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Children's Learning Styles - How Do Your Children Learn?

By Andrew Loh

Every child has his or her own learning style and all most all children are ever ready to learn. Every child has his or her own inclination to learn lessons and general information. Yet, all children have their own preferred learning style through which they learn and understand classroom lessons. There are so many learning styles that your child can choose to learn. Your child may use just one or a combination of many styles to learn. Your child may just prefer a particular learning style over others.

For example, your child may like to learn lessons by memorizing very important points of the lesson. On the other hand, other children may not use this style to memorize important points. He or she may like to write down those important points before memorizing them. Some children may use notebooks and pencil to write down while other may simply recite the whole lessons many times while memorizing them.

Whatever the case may be, every child uses a particular method to learn; in fact, you do not have any right or wrong method of learning. The primary learning style is unique to every child. In order to enhance or improve your children’s learning style, you may need to learn and understand both your learning pattern as well as your children's. As different child has different learning style, your basic duty is to detect how your children learn and to find the method used by them for optimum learning.

There are several learning styles used by the children. However, three most common learning styles are as follows:

Visual Learning Style

Many children can learn in an effective manner just by watching things going on around them. A child who learns by this method can watch and absorb important points. Children who use this method can also remember images and pictures very easily. In fact, they can create a series of images in their brains.

For example, your child may learn alphabets and numbers just by remembering their patterns and images. On the other hand, some other children may remember the names of fruits and vegetables by memorizing their shapes and colors. These children always enjoy drawing and painting images and patterns. Another positive trait of these children is their ability to remember maps, charts, diagrams and graphs in a lucid manner. If your child likes to solve puzzles and mazes, it means that, that is his or her particular learning style.

Teaching methods for such learning styles is actually very complex, because of the difficulties surrounding the kind of images and pictures that you need to select and provide. Some parents purchase lot of books that contain images and pictures. Colorful flash cards, symbols and patterns also form essential tools for this type of learning. It is also possible to provide lesson lists, logs and written instructions to your children to enhance learning. Alphabet and number charts, books containing colorful images of objects and things can enhance learning style.

Auditory Learning Style

Most children use the traditional type of learning style which is the auditory learning style. Just imagine all children sitting down in their classroom and listening to lessons recited or taught by their teachers. Human brain leans more by using this learning style, because the brain always receives information by the way of spoken words. Children can learn very well when someone reads the directions or lessons to their ears. In fact, children learn when someone presents information in a verbal manner. Just remember when your teachers used to resent poems and songs in a melodious way!

Auditory learners can learn very easily when someone tells jokes and stories. In a classroom, children can learn by listening to their teachers. Word games and puzzles can help them to learn in an effective manner. Most classrooms in the world use Dictaphones and audio equipments while teaching lessons. In a traditional classroom, teachers and students read aloud together to learn lessons. Some children like to read aloud while they are studying; such children always like to listen to the instructions. They can gel very easily with other like children; children who learn in this manner, always join together to read out loudly to each other.

Physical Learning Style

This is a peculiar learning style when children learn by using movements and physical manipulation. Such children simply love to explore objects and patterns by feeling and touching them. They also like to know how things actually work and behave. They accumulate a set of experiences in this manner. Almost all children who are in their kindergarten learn by using physical movements. This is the reason why kindergarten and primary school children in their first and second grade like to play with colorful toys and playthings. However, older students in their fifth and sixth grade may a tendency to learn by using other two methods.

Physical learners always like to touch, feel, and manipulate things around them. All children who learn by using this method posse very short attention span while they also like extreme movements while learning. They are very good at showing or displaying things rather explain about them. Physical learners always excel in science and math labs while others may perform very well in drams and skits. Such children simply love to go for learning field trips. Other children may learn by making useful models and replicas. Continue to read Enhancing Learning Styles of Your Children – Some Methods and Techniques


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