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Stimulating Brain Power in Children

By Andrew Loh

Young children and growing toddlers learn and develop every day and week by keenly observing the things that happen around them. An infant's brain structure will have more than a million highly charged nerve cells while a child aged 4 years will possess more than 10 million brain cells with their energetic and agile neurons. All these neurons are amazing structures that grow and connect with each other's in the confines of brain.

In conjunction, all these neurons control all bodily and mental functions like seeing, hearing, moving, learning and performing. Brain is an accomplished organ that can perform millions of minute actions within microseconds. How fast these neurons act and perform depend on a number of factors out of which genes play an important role. An accomplished brain is a sum total of factors like the health of brain and its neurons, arrangement of brain cells, the amount of brain matter and the environment in which the brain develops and grows.

For its small size, brain is a truly complicated tool that is capable of a number of things and issues. A child's growing brain is always busy in collecting information, sorting it into different categories and processes them according to their importance, priority, and later passing on the information to different body organ systems. Even before you child is born, his or her brain will have all the neurons required to kick-start the brain functions. Most of these neurons help you baby to learn about the external world and those stimuli that affect how he or she develops as an adult.

With more than 100 billions of neurons in the brain cells, the rudimentary baby brain is still primitive in its action; baby brain cells are yet to develop into highly established network of neurons. To ensure proper development of baby brain, your baby will need to develop a solid network of interconnected nerve cells. A brainy baby is a direct result of highly efficient network of nerve cells that can process billions of data bits within seconds.

Strangely, your baby will have more number of nerve synapses than you will! However, most of these tiny structures will die as your baby becomes a toddler and later into an adult. The remaining ones become tough and robust over years and get stronger to direct most body functions. The process of removing these synapses is natural and beneficial; once the remaining synapses become stronger, they can devote more time to create a sturdy and efficient network of nerve cells.

This process of elimination is of paramount importance to your growing baby. Early experiences and early learning are very important for your baby or toddler. When you provide a number of positive and meaningful experiences very early in your child's formative years, you can expect a baby with a sharp and smart brain. Such babies are in a better position to learn, understand and master a number of skills. If your child gets very few instances of positive stimulations, the brain will have fewer network connections that eventually lead to poor brain functions. Nerve connection used once is always permanent and no one can revoke it. Experiences, whether good or bad, can have a serious effect on the efficiency of child's brain. Positive experiences can play a vital role in your child's life.

Some of the positive experiences are:

  • Loving and affectionate relationship with you and your spouse

  • Proper feeding with plenty of good nutrition

  • Emotional nurturing of your baby

  • Meaningful play

Stimulating brainpower in your children is a delicate mixture of positive experiences, beneficial parenting and meaningful play in the early part of childhood. Brain based learning is fast becoming the most trusted and useful teaching method to make your child smarter and brainier.

Geniuses are almost made, and not born - that what we believe! However, recent research findings provide us invaluable clues on how parents can make their children smart and intelligent. In fact, to make your child fully equipped with necessary brain skills and techniques, you will need to help him or her with loving life, secure parenting base and strong parental bond. To develop your child's brain and its functions, you will need to ensure that the mental development is "completely brained" by stimulating various areas of brain by using a number of activities and play. It is possible to enhance brainpower by using a technique called "Whole Brain Development".

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