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Characteristic of Gifted Children
Early signs of giftedness
Characteristic of gifted children
Developmental milestones of a gifted toddler
6 different types of giftedness
Environment or genetics contributes to giftedness?
What makes giftedness?
Gifted children - Born or Made?
Rationale for educating the gifted, talented and creative
Gifted students and cultural difference
Thoughts on the standard gifted characteristics checklist
Benefits of assessing a child
Assessing gifted children
Assessing for Giftedness
Should You Test Your Toddler's IQ Level?
Identify gifted child
Determining giftedness in children
Possible Contributions To Giftedness And Managing Strategies
Questions on Giftedness
Appropriate age to identify gifted children
Failure of school to identify giftedness
Talented and Gifted (TAG) Testing
Testing for Giftedness: Is it necessary?
Testing for giftedness
Testing for giftedness for a bad test-taker
Accuracy of IQ test
Early signs of gifted child
Characteristics of gifted child
Distinct characteristics of gifted children
Characteristics of gifted children
Developmental milestones of an advanced child
Developmental milestones of an above average child
Does giftedness decline with age?
A Late Bloomer
Signs of Early Giftedness
Signs of Early Advanced Abilities
Signs of Giftedness
Confirmation on Giftedness
Signs of above-average abilities
Above average intelligence
Above average development
Above Average Developmental Milestone
Above average development in infants
Above Average Toddler
Advanced Toddler
Advanced Development
Early Child Development
Possibly Gifted - Advanced Ability
Advanced Abilities in a Toddler
Gifted children and curiosity
Thinking skills of the gifted
Thinking levels for gifted children
Signs of early creative giftedness
Giftedness and Creativity
Gifted and highly imaginative
Highly Advanced Toddler
Highly gifted child
Highly Advanced Toddler
Signs of Above Average Abilities
Gifted Child Advanced Abilities
Above Average Development Toddler
Above Average Developmental Milestone
Highly Advanced Toddler
Highly Advanced Toddler
Above-Average Development
Bright or Gifted?
Being Bright or Gifted?
Gifted vs Bright
Gifted or Bright
Bright or Gifted
Is my child bright or gifted?
Gifted, Bright or Average?
Gifted or Average
Bright vs gifted child
Normal or Bright?
Is she a gifted child?
Is my child gifted?
Gifted or not?
Potentially gifted toddler
Should Young Children Be Tested for IQ?
Potentially gifted toddler
Potentially Gifted Child
Possibly gifted child
Possibly gifted children
Possibly Gifted Child
Advanced or Gifted Toddler
Developmentally Advanced Child
Advanced Toddler - possibly gifted
Possibly gifted baby
Possibly Advanced Child
Possibly Gifted Preschooler
Possibly A Gifted Toddler
Gifted or not
Gifted, highly gifted or profoundly gifted?
Profoundly gifted child
Gifted child in the making
Gifted kid? Unsure kid being gifted
Gifted child's qualities not apparent
Advanced Toddler
Gifted children and puzzles
Ability in Puzzle Solving
Puzzles and Giftedness
Mathematically gifted children
Toddler Developing Own Language
Gifted with Excellent Memory
Concern over demonstration of gifted qualities
Early signs of higher ability?
Relationship between giftedness and passion
Cognitive ability test
Non match between school grades and cognitive ability
Possible stigma of the gifted label
Double-labeled gifted children
Effect of birth weight on intelligence
Brains of gifted children
Early brain development: Critical and sensitive periods
Asynchronous development in gifted child
Asynchronous development
The profoundly gifted adult
From Gifted to Below Average?
Gifted Children Choosing to “Dumb Down”


Activities for Gifted Child
Gifted Children Programs
Under-challenged Gifted Children
Parenting Gifted Child
Coping with extreme empathy of the very young gifted
Parenting gifted preschooler
Parenting a gifted child
Parenting tips for 42 months girl
Parenting the gifted perfectionist
Support for the Type II - The challenging gifted
Frustration and the Gifted Teen
Gifted and Disorganized
Gifted and Introvert
Support for very early giftedness
Support for above average children
Support for a highly gifted child
Support for a gifted child
Catering for needs of the gifted children
Helping a potentially gifted toddler learn
Nurturing a potentially gifted toddler
Nurturing an Advanced Toddler
Nurturing an Advanced Pre-schooler
Nurturing an Advanced Toddler
Nurturing Advanced Ability
Nurturing gifted toddler
Nurturing A Gifted Toddler
Nurturing gifted toddler
Nurturing a bright toddler
Nurturing remarkable abilities
Nurturing child with above average abilities
Nurturing gifted twins
Gifted twins
Nurturing a gifted child
Nurturing a Potentially Gifted Child
Nurturing a gifted toddler
Nurturing a gifted child
Raising a gifted child
Nurturing an above average child
Nurturing an advanced toddler
A gifted toddler
Raising a gifted toddler
Learning for a pre-schooler
Gifted child hiding abilities to "Fit in"
Issue of burning out for the highly gifted
Slowing down of above-average children
Advanced development of a toddler
Advanced abilities of a young child
Developmentally Above Average Child
Child of early advanced potential
Normal or advanced development
Development of a bright toddler
Development of a toddler
Physical and Cognitive Development
Acceleration for the young gifted
Highly advanced development of a toddler
Physically Advanced Development
Highly advanced development
Dealing with high levels of energy of gifted children
Gifted Child: Nurturing advanced development
Gifted sibling comparison
Early reader/speller
Screen Time for Toddler
Fear of crowd
Helping bright toddler socialise
Behavior of arranging objects into neat manners?


