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Enhancing Auditory Learning in Children - Basic Principles

By Andrew Loh

Humans learn by using a number of sensory perceptions. A fine combination of sensory skills will help them learn and master basic things in life. Hearing, smelling, seeing and touching are some of the most used sensory skills that everyone masters in their lifetime. These skills come automatically to every person as soon as he or she takes birth. Some people are very good in some sensory skills while others are poor in them. One of the most important sensory skills that your children possess is the sense of audition or auditory ability. Like any other skills, auditory skills are very critical and important for your children's survival.

Many children are excellent in this natural ability. Such children are known as auditory learners because they learn well by hearing things around them. They can easily catch words and syllables spoken by others. They can even understand and comprehend the meaning of spoken words very easily. In fact, they may struggle very much to understand a lesson they read, but they can understand it when it is read aloud to them. Auditory learners may have excellent skills for understanding the meaning of someone's words, just by listening to a change in the tones or intonations. Just look at a child who can easily remember a cell phone number by uttering it aloud and then master it how it sounded to recall by mouth.

Some children use the sense of audition to its maximum potential. Such children are avid listeners, with a knack of understanding the real meaning of spoken words better than anyone. Just take a look at the following characters and find out whether your children are better auditory learners.

Your children may be auditory learners, if they have the following abilities:

Like to read aloud: Some children are very good in reading in a very loud voice. They can easily understand their lessons well by simply reading them. Reading in a loud voice can stimulate their brain cells to grasp more and hold the meaning of the lessons in their brain for longer time.

Very good in speaking: Some children are not afraid of speaking in public and on a podium. They can easily stand up in their classroom and ask questions without any hesitation. Such children will not be having any stage fright, as speaking comes naturally to them.

Like to submit reports orally: When it comes to submitting class reports, some children are very good in doing in an oral way. Oral reporting comes naturally to them, while answering questions is also very simple and easy for them.

Good in explaining things: Some children are very good in explaining the meaning of any topic. These children can be very good teachers to their fellow students. Auditory learners are some of the best speakers.

Remember names very easily: Auditory learners are very good in remembering names of people and their classmates. They can recall names quite easily as well. They also have an exceptional memory power in retaining important bits of information.

Good at catching sound bites from music and movies: Auditory learners can be adept in making out musical instruments played in an orchestra or a symphony. They can even make out the real meaning of different notes and sound effects of a movie. They enjoy music very much and they can listen to music, as they work on their homework assignments.

Good in grammar and lingua-phone classes: Auditory learners are very good in learning English, because they tend to do very well in spoken English classes with their better grasping ability of basic grammar. Learning any foreign language is dead easy for them as well. Just watch them how well they perform in a language laboratory; they can listen to difficult spoken passages and understand their meaning.

Good in slow reading: Auditory learners are also slow paced readers. They would like grasp the real meaning of every sentence in a book. As they read out loud, they tend to immerse their minds into the story line of the book they are reading.

Respond to spoken words very well: Auditory learners can respond to spoken words very well. In fact, they are among the best people in comprehending every word of a spoken sentence. Auditory learners can become some of the best army officers and musicians.

Active throughout the day: Auditory learners cannot keep quiet for long periods. They are always active and agile with a mind to understand things that are going on around them. Auditory learners are active, energetic and agile, both in their mind and body.

Enjoy dramas and acting: Auditory learners enjoy being on the center stage. They like acting in dramas, skits and stage shows. They like debates, talk shows and oratory.

Like to participate in discussions: Auditory learners like to participate in discussions and workshops. They are very good in a study group. They can contribute to the success of any study groups with their excellent ideas and suggestions.

Just remember that auditory excellence in just one part of a child's intrinsic abilities. Children who display a delicate mixture of all other sensory abilities will do very well in their life. Continue to read Enhancing Auditory Learning in Children - Useful Techniques.


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