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What is Emergent Learning?

By Andrew Loh

Emergent Learning is a new learning concept that is gaining importance worldwide in both academia and schools. Schools and academic institutions can easily adapt emergent learning strategies and methods to achieve desired results. Schoolroom situations are very complex, dynamic and changing. In fact, there may not be any right answers available with a particular learning method. In essence, answers are actually the hypotheses that represent the thinking patterns and teaching mode. Emergent learning may provide very plausible answers to present classroom teaching techniques and methods.

With emergent learning, your children will master the knowledge of things and issues encountered in their classrooms. With emergent learning, your children will also master the nuance of learning their lessons in a thoughtful manner. Emergent learning can be thoughtful. It helps you to learn through experiences by encountering important challenges. Emergent learning can work in three distinctive ways:

  • Your children will learn from the work they do in the classroom and elsewhere. This is because, their learning always gels with the flow of their work.

  • More information (or knowledge) will come to them through a cycle of successive learning experiences. Repeated iterations, discussions and mastery of work will help them to gain proficiency or efficiency in any subject. They can actually compare and evaluate all results that are actual, planned and intended.

  • Emergent learning also helps your children to track their progress and gain confidence in the due course of time.

Your children can enhance their learning experiences by using important tips related to emergent learning. In the past, all parents used a traditional method of teaching their children by simply supplying them with a barrage of facts and information. Any teaching method involved research studies and prior preparation; teachers in a classroom always planned to teach their children. However, academic experts always believed that this narrow focus did not yield positive results to children. They also recommended a number of techniques and method that can help children develop their scholastic abilities as well as a dynamic personality.

As a result, more numbers of classrooms around the world are using a friendlier and engaging style of instruction that is also very interactive and dynamic. Also known as emergent learning, it signified a collaborative nature of teaching that involved parents, teachers and children. The most important and critical advantage of using this method is that both teachers and children seek out answers to all possible complex questions as a team. Here, the teacher and parent will continue to make teaching plans while paying attention to children's progress. During the evaluator process, it will become easier to find out those things that are cajoling and interesting to children. Another positive aspect of emergent learning is that you can present problems in such way that your children can propose their own solutions. As you start asking questions and forward problems to your children, they will gain skills that can help them to propose their own solutions.

Just observe some children how efficient they are in answering complex questions forwarded by classroom teachers. In fact, these children are always spontaneous and quick while they are answering any complex questions. With emergent learning, your children can easily develop a number of excellent skills like:

  • Forward wonderful ideas and suggestions.

  • Explain their meanings and evaluate them in length.

  • Create a model out of their ideas and explain them in detail.

  • Provide a lucid picture of the ideas that they want to present.

  • Make their ideas very simple and straightforward.

Furthermore, emergent learning also helps your children to:

  • Understand that learning is an important process that they need to develop fast and in a proper manner.

  • Develop an ability to articulate their ideas and suggestions in a simple and lucid manner.

  • Pay attention in the class and accumulate enough data from the process of learning.

  • Evaluate results on a periodical basis.

  • Repeat the learning process to improve positive outcome.

Emergent learning is a progressive approach to induce learning in children. With this wonderful method, you can easily make your children understand their self-worth. When they understand their worth, they can embrace all possible challenges of learning and problem solving. However, emergent learning is also a technique that parents and teachers tend to confuse; a thin line differentiates emergent learning and traditional mode of teaching. While traditional teaching presents ideas and suggestions that already exist in a prior form, emergent learning attempts to use traditional techniques, along with a series of improvisation techniques involving mastering the core concepts of learning. Continue to read Emergent Learning - Practical Techniques and Methods here!


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