Educational Issues for Gifted Children
Educational program for gifted children
Educational resources for gifted toddler
Admission Into A Gifted Education Programme
Score cut-offs for Gifted and Talented Programs
Homeschooling a gifted child
Homeschooling Options for Gifted Students
Progress of Gifted Child
Resources for parenting a gifted child
Resources for parents of the young gifted
Criteria for gifted programme admission
Preparing your child for a full-time gifted programme
Highly able but not in gifted program
Gifted Child Feeling Bored in a Gifted Program
Preschool gifted education program
Enrichment programs for the gifted
Class enrichment for a gifted kindergartner
Challenging education for gifted children
Enhancement of early giftedness
Learning environment for gifted children
Grade skipping for the gifted
Skipping a grade: What are the consideration?
Grade skipping and gifted child
Skipping Preschool
Skipping from Nursery to Kindergarten
Gifted but unable to cope
Struggling with class work
Impact of cultural differences on a gifted child
Gifted teenager in a regular school


Gifted Children with Behavioral Problems
ADHD and Gifted Children
Gifted with Learning Disability
Gifted and Learning Disabled (GLD)
Gifted with learning disability
Learning disability and gifted?
Gifted with a possible learning concern
Learning Concern
Adopted gifted child
Twice exceptional gifted
Possibly Twice-Exceptional Learner
Possibly Twice-Exceptional
Testing for Twice-Exceptional Child
Twice exceptional learners
Working Memory and Possibly Twice Exceptional
Possibly twice exceptional (Gifted with Special Needs)
Twice exceptional gifted child
Possibly twice-exceptional
Possibly Twice Exceptional with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)
Education for a twice exceptional (Gifted + Learning disabled) child
Possibly twice exceptional
Anxiety disorder or possible gifted traits?
Gifted or Autistic?
Benefits of different languages for brain development
Speech development
Speech delays, social concerns and giftedness
Speech problem in child
Gifted with language disorder
Delayed speech development
Highly able child with communication disorder
Late talker and gifted
Giftedness or Asperger's Syndrome (AS)
Bright, gifted or Asperger's
Child with Asperger Syndrome
Possibly gifted with Autism/Asperger's syndrome
Possibly gifted child with Asperger's Syndrome
Possible Nonverbal Learning Disability
Disparity between Verbal and Nonverbal Scores
Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) in Reading Comprehension
Dyspraxia and high ability
Gifted and Dyslexic
Gifted but possible Dyslexic
Testing an Ambidextrous child
Bipolar disorder in child
Possible Dysgraphia
Delay in learning alphabet letter
Great reader poor speller
Possible Dysgraphia
Learning Disability (LD) and Mental Retardation (MR)
Handling the emotions of a highly gifted child with suspected OCD

Common Characteristics of Gifted Children

Many parents have indicated interest on how to pick on early signs of giftedness for very young children. Therefore, I believe that the rough estimation I came up with from various researches and my personal experiences may be of help to many parents. Also, find out the common characteristics that are frequently found among gifted children.


Characteristics of Gifted Children

Q: How do I identify a gifted child?

A: To recognize if a child is gifted, there are numerous characteristics that are distinct to gifted individuals and quite easily observable, especially for parents. See Dr. Sandhu's answer on the characteristic of gifted children here


How to Identify Gifted Children

Q: Is it normal for a 20 month old baby to read and recognize all the letters in the alphabet as well as numbers from 1-10? She reads it everywhere ..... on the street, supermarket, cups, books and newspapers... I don't know what else she knows.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on identify gifted child here


ADHD and Gifted Children

Q: My 4 years old, who seems very intelligent for his age, even though he is hearing-impaired, has always had a high activity level. Sometimes he seems motor-driven (both speech and activity) and resists sleep (even when he obviously is sleepy) and despite a fairly regular routine. Is there any relation between giftedness, activity level and "sleep resistance"? Sometimes I'm afraid he has ADHD.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on ADHD and gifted child here


Relationship between Giftedness and Passion

Q: My girl is above average when it come to examinations (at least 90% and above), she could read all levels of Peter and Jane by 5 years old, goes for tuition twice a week. Other activities include learning to play the piano (beginners level) and swimming. She also likes to procrastinate and is generally quite lazy....

