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Simple Steps to Develop your Children's Creativity and Imagination

By Andrew Loh

All kids display a tendency to be very creative and imaginative. They are naturally curious and automatically creative. But, in a growing environment that is negative and suppressive, they tend to restrict and suppress their natural talents and skills. Negative teachings, discouraging peers and distracting surroundings may spoil your children's natural ability to think, imagine and be creative. Above all, an overtly pressurizing school and academic system may put more strain on a kid's mind to hide his or her innate skills to display better qualities of imagination and creativity.

Of late, parents are realizing how critical and important developing their kids to be creative and imaginative really is life. They also know and understand how critical is to develop their kids to be creative and imaginative especially in the first few years of life. The basic aspect of nourishment and encouragement from both parents and teachers is very vital and essential for catalyzing the innate abilities to imagine and be creative.

While it is very important to have a range of creative resources and methods to teach our kids to be imaginative, there are a few issues that particularly relate to your kids and their ability to show positive qualities of imagination. Parents are the first teachers of their kids and kids tend to learn a lot from their parents. Parents can use a number of methods and techniques to help their kids be imaginative and skilled. Here are some very simple techniques and methods that can help you kid develop better qualities of imagination and creativity:

Playing Blocks: Nothing could be more enterprising and encouraging that giving a number of toys with an ability to pose challenging and inquisitive situations. Well chosen toys can help develop your kid's mind, intellect, skills and IQ. These toys can also help your kid develop his or her brain in relation to their cognitive and mind-muscle coordination. Blocks are perhaps the best known toys for growing children. Plain and painted wooden blocks with smooth outer edges in a number of shapes and sizes can form a powerful set of tools to develop a number of skills including imagination and creativity. Advantages of providing block game sets to your kid are:

  • Recognizing colors at an early age

  • Developing very fine motor skills

  • Developing cognitive skills

  • Enhancing hand-muscle coordination

  • Fine tune thinking and imagination skills

  • Develop creativity by forming various shapes and formats.

Blocks can become anything; your child can make a number of shapes like fences, buildings, bridges, motor shapes, small houses, a garage or even a skyscraper. Kids can join together and play as a team to develop organizing and participating skills.

Musical Instruments: No one can dispute the essential benefits of playing musical instruments or singing a small tune to the beats of musical instruments. In fact, music should form the daily part of your kid's life. Rather than listening only to music CDs and tapes, you can help your kid to learn how to play a musical instrument. Bring home basic musical instruments like