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Coyote Teaching - Some Salient Points

By Andrew Loh

Several teaching and educational theories exist in the academic world that tries to improve and enhance a child's intelligence, intellect and scholastic abilities. Most of the existing theories and practices aim at educating a child in a purely academic manner. It means that these methods make your children academically and scholastically smarter. However, to succeed in life, scholastic and academic achievements may not be enough. Your child need much more than just scoring very good grades in his or her class. Succeeding in life is a matter of reaching out to everything that exists in the world apart from classroom lessons.

Coyote teaching and learning is a sophisticated system of teaching and mentoring your child in an unusual manner. Pioneered and developed by Tom Brown, Jr. and Jon Young, this system of education plans to make your child empowered with a series of wonderful techniques that are very near to the nature and your child's natural instincts. In this system, a teacher will never provide direct answers to children. Instead, she or he will answer with very tricky questions just to inspire, cajole and encourage children go deeper into the lessons taught. When your children dig deeper into the lessons, they will be able to relate and connect different lesson points into one single, comprehendible chunk.

A very successful coyote teacher will try to convince and inspire children to master learning lessons on their own until they no longer need the active support of coyote teachers. Another wonderful aspect of this teaching system is that a well-trained child with this system can easily teach other students in a way that help them to learn faster and quicker. Coyote teaching is actually a mentoring system that makes children well versed with classroom lessons, field lessons and practical lessons.

Note: “When raised by a coyote one becomes a coyote”. This most famous saying with coyote teaching!

Coyote teaching gives you many advantages and benefits when compared to other educations systems. It seems that it is more natural and effective in its training module. The main objective of coyote teaching is learning outdoor survival skills. Other uses of this wonderful learning systems are your children's ability to self learn and collaborate with others to learn in an interactive manner. In fact, it is a constructive mode of education where everyone contributes his or her bit to study and master the lessons. The instructor or the teacher will act merely as a mentor rather than a dedicated teacher. In turn, your children will take responsibility for their own learning, learn how to study and learn, learn how to focus on learning and master the basics of survival skills.

Here some more benefits and advantages of this learning system:

  • The teacher will answer questions with leading questions that will open children's mind to answer with conviction. Your children will shed their inhibition, stage fright and classroom fear to mingle with other children.

  • The teacher will urge the children to look around and observe the nature to see and learn their specialties. With this superb ability, your children can easily create a heightened awareness by learning and mastering the nature.

  • Coyote teachers are very strong orally while story telling is the preferred way of teaching children. Information comes to your children via graphical illustrations and stories.

  • Coyote teachers always use tricks and techniques to drive hone their points. The main idea is to force your children to commit mistakes so that they can learn from those mistakes.

  • Coyote mentoring is a process of making children empowered with special mentoring abilities so that they can teach other children!

  • Coyote teachers are not just teachers but they are the real time mentors who show an active interest in their children.

  • Coyote teachers can use a number of methods and techniques to teach their children. They could be storytelling, writing, video lessons or even dances.

  • Engagement and active learning are the two most important outcomes with coyote teaching. Coyote teaching enforces a where the learning becomes compelling and necessary.

In the end, coyote teaching attempts to spark curiosity and inquisitiveness among children and later help them create a self-directed learning experience that trains them to seek answers to any questions on their own. Another important benefit of this system is your children's ability to act as mentors to other children who could be weak in studies. More numbers of schools are realizing the importance of coyote teaching and they are trying to use this method to teach their children. Continue to read Coyote Teaching - Methods and Techniques here!


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