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Creative Play Activities for Children

By Andrew Loh

Playing creative games and engaging in creative activities with your child is an exciting time and enjoyable moment. To make your child creative and innovative, you will need to teach yourself to be more creative as well as innovative than your child. Creative play activities should form a regular phenomenon so that your child can master a number of challenging situations and scenarios. Creative mindset means helping your child to become a complete personality that is affable, well-mannered, inventive, thoughtful, probing, inquisitive and expressive. Creative activities can help your child to face any adverse situations with a sense of courage and aplomb.

Here are some creative games and activities that will assist your child to become creative in life:

Playing jigsaw puzzles: This is perhaps one of the most enduring games that can help your child to solve intricate and more challenging problems. Jigsaw puzzles offer a number of creative situations when your child is expected to solve intricate and complex problems, riddles and challenges.

Finding treasure: This is yet another game that can help your child get more creative and innovative. This is a field game that can be played in your backyard. This game involves finding treasure hidden somewhere in a hidden place after finding a series of clues hidden in the area. The beauty of this program is its extreme challenging and creative nature when your child has to search for clues in a series of steps. By the time your child reaches the final clue, he or she would have solved a number of problems and challenges. The ultimate prize is a big bonus for your child.

Create an end to a story: This is another creative challenge when your child is expected to complete an uncompleted story. This game can be played with a number of other children as participants. This creative play session can help your child learn how to piece together a story, add parts to it and make the story complete with a logical end.

Creative dramatic play: One of the more meaningful ways of expressing oneself is through dramatic play and acting. Your children can express their innermost feelings and expressions with a play. Life itself is a big drama and your child is bound to face a number of dramatic moments and situations everyday and on a consistent basis. Drama play can help your children learn and understand the world and deal with a number of piquant situations.

Read a story and later act on it: If you want your child to immerse in world of dream and vision, this creative play is perhaps the best and most practical. You can read put a story to your children and ask them to play or act on each character provided in the story. Play and act can help your child to develop how to be expressive in life and how he or she can handle difficult situations with ease.

Muppet or puppet show: You can ask your children to be Muppets and Puppets by wearing suitable dresses and attire. You can also ask them to play their assigned roles against some predefined music and prose. This simple play will help your children to learn how to be a member of a large team.

Leadership games: If you have many children in your home, you can set up a creative game that involves the leader child teach a number of actions and motions to other children. These can include making and imitating animal sounds, bird calls, and other sounds of nature. Once other children follow their leader, they will start to learn how they can be a part of a big team.

Who am I - Guessing Games: As your child to act out on movements of some special objects without uttering a single word. You may suggest actions like a lion roaring, a cat meowing, train chugging out of the station, an airplane landing or a bird calling. This unique creative game will help your child to learn more about role playing, movements of several animals and objects and predicting the most appropriate actions suitable for a given situation.

Building with sand, mud and clay: Sand, mud and clay are three important things that can assist your child engage in a number of creative activities like building a castle, molding animal shapes and create mud post and utensils. Playing with these materials will also your child to master muscle-mind coordination and develop cognitive abilities.

Creative play is perhaps the most beneficial and useful play that will eventually result in an all-round development of your child. To learn more about creative playing, you can read good books on the subject or consult child development experts to know more about the issue.


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