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The Power of Praising and Encouragement - Tips for Parents

By Andrew Loh

Most parents never realize the amount or quantum of power they wield to influence and affect their children, by providing them the necessary positive and beneficial attention for their behavior and mannerisms. Almost all children are very intelligent and smart in doing a number of things that get them the required attention from their parents. It could be even negative attention! All smart and effective parents can use any type of predictable scenarios to act on negative and counter-productive behaviors. They are also adept and efficient in nurturing all positive and productive behaviors with the ultimate power of praise and encouragement.

Successful children are those individuals, who develop new and better behaviors and focus on those ones that you always value and cherish. In fact, all these behaviors are possible only when you give your children positive attention. Praising and encouraging your children for their right behavior will make you a positive parent and it will also help you exert a tremendous influence on your children's future.

The characters of praise and encouragement are extremely powerful, when your children are learning new behaviors or new techniques. Being praise and encouraged make people feel extremely good and positive about themselves and their abilities. When your children get the required amount of praise and encouragement from you, they want to be with you always and they will do lot of things for you that are useful and productive.

Here are some useful tips that will help you praise and encourage your children in a positive way:

  • Sit down and think how you can praise and encourage your children.

  • Think in what way and method you can heap praise on them; check out those scenarios that are fit enough to be praised and encouraged.

  • Decide and evaluate what values and positive traits are very critical for your children and seek opportunities that will help you reinforce better and positive behavior.

  • Think about all those scenes, when your children did something that made you praise and encourage them.
    Try to find those scenarios, when you can readily praise and encourage your children with positive words and expressions.

  • Praise and encourage your children as soon as you can, to reinforce good behavior.

  • When you praise and encourage your children, you are already helping them analyze in their mind about those actions that helped them to receive so many words of praise and encouragement.

  • You can repeat the words of praise and encouragement day after day and months after months, even if it means that you are repeating the things over and again.

  • You will need to praise and encourage your children to learn the noble characters of praising themselves.

  • When your children put their best efforts to study for their exams, praise their behavior. Encourage them to perform better in their next test.

  • Your children are human like you. Even they will make mistakes like those that you did when you were child. Accept the ground reality that anyone can commit mistakes and your children are no exception to that rule.

  • Find out the relation between success and effort. Use this connection when you praise and encouragement. You should value the efforts put in by your children. When you children know that praise comes for their sincere efforts, they will start working hard for better results.

  • Stay on your toes for those opportunities, when you can praise your children.

  • Always reinforce new and netter behavior that can help your children in their future. Connect the factor of praising and encouragement with their future success.

  • As far as possible, never criticize your children unless it is necessary. Criticism sans solid reasoning will always be counter-productive.

Steps for praising and encouraging

  1. Focus and place your attention on your children and those situations that deserves your attention; use praise whenever it is necessary.

  2. When you are praising, ensure that you are moving very close to your children. This will connect you with them and their heart.

  3. When praising, make an eye contact with your children. Ensure that you are bending down to your child's eye level. This simple action will help your children feel so special and proud of you.

  4. Touch is the most personal action that you can take. Gently touch your children's hand, when praising and encouraging. Human touch is perhaps the best touch of all!

  5. You can hug your children while praising or encouraging. This will create an instant connection between you and the children.

Praising and motivation help your children to react very positively to any situation and later focus their efforts on doing the right type of things. Parents who use an opportunity to praise their children will benefit largely by highly disciplined and proactive children with positive characters that they always valued in their life.


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