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The Most Cost Effective Plan for Your Kid's Birthday

By Amy Foster

Your child's birthday party is an event that they've been looking forward to for months and that they'll remember for some time to come. As a parent, you'll also treasure the memories of the way their little face lit up with joy and excitement. Planning the perfect birthday party doesn't have to be a bank buster, though. Consider these cost-effective ideas that will help you save on your child's special day.

Compare Prices

If you're thinking of hiring some form of entertainment for your child's party, like a clown or a bounce house, it can hit you hard in the wallet if you're not being choosy. If you want to make sure you get the most for your money, it's a wise choice to shop around. Just by searching online, you can find all of the places that offer these services in your area. You can also find other useful information like prices and customer reviews, which are especially important. Nobody wants to pay exorbitant amounts for a clown who will be rude to your guests.

Birthday Treats

As you may have discovered with past birthday planning experiences, those fancy cakes you order from the grocery store bakery are expensive. By making a homemade birthday cake from scratch or with a simple cake mix, you can save a bundle. This is especially true if your child or some party guests have food allergies or intolerances. Finding a bakery that caters to these needs can be like finding a needle in a haystack and even then, cross-contamination is still an issue. If you're considering buying a pre-made cake because it's decorated with toys from your child's favorite show or movie, the store bakery will often sell the accessories to you without the cake.

Affordable Birthday Supplies

Many department and grocery stores sell birthday supplies, but their selection is often limited and the price can be outrageous. By purchasing your birthday supplies at Birthday Express or other specialty retailers, you can choose from a wide selection of supplies, even ones featuring your child's favorite character or theme. Best of all, you can get them quickly and at an affordable price.

Be Your Own Caterer

If there will be a lot of guests or if this birthday is a particularly special milestone for your child, you might be considering hiring a caterer. These services come at a premium, however. If you feel confident in the kitchen, you can save a lot of money and phone calls by making the meal yourself. If you need help, consider enlisting the assistance of other family members who like to cook or asking guests to help out with pot-luck style buffet food. That way, no matter how large the party, there won't be a need to throw money at services you provide for yourself.


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