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Mental Focusing Techniques - Basics

By Andrew Loh

Does this always happen to your children? Do you find that your children are losing focus and concentration while they are studying in their classrooms? On the extreme side, did your children's classroom teachers call you to discuss about their performance in classroom? Did you find that your children failed to score top grades just because they lost their mental focus and concentration? If these undesirable events are happening to your children, then you may need to take immediate action to help your children regain their mental focus and concentration.

In fact, most children are intelligent and smart. They are capable of getting good grades and better marks in their classrooms. However, some obvious reasons or causes make them to lose their mental focus and concentration. In many circumstances, they may just develop boredom with the regular-sounding teaching materials and lessons. In fact, almost all children who find it difficult to concentrate on their lessons in the classrooms are always victims of countless numbers of distractions. In essence, distractions can easily reduce children's concentration and mental focus.

Distraction can arise because of a heavy classroom schedule; classrooms are always busy and hectic. Most children must study at least three or four subject everyday and carry out finishing their assigned homework too. The assigned time is very limited while the energy and effort required to finish the homework is too much to bear. Distractions in the classroom and home can be too much for any children as well. It is almost difficult for your children to focus on their lessons in an effective manner.

Another reason for loosing focus could be a lack of motivation or having very little of it. Lack of motivation also leads to lack of clear and lucid goals. Fuzziness in developing motivation can also result in loss of mental focus. Some children develop invisible mental blocks that eventually hinder them in developing mental focus. Mental blocks can come in many forms and patterns. However, the most important one is thinking about self-failure.

To counter distractions that happen around your children can be very difficult. The only way you make your children avoid distractions is to develop mental focus and concentration. You will need to teach mental focus techniques to your children to focus better on their classroom studies. Mental focusing is probably the only solution that can help your children overcome distortions and develop their character. Improving mental focus and concentration can pay your children rich dividends. Your children can stay focused on those things that rally interest them.

To help improve your children develop mental focus and concentration, you will need to pick up those activities that actually interest them. Children show active interest when they work on their preferred activities. Just watch your children how they work on some activities with all their dedication and concentration.

Tip: Developing focus is an activity itself. To achieve that, your children should be active in those activities that actually help them develop focus. For example, playing chess is one of the most beneficial activities that can help your children improve mental focus and dedication.

Focus and concentration are necessary to achieve many things in life. Some of these things are:

  • Mental focus is necessary to concentrate on classroom teaching and comprehend the essence of lessons

  • Mental focus lays a strong foundation to achieve better academic performance in the classroom

  • Mental focus is a big necessity when it comes to understand life and its essence

  • Mental focus provides an opportunity to reach the desired success level in life.

Three important issues can help you improve concentration in your children. These three issues are as follows:

  1. Observe your child: Observe to see what activities your children like to do and how they get themselves involved

  2. Offer a number of choices: Let your children do the activities that they like to do or enjoy doing it.

  3. Ask your children to repeat: When your children finish doing a task, you can ask them to repeat the same task again.

Focusing on the right thing is very critical for any child's academic and professional success. "The first essential for the child's development is concentration," observed Maria Montessori almost one hundred years ago. In all probability, most children are less likely to suffer from a shortage than from plenty of attention. Ability to focus is the foundation for learning. As a parent, you will need to help your children develop and improve mental focus and dedication. Continue to read Mental Focusing Techniques - How to Improve Focusing in Children.


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