellent talents in some areas of activities. Further, he or she may also show an inclination to perform better in those activities. For example, if your kid loves repairing cars, get him or her set of tools and utilities that can help in repairing mechanical objects. Buy a set of dye cast car models so that she or he can start working on them. If your kid loves music, get some simple and basic musical instruments, and think of sending your kid to a music class. You may like to put lot of efforts to find out the area of activity where your kid is likely to succeed.

Forward new ideas and areas of activities: Most kids will have a hidden passion or talent to do or act on something that could be still unidentified and unrecognized. A child whose real passion is music or arts; that has never had an opportunity to find and explore it will fail to pursue that particular passion. You will need to find and detect the areas where your kid is more likely to succeed and prosper.

Setting goals: Small kids cannot simply finish a large task that needs a lot of work. The assigned task could be simple and straightforward, but your kid may not like to finish that task because of various causes and reasons. The simple thing to do here is to split the task into many sub tasks and explain your kid the importance of finishing each one of them. Assign each of these tasks as separate goals and fix a small reward for finishing each of these goals.

Managing time: Most of the kids are very poor or average in managing their time. They can learn and understand very quickly, but are quite terrible in managing tasks and goals. In fact, they may get scared and overwhelmed to see the sheer amount of allotted work. Teach your kids how to manage their time and utilize the energy to perform tasks within the allotted time.

Praise sincere efforts: Your kid may fail from time to time to connect his or her personal effort to achieve some goals and objectives. As a parent, you may like to praise your kid whenever she or she finishes some simple tasks. You will need to use encouraging words and sentences to praise kids, so that they are ready to achieve bigger things in life.

Help your kid to have a control on what they do or perform: Kids always see and perceive success or achievement as something that is beyond their level of control. Due to repeated failures, they may also feel that putting efforts is pointless and futile. You will need to help your kid in take an active control of his or her life, so that he or she will be successful in achieving both personal and professional success.

Helping kid develop positive attitude about school: Education is always better and your kids need to perform well in their classes. Negative feelings can harm your kid and it may become a big obstacle in the future. Helping your kid to develop a positive attitude about the school will not only help in get connected to the classes, it will also assist in mingling with other kids and teachers.

Your kids are a big challenge to you! It is so tough and difficult to manage their intellect and talents. Motivation could be the biggest ever problem that you as a parent, may face in your life. Motivating your kids is actually a long drawn process that needs tremendous levels of dedication and perseverance.


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