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Boosting Child Brain Functions with Different Techniques and Methods - Part I

By Andrew Loh

Child brain is an amazing organ that transforms itself into a highly performing unit by the time the child reaches the age of ten. Right at birth, a baby brain contains as many as 100 billion neurons while later brain growth into the first five years will lead to the development of more than trillion connections that are called neural synapses. However, the new neural connections are possible only when the child brain is stimulated by using brain stimulation techniques. The efficiency of brain depends on a rule called “use it or lose it” meaning enhanced brain wiring would lead to a superior brain which is possible only when the child uses its brain continuously throughout the day.

When parents provide enough affectionate, loving and enriched experience to their young children, millions of synapses that are yet to join and make a connection will start the process of “hard wiring” eventually creating a brain system that is far more efficient and organized. Parental intervention is very critical for a child to boost brain growth. Here are some simple techniques and methods to stimulating child brain and make him more intelligent and smarter.

Mothers! Give your child a head start even before he is born!

Healthy pregnant mothers are the ones who give birth to babies that are not only physically active but also mentally stronger and intelligent. Staying out of liquor, cigarettes and non-prescribed medications ensures hassle free pre and post pregnancy.

Shower love and affection to the new born

Research shows that early love and affection shown towards babies and young toddlers are more likely to result in the proper development of brain functions and cognitive skills. Children who are not loved and adored are more likely to turn into dull and intellectually inferior.

Talk and sing to young children

Talking and singing is a two-way communication system. When mothers talk to their young toddlers, they respond with their own in-built communication system tucked within the rudimentary brain system. In fact, moving fingers, grasping mothers hands, gazing, smiling, cooing and kicking legs are all essential parts of a two-way communication system.

Talk with sense and let the dialogues be meaningful

Strong vocalization with better vocabulary will ensure development of those areas of brain that relate to language and speech functions. Delighted vocalization (also known as parentese) involved strong voice and deep affection.

Play tender games with babies and toddlers

Playing games that involve hand movements are time-tested methods to boost baby brain development. Simple and sequential games are known to enhance vital brain functions like hand-muscle-eye movements, cognitive enhancement and boosting of motor skills.

Gaze at your baby and try to focus its attention on you

The power of concentration and attention could be enhanced by simply gazing at the eyes of babies and toddlers. Talk something as you gaze at the eyes. This helps baby to concentrate on what you are saying.

Boost emotional feelings

Just by touching baby's hair, legs, and hands known to produce a bigger brain size that contains far more brain connections than other babies that do not receive such treatment. Emotional development is as important as mental and IQ development.

Bring home toys that are brain and physical appropriate

Toys should help young one explore, interact and learn. Children should be able to learn such skills as cause and effect relationship, reasoning, motor skills, cognition, imagination, deduction, analytical power and other related mental abilities.

Read to your children even if they are just one year old

Reading stories or singing rhymes to your babies is known to develop receptive areas of brain that are needed to develop comprehension, understanding and power of understanding. As parents change the rhythm of voice and intonations, a young toddler will start to develop those areas of brain that are related to language, diction, comprehension and reception.

Ensure a safe and cozy environment

A safe and cozy living environment is essential for a healthy and intelligent baby. It is known that the power of spatial learning is enhanced and boosted when parents ensure a warm and cozy environment. A young toddler should learn and understand such parameters as “over”, “near”, “far”, “under”, “uncomfortable”, “peace”, “safety” and “danger.” This would also lead to an ability that compares and contrasts good from the bad, safe from danger and comfort from difficulty.

The foundation for a healthy and efficient brain is laid in the first two years of age while parental intervention can easily boost brain development by at least two percent points. What young toddlers need are internal motivation, encouragement, love and affection and a baby that gets enough of these essential requirements are more likely develop superior brains. You can continue to read Boosting Child Brain Functions with Different Techniques and Methods - Part II.


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