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on relationship between giftedness and passion here.


What is Kinesthetic Learners?

Q: I have an 11 yr old boy. I was told by his preschool teacher that he is a kinesthetic learner. He can't sit still for long and he needs something to hold on to when he is doing his work....

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on kinesthetic learners here


Bodily-kinesthetic Skills

Q: Does a child who walks as early as ten months, generally more intelligent than a child who walks at twelve months? Does a one year child who is able to say four single words, early in his/her language development? Is there any correlation between physical development and language development in intelligences? Please advise.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on bodily-kinesthetic skills here


What is the Appropriate Age to Identify Gifted Children?

Q: What is the appropriate age range when one can reasonably accurate in
identifying whether a child is gifted or not?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on appropriate age to identify gifted children here


What are the Early Signs of Gifted Children?

Q: My 7-years old son is considered gifted by the child psychologist. Though he's very good in his studies it is quite difficult for us to get him to concentrate on everything he's in each time as he keeps on doing looking for more challenging activities. This includes his studies, where he finds it bored once he knows about it.

I enrolled him the the Japanese "Shichida Method" and at 6 years old his IQ was identified at 148 and he picks up all the lessons much faster than the rest of the children. Please let me know the characteristics of a gifted child and how can I counter his ever moving mind?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on characteristics of a gifted child here


How to Maintain and Grow the Giftedness in Children?

Q: There are a number of checklists to identify gifted children, identification is an easy task - comparatively. But how should one maintain that the "giftedness" continues to "grow" in the child.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on How to maintain and grow the giftedness in children here


Gifted Children Programs

Q: I really think my just turned two year old son is gifted and if you have the time to read this email and respond I would appreciate it. He seems to be doing things far beyond his age. Before Jack was two:

  • Knew entire alphabet

  • Could also recognize any letter or number you showed him

  • Could count to 12 (also recognizes #'s 16-20)

  • Knew the shapes of square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, diamond, star ....etc

A: From what you had described, your son is definitely gifted - the term is usually not used freely (or used by professionals/educators in the area) to avoid labeling and anticipated unnecessary pressure on the child. See Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on gifted children programs here!


How to Raise a Gifted Child?

Q: I have a little girl who has just turned 4. She has been reading short sentences fluently for the past 8 months even though she couldn't speak much English until she was 2 and a half .She has somehow learned how to write all the number up to 1000 and she can add up numbers in her head. She has just surprised us by writing whole sentences quite accurately. She has a fantastic memory. Her teacher tells me that she is miles ahead of everybody else but I don't think she knows what to do about it. What should I do? How can I help her without putting her off? Is she too young to be tested? Is perhaps her ability not that rare? Please help.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on how to raise a gifted child here


Associations for Gifted Children

Q: Is there any kind of organization which patronage the gifted children. any kind of development programs especially for them? If yes, could you be so kind to inform their addresses. Thank you.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on Associations for Gifted Children here!


Giftedness and Behavioral Problems

Q: I have a 5 year old son who has been in full time education since April 04. His Year 1 teacher asked me, several weeks into his first term, if I realized how bright he was and she considered him very bright/gifted. The fly in the ointment however is that his behavior at school during break-times is letting him down severely. He annoys and antagonizes other children when not being closely observed. His behavior at home is sometimes challenging but generally we have no significant problems ....

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on giftedness and behavioral problems here


Is She a Gifted Child?

Q: I have a 34 months daughter who can read children books and at times signs and magazines covers, count to 50 and spell her name, parent names and simple animal and shops names. She loves to read and dance- rather then play. She loves to tease and joke with her daddy. Is she gifted or just normal?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on is she a gifted child? here!


Gifted education in Europe

Q: I teach a little English and in one class is a ten years old boy who seems to be gifted. In a poem he wrote for me he used three adjectives before a noun. His teacher sometimes defers to him. His interpersonal skills are very poor. His parents say integration is the thing, but I feel that he may be damaged by peer baiting. They also say that in Malta there is no other course for him. What to do? Assessment first I think, then perhaps the Internet? Are there 'get-togethers' in Europe for gifted people?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted education in Europe here


Grade Skipping and the Gifted Child

Q: My daughter is in 4th grade and she is already the youngest in her class. She is currently in a school gifted program and the teacher has recommended that she skip 5th grade and go to 6th. We have only known the teacher for 1 year and want other advice. I am worried about her overall growth, i.e. maturity level now and in the near future, namely when she is in 9th grade but only 13 while her classmates are 15......

A:Read Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on grade skipping and the gifted child here!


