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Helping Your Children Succeed in the Classroom

By Andrew Loh

The early and primary school years are the real foundations or platforms of your child's school success; this is the most obvious time, from where your child will start picking up the basics of all academic subjects, like math and science, apart from other sundry activities like arts and craft. To ensure your child is on the right track, it is very critical that you get involved in the process of your child's primary school education. Before you enroll your child to a good school nearby your home, you may need to look at many issues and evaluate them with a critical pair of eyes. There are many things you can do as a responsible parent to help your child succeed in the classroom.

Children are very active in their early age and their mind is always fickle and drifting. Children also need focused efforts and work to succeed in their classrooms. Getting your children ready to go to school, listen to their teachers, learn lessons, write tests and score good grades are some of the most Herculean tasks for them. Hesitancy and fear are two of the most important issues that your child may encounter in the early stages of school. As a parent, your fundamental duty is to assure your child and encourage him or her to go to school.

School always starts at your home. It will forever! You are your child's first teacher and the most effective one at that! Parents send their children to school as soon as they reach the age of five. Sending children to school means lot of things to you and other parents. It means that you want your child to succeed in his or her classroom by getting better marks and good grades. However, the foundation that you provide your child at home plays an important role in the future classroom success. It is natural that we send our children to school not just for tuitions, but also for proper and disciplined raising. It also means that we rely heavily on teachers to ensure academic success of our children.

We may need to prepare our children before they set their feet in their classrooms. Home tutoring will help your child immensely before he or she gets enrolled in a school. You can do quote a lot to help your child in your home before sending him or her to a school. Here are some basic and practical tips that will help you prepare your child for a classroom:

1. Children are always active and energetic. At the same time, they can be very pensive and silent at times. These two contrasting characters are very important for the classroom success of your child. While a sense of gregariousness and outgoing nature help your child in socializing with his or her peers and teachers in the would-be classroom, characters like aloofness and silence can help in sitting quietly and listening to the lessons given by the teachers. To promote active learning, you can listen to your child's ideas and suggestions and help him or her in solving problems and exploring mutual interests. Ensure that you are answering your child's queries and questions.

2. Encourage reading: Assisting your child to become a good reader is perhaps the most important thing that you can do as a parent. Good readers can become good students. The critical importance of developing reading habit cannot be simply wished away. Reading can help in a life long learning process as well.

3. Talking and listening: Talking and listening to your children will help them prepare for the classroom. Mutual conservation and dialogues will induce your children learn language skills at an early age. In addition, children who have learned to converse well and listen carefully, often do not find trouble following directions and paying attention in class.

Preparing your child for classroom means getting him or her face future challenges and obstacles that may occur in the classroom. Just remember that your child will be setting his or her feet on an unchartered and untested territory. Thus, your child needs all the help and attention from both you and teacher to find a firm footing in the classroom. Although parents make it a point to send their children off to school every day and want them to perform better year after year, they can act as a catalyst that becomes a big booster to ensure academic success. Active parent involvement is the key ingredient and ultimate secret that leads to the best result. Parents' active participation with their children's education at home and in school can pay rich dividends and will also play pivotal role on their children's future.


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