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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
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Supporting Your Gifted Child: Tips and Suggestions

Raising and nurturing a gifted child could be parent's tough task and a difficult exercise. Highly gifted children are too complicated and difficult to manage and understand. In fact, these kids never come to you with a readymade caring sheet. To support your gifted child and to manage his or her intrinsic capabilities, as a parent, you will need to first learn and understand about gifted children, their special characters, and how one can identify and streamline those characters to make them better citizens.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to manage your apparently gifted kid:

Some of the earliest signs and symptoms of child giftedness include the following:

  • Unusual alertness and quickness during infant stages. A number of infants are very active and agile even when they are in their crib! This special character is a possible indication of some special gifted characters.

  • Fewer requirements for sleep during infancy. Some gifted children may display problems of sleeping while they are infants.

  • Very and unusual activity levels. Gifted kids are always on the move and they are the livewires of the family. They also exhibit enhanced activity level throughout the day and night.

  • They are very reactive to stimuli like noise, shouting, talking, pain and frustration. They can show intense reactions to these disturbing sources.

  • Very quick onset of developmental milestones. Most gifted children would have shown advanced progression through a number of developmental milestones like early teething, walking and talking.

  • Possession of extraordinary memory power. Most gifted children can remember and recall things, events and facts very easily.

  • A tendency to learn very quickly. Gifted children can learn very quickly and they enjoy learning new things. An early language learning skill. Gifted children can learn and understand languages very early and with considerable ease.

  • An affinity for reading books. Gifted children are extraordinary readers and they always show a keen interest in looking at colorful books, while they are very young.

  • Gifted kids are very curious in nature. They become very curious to learn more about new things, objects and patterns.

  • Gifted kids are very jovial and humorous in whatever they do and perform.

  • Possession of talent or brilliancy to think logically, and a tendency to show an inclination to solve intricate problems.

  • Acute sensitivity and a character of affection and compassion. Most gifted children are compassionate and kind towards others.

  • Gifted children also possess a character of imagination and hope.

If you feel that your kid is exhibiting a majority of the above signs and symptoms, then you may wish to have him or her assessed by a qualified examiner. If you have one kid with pronounced gifted characters, there are chances that other kids in your family are gifted too. You may need to identify for gifted characters early in your kid's life so that you can encourage and promote to help develop a better personality.

More often, kids learn straight away from their parents. As a responsible parent, you can spend more time with your gifted child, so that you can tune in to his or her interests and needs, and later respond by providing the right type of opportunities. It is also very critical that you observe your kid frequently to note down any special characters or talents. You can also help your kid discover personal interests, assist expose to a number of interests and encourage learn about new things like art, nature, music and sports.

Kids attracted to a particular area or sector of learning will need more opportunities and options to probe in detail and depth. Your kid needs your active and hearty support to develop the perceived talents. Your gifted child will also need a strong and responsible supporter in you. The most important key to raise your gifted kid is showing respect: honest respect for their dreams, ambitions, goals, opinions, ideas and aspirations. You will need to be very responsive and flexible while handling and managing your gifted child. Your kid will also have an array of invisible goals and objectives that need a strong fillip from your side. In fact, your kid will be looking forward to that vital support from your side. If you deny that critical support, your kid may become too sensitive and discouraged to withdraw from normal daily activities.


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