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Throw Book Parties For Kids

By Gail Leino

Book parties are a really new and an innovative idea to bring people closer to the books so that they can read and share their thoughts and views. Book parties can be organized by universities, schools, book stores, as well as by parents at home. The habit of reading is really wonderful and it opens up the doors of intelligence in a child¡¯s world. It is from where the child starts to learn and understand different things and understand them in its true sense. Parents stress their children to read books but that can all be transformed into fun through book parties.

The best way that parents can inculcate the habit of reading in their children is to throw book parties. Parents know what kind of books their child likes to read. First of all you need to ask your child to come and sit with you and share with them the idea of book party that you have come up with. Next, you need to ask your child as to the friends that they need to invite to the party. Remember that this party is focused on developing a reading habit in your child. Then you need to make invitations with the help of your children so that they are a part of the entire event right from the very beginning till the end.

Set a date for the party, decorate the room and plan educational games that the kids can participate in and win prizes. For example, you can give them a spelling test or a word puzzle and who answers it the fastest will get the prize. You can ask them to read story books to each other and at the end you can serve food to all. You can also add more games to the party. The book parties will not only develop a habit of reading in your child but will also help him socialize with other children.

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