Issue of burning out for the highly gifted

Q: My 19 months old daughter is a whiz in mathematics. This may sound unbelievable. She spoke her first words when she was only 6 weeks old and progressed rapidly ever since. By the seventh month, she could identify all the basic colors, the alphabets (both small & capital letters) and many pictures of common objects. Soon, I found myself teaching her basic algebra after she memorized the times table (1 to 12) over night. She was only 40 weeks old then. My question is: Is there any risk of burning out? Sometimes, I feel she is the one who is dragging me along on this incredible ride. She is too difficult to handle if she finds herself in a rut. Thanks.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Issue of burning out for the highly gifted here


Cognitive Ability Test

Q: My son that will be 5 in October was given a cognitive ability test and did not qualified for a gifted program. He scored 69th percentile in verbal, 50th in quantitative and 36th in non-verbal. Now, my question is that he has a lot of the characteristics of a gifted child. How accurate is this test?

A: The Cognitive Abilities Test is an assessment of a range of reasoning skills. The test looks at reasoning with three types of symbols that is verbal (words, numbers and shapes or figures) quantitative and non-verbal reasoning.... Read Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on Testing for cognitive ability


Double-labeled gifted child

Q: I noticed there was a post about Terra Nova testing. In seventh grade; I was tested with the lengthy test, and I still remember it. I was in special education and received more time. So far; I am through the process for getting tested for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since, I did have many delays and language delays when younger. I still display difficulties today.

Still yet, my point is; I scored a 96 national percentile on Mathematics. Does this determine eligibility for being gifted?

A: Your national percentile Terra Nova score for mathematics is rather high, indicating that you scored higher than 96% of the students in your norm group. However, to be placed in a gifted program, an average score is usually used. ...See Dr. Sandhu's answer on double-labeled gifted children here.


Advance Program for Gifted ADHD

Q: My 9 year old girl is the poster child for ADHD in most things, especially academics. She is inattentive, impulsive, forgetful and very disorganized. But, somehow when it comes to a subject she loves, such as art, she is completely opposite! She is calm, completely detailed, and perfectly focused. She has an amazing sense for well organized thoughtful composition and emotional expression.

Not long ago, a university professor saw some of her artwork and felt very strongly that she is a natural prodigy of art and that I should seriously be getting her into programs for the gifted aside from her regular schooling. I am SO confused! My question: Are extracurricular "advanced" programs really such a good idea at her age?

A: I most definitely feel that you should be concentrating on her strengths rather than giving too much attention to her weaknesses. She is already 9 and I believe you should have already placed her in an advanced program much earlier. However, it is not too late and I hope she will be enrolled in a good art program to develop that natural talent she has..... Read Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on Advance program for gifted ADHD


Different Types of Giftedness

Q: Does gifted child follow directions well and be motivated by making A's?

A: Over 20 years of research has enabled researchers come up with different types of giftedness. There are many versions of this but the one I feel fits in rather well in the 6 types of giftedness was introduced by researchers Betts and Neihart which also corresponded with my own finding in my doctoral dissertation. Gifted children share some distinct characteristics generally but can be quite different in many others. ...See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Different types of giftedness here.


Activities for the gifted children

Q: Using the version of the development checklists from the abridged DDST, Singapore, my daughter has exceeded that required of a 24 months old when she was only 16 months old. In fact, she is able to hit the milestones for the age group of 2-4 years old since she was 20 months old. Currently, she has already achieved some of the milestones listed for the 4-6 years old age group....Is she considered a gifted child? If yes, what type of activities should I involve her in?

A: You daughter surely appears ahead of toddlers of her age group, and chances are that she may be gifted. Whether a child is identified as gifted or average, the activities are pretty similar, just that the speed of performing activities may differ; hence the jump to more difficult activities would be faster..... Read Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on Activities for the gifted children


Thinking Skills of the Gifted

Q: What are the levels of thinking for special children particularly the gifted? What are the ways in determining their levels of thinking? What are the limitations of the thinking of special children?

A: For gifted children, they usually use higher levels of thinking skills in any form of their learning. If taught these skills, they are able to think creatively, to analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate information. Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on A gifted child's thinking skills here.


Signs of Early Creative Giftedness

Q: I have a 5 year old little girl that I believe may be gifted. She is extremely creative - for example, she will create her own dot to dot drawings, she writes her own books and plays, and spends most of her spare time drawing or creating something....

A: It is not common for a 3 year old to make drawing that are three dimensional; this is the ability to make unusual visualization which points out that the individual sees things in new ways. She appears to have a lot of creative talent which should be nurtured at her age so that it does not fade out with time. Read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Signs of early creative giftedness



Disclaimer: The "Expert Advice" area of should be used for general purposes only. Advice given here is not intended to provide a basis for action in partiuclar circumstances without consideration by a competent professional. and Dr. Sandhu expressly disclaim all liability for any loss or damage arising from the advice given on this website.


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