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Useful and Productive Tips for Positive Parenting

By Andrew Loh

Successful and positive parenting is a serious issue that you must tackle with a sense of purpose. Positive parenting helps you kid in a number of ways like:

  • Develop a close bondage with you

  • Be a good and meaningful kid

  • Be successful both in personal and professional spheres

  • Be responsible and better mannered

However, positive parenting starts as soon as you give birth to your baby. You may wish to learn and understand the techniques of better and positive parenting so that you can start parenting your kid steps in his or her sixth month. Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can parent your kid in a positive way:

Infants (0-1 year):

  • Talk nice things to your baby. Your voice could be too soothing to your baby at this point of time. Your voice will act as an encouraging tool to soothe and pacify your baby.

  • Your baby starts uttering primary words by using his or her sweet tongue. At this juncture, you can answer him or her with a series of repeating words. When you repeat simple words to your baby, he or she will start learning how words are spoken.

  • You can slowly read and sing for your baby, which will help him or her to learn about language and diction. The power of positive parenting lies with you when you teach your kid the art of language in the first year of life.

  • Singing lullabies and nursery rhymes will help your kid to recognize sounds and syllables in a better manner.

  • You can even play music while singing rhymes and songs. This action will help your baby to develop and enhance an ability to listen to music.

  • Another important parenting tip is to pay lots of attention to the growing baby. This action will help your baby to develop a close relation with you.

  • It is better to spend a considerable amount of time by hugging and cuddling your baby. When you show your love by hugging and holding, your baby will feel safe and secure. This will help your baby to reciprocate his or her love for you during the succeeding years of your life.

  • Ensure that you are playing with your kid whenever she or he is wide awake. Make sure that you are playing simple and relaxing games so that your kid will love and adore you.

  • Feeding could be the great time for every mother. This is also the time when both you and your baby will be enjoying the power of motherhood.

Toddlers (1-3 years):

  • Reading good stories or singing sweet nursery rhymes seem to be the most useful method. This unique habit will help your kid to comprehend the meaning of words and syllables.

  • You can even play simple games of finding objects or things. These games will help your kid to enhance the spatial thinking skills as well as hand-eye-muscle coordination skills.

  • Matching and boarding games are some of the most useful games that you can play with your kid.

  • Games that involve exploration, detection and finding things are the other games that help your kid to imbibe the characters of inquisitiveness and curiosity.

  • Teaching basic words and syllables will help your kid to master language and grammar.

  • Once your kid reaches his or her second year, you can start reading colorful story books so that she or he can watch those beautiful images and colorful words.

  • Pretend play is yet another unique play opportunity that helps your child to learn cause-effect lessons.

Teaching your kid is never complete unless you start make your kid understand the importance of good mannerisms, better behavior, obedience and discipline. These are some of the most desirable traits that you must adapt and practice in your parenting style. Simple commands or requests may not work at times and you may need to match your words with relevant and suitable action. You will need to be a thinking parent of you wish to be an effective parent who is capable of adapting the most beneficial and positive parenting skills.

Being a resourceful parent is rewarding and challenging, while positive parenting offers a number of benefits that will lead to smart and intelligent kids who can excel in sphere of life. Learning positive parenting skills can make you more confident and empowered to parent your kids in a better manner. Your kids will also benefit largely in many different ways as you teach those skills to them.


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