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Igniting Creativity in Children - Learning Fundamentals

By Andrew Loh

Creativity is the mother of all skills. It is also the guide to self-expression. With the power of creativity, we can easily turn our best self to achieve greater things in life. Creativity is very important and a great gift among children. Every child should be able to express self without any hindrance and obstacles. In addition, he or she should also be able to express mind without any inhibition. Unlimited creativity could also help children maintain excellent mental and physical health. When children are able to create something from their personal feelings and precious experiences, they could achieve any type of goals in the life.

However, the experiences that children have when they grow up during the first few years of life will have a lot influence on the extent of creativity. To be able to remain creative in their life, children will need to get the freedom they want to achieve this skill. In fact, they should be able to commit themselves to any type of goals, effort and work. Creativity is a continuous process of self-expression. It is a mentor to manage self-expression among children. The factor of creativity is also a wonderful tool for class teachers to assess their children; they could use their intelligence to evaluate a child's creativity power and in what manner the child is thinking or feeling.

Some children are amazing with their abilities to be more creative than others are. In a typical classroom setting, they could be extremely agile and alert with their unusual responses to questions, may possess a keen sense of observation and an ability to think in a different manner. Creative children are entirely different lots. They can be extreme and different. They can be unpredictable and non-conforming. They can easily rattle their parents at homes and teachers in the classroom. At times, it could be very difficult to assess their behavior. Problem solving skills come very easily to them while their ability to respond to a crisis is always better than an average child is.

Boosting creativity is an important task for both teachers and parents. To be creative, children always need minimum amount of freedom without any obstruction. In fact, children who are strong in creativity learn by mistakes and blunders. They can find a practical solution by working on their mistakes and finding mental cues that eventually help them in arriving at a valid solution.

The factor of creativity helps children in many ways:

  • Children could become very productive and work oriented with just enough creativity;

  • Children could become stronger academically and achieve excellence in scholastic tests;

  • Children, who are creative, can excel in the word of music and fine arts, while their ability to provide the best in any areas of life will be unmatched.

  • Creative children are mentally stable and alert.

  • Creative children have that extra energy in life that propels them forward to achieve excellence in life.

Children need many activities to become creative in life. Creative play and creative thinking are the cornerstones of life. Children may want to engage themselves in activities that match their interests and ideas. For example, a child may be very strong in painting and he or she may have an inclination to things that are artistic in life. It seems creativity is just more than a byproduct. In fact, it is a lengthy process in life; we never stop learning and as we learn the gift of creativity starts sprouting gradually. Children learn to be creative by nature and it is the gift of nature too.

The creative process is difficult to evaluate. It could be anything - a great idea, suggestion, a special comment, the ability to speak fluently, or achieving excellence in music or dance are all different forms of creativity. Creativity exists in almost all forms of life. The techniques that parents use to nurture their children, an ability to soothe children when they are crying or the way in which they help their children in a particular task are all different areas of creativity.

Boosting creativity is a life-long process, especially among children, because every child is different. Each child has its own ability to be creative and parents may need to observe their children for any sign of creativity, and help them in achieving excellence in the area where there is a hint of creativity. The best form of creativity is to self assure the mind that it can do anything to achieve best things in life! Continue to read Boosting Creativity in Children - Practical Activities and Working Tips


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