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The Power of Chidren's Imagination and Creativity - Learning the fundamentals

By Andrew Loh

“What would you like to be when you become an adult?” Ask this simple question to your children! You will be surprised to listen to a barrage of strange ideas and suggestions in response to your question! You may listen to answers that range from becoming a pilot, superman, astronaut, musician, teacher, doctor and a film star! Not only will you listen to a number of brilliant ideas, you may also watch your children imitate a number of actions that actually resemble the actual scenarios performed by career people! This is how your children actually illustrate their favorite profession.

Now, what actually makes them to come out with all those nice ideas? How do your children develop that ability to perceive and imagine things that are still to happen or that may happen only in the future? The factor of imagination is an important personal ability, attribute or character that will have a tremendous influence in the way in which your children think and achieve things and goals in their life. The word imagination is too powerful and potent to learn and comprehend; the greatest of all discoveries and inventions of the past have been the direct result of curiosity, imagination and creativity!

The word imagination is derived from the Latin word, imago that means an image or a picture. Imagination is your ability for processing comprehendible mental images or pictures or ideas. In general, imagination will lead to creativity and versatility. In children, the power of imagination is the right precursor for developing creativity, focus, attention and visualization. The power of imagination is a very good tool for your children and it may encompass a number of activities and thinking processes. Imagination allows you children an unlimited freedom to work on their ideas and interests. Children can work in their own way and manner to realize their wishes and dreams. Imagination helps your children to probe and explore the world around them and create an orderly idea or meaning for their future life.

Just as no children are equally intelligent and smart, no children are imaginative and creative in equal measure. The power of imagination and creativity are two of those most cherished and needed attributes for solving nagging problems. Here are some significant benefits and advantages that arise because of imagination and creativity:

  • Solve problems by helping your children think and act through different situations and ways.

  • Help your children practice solve problems by mastering real life like situations. Pretend play is an exciting way to help your children develop the skills of imagination and creativity.

  • Imagination helps your children become expert at understanding any complex situations and later find workable solutions to solve the problem.

  • Imagination and creativity are the steps that take your children to become better thinkers. Children who are imaginative and creative are efficient solvers of problems, are budding innovators and creative thinkers.

  • Your child's imaginative play may lead to many other forms of learning that are essential to his or her success.

  • Another important aspect of life performs your child's imagination and creativity, and that is active play.

  • Imagination allows and empowers you children to express both negative and positive emotions. This quality will help him or her to develop a semblance of balance in life.

  • Imagination also lets children help and mimic your own role, thus allowing them to feel useful, beneficial and helpful.

  • Imagination also allows your children to maintain and retain a sense of control and purpose over their own lives.

Helpful tips to develop imagination and creativity:

  • Children simply love to play kitchen and cooking! Teach your children how to cook and manage daily routines at the kitchen.

  • Provide hand puppets and pretend toys that help your children to tell stories and get active in role-playing.

  • Help your children read good books. You can read bedtime stories to your children as well.

  • Dollhouses are those excellent play sets that will help your children mimic real life events. Dollhouses are good for your children because it develops a sense of team play.

  • Music instruments like guitar, drums, flutes and piano are just great to develop your child's intellect and creativity.

  • Vibrant colors and shades can play an enduring role in your children's life. Make sure that you are buying everything connected to art and craft.

  • Mechanical and engineering play sets and toolkits are just perfect enough to help your children learn skills like cognition and imagination.

  • Stacking and arranging blocks are very good for small children. These toys are very good in empowering your children to learn and master cognitive and motor skills.


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