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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


The Power of Positive Parenting: Raising Happy and Positive Kids in a Negative World

By Andrew Loh

Raising positive and self reliant children is a tough and challenging task that also provides you an immense satisfaction that you are taking your kids on path of personal success. Most of us are ill prepared to take on the task of parenting our children in a positive and encouraging way. Here are some simple and basic techniques that assist you in raising your kids in a positive manner.

Teach Self Esteem

All kids are the mirror images of their parents, especially their mothers. As soon a baby takes its birth, he or she will start developing a sense of self esteem that is basic and primary. In fact, your baby will see the external world through your own eyes. He or she will start learning about the environs through your own actions and reactions. Your behavior and mannerisms can affect your kid’s self esteem to a large extent. Little words of appreciation and encouragement can help you kid to develop a keen sense of self esteem. On the other hand, making unsavory and unnecessary comments and criticisms may drive your kid to feel depressed and negative.


  • Never ever use bad words as a weapon to scold your kid. Some of these words could be “stupid”, “you are not good”, “you are useless”

  • Never degrade or criticize you kid by comparing with other kids. Example: “:ook at your friend. He is so good”, “You act like a small baby than your little brother”.

Choosing carefully selected words can have a profound effect on your kid’s psyche and mentality. Let your kid know that you really care for him or her. Show this attitude with your actions.

Devote Quality Time

This is perhaps another important parenting factor that most of us miss as dedicated parents. As parents, we are always busy in carrying out different, simultaneous tasks at the same time. Kids badly need their parent’s time for their needs and requirements. Providing good and quality time to your kids will help them develop a close and affectionate relationship with you.


  • Get up early to finish your work so that you can be with your kid to have a leisurely breakfast.

  • Make time to spend some quality time to read bed time stories and nursery rhymes.

  • Drop your kid to school and bring him or her back in the evening.

  • Reserve at least 30 minutes of your time to play with your kid. As far as possible, involve in some games those teach skills and intelligence.

  • Host a monthly party for your kid with her or his close friends.

  • If your child is younger than two years, ensure that you devote at least quarter of your time to look after her entertainment.

Be a Responsible and Role Model

Young kids learn and understand by watching your actions, mannerisms, behavior and how you act in front of other people. It seems that younger your kids are more will be their keenness and inquisitiveness to pick up cues from you. Be aware that your kids are watching you all the time.


  • Show respect to others so that your kid will learn that trait from you.

  • Other noble characters to show your kid are: friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance, complimenting others, modest to others.

Better Communication

Most of us always want our kids to listen and obey to whatever we order them to do. This seems to be a wrong attitude on our part. You simply cannot expect your kids to obey and follow just because you are a parent! You will need to explain and convince your kids about any issues that you want them to tackle. You will also ensure that you are making your expectations very clear and concise. Make suggestions and try to make them understand. You can also offer them a range of choices.


  • Suggested words to use are: “Please look here”, “Here are some suggestions”, “I expect you to do this work”, “You have two options”

Kids who are able to participate in decision making process are more capable to perform better in what ever they do or perform.

Finally, none of us are the perfect parents in this world. Like our kids, even we need to learn, understand and master the skills of better and effective parenting. Once we know how we can parent our kids in a positive way, the rest becomes so easy and productive. 


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