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Nurturing Bright Children - Some Methods and Techniques

By Andrew Loh

Nurturing a bright child means enhancing intellectual ability of that child to become more efficient and better endowed to lead a life like that of a gifted child. A bright child is a superior child, who just needs a gentle shove to acquire the superior mental abilities of a gifted child. Gifted children have a series of superior skills and talent that a bright child does not possess. If you have bright children who excel in their classroom studies, then you can teach them the wonderful mental attitude of a gifted child. A bright child, who acquires salient attitudinal powers of giftedness, can become extremely endowed to face any challenges in life, both personal and professional.

Parents may face a hard time understanding who is a bright child and who is not. Most parents always worry about their children, who tend to get all A’s, but fail to qualify for a Gifted and Talented school program. Not every child who achieves very good grades is a genius or highly gifted, but they could be very dedicated and hard workers. Some children who score very high in a subject can perform very badly in others. Such children may simply fail to make it to a gifted children program. Criteria and actual testing to qualify for a gifted student program may vary among different children.

Many parents have a number of misconceptions about their children being gifted. Bright children have a very agile brain that can perform a number of intelligent functions, when compared to an ordinary or average one. However, age can play an important role in deciding how bright your children will be in the future. Some children may be exceptionally bright, when they are in their young age, and they may lose that ability when they reach their old age, say 10 years or 15 years. Training a bright child towards giftedness is a difficult task as most parents simply fail to understand that there is always a certain limitation to what a child can do.

To empower your bright children to acquire some skills and abilities of a gifted child, you can use a number of simple techniques. However, you should understand that you can apply them at some level of efficiency beyond which you may find it very difficult to proceed. The good news for you is that whether your children extraordinarily bright or superiorly gifted, you still have a great child in your hand.

Here are some of these simple techniques and methods to make your bright child become more efficient:

  • Train your child to develop better vocabulary. This simple step will help your child to acquire many words and expressions that will assist them improve their discussion and vocal skills.

  • Develop their complex thinking ability: Ask your children to design and weave their own imaginary stories and anecdotes. This will help them hone their skills of imagination and thinking ability.

  • Develop simple mathematical skills: Symbolic thoughts in children can come easily, when they improve their basic mathematical skills like arithmetic. Working on simple math will help develop analytical and fine thinking processes.

  • Develop an ability to develop relationships: An ability to see at relationship between family members and others will help your children improve insight and emotional values.

  • Help develop the ability to create unusual shapes, patterns and figures by using blocks, clay and crayons. These exercises will help them streamline their thinking abilities, analytical power along with reasoning. Gifted children are experts in thinking, analytical and reasoning power.

There is a thin file line between giftedness and brightness. Bright children are as good as gifted ones excepting some minute differences. Gifted children may not realize their full potential unless parents and teachers make them know, realize and understand their full and real potential. Bright children deserve the best that parents can give them. Every child is unique and special. A child need not be gifted to show his or her potential. What children need is careful and dedicated parenting and mentoring from their parents and teachers.

A caring parent can mean a lot to a child, whether gifted or bright. Bright children could be truly gifted, when they fine tune their attitude and outlook. Let them know and realize that they can become the most intelligent and smart children in the world with concerted and dedicated effort. As a parent, you should understand their mind and attitude. Just make sure to focus on their real strengths and weaknesses before acting on your goals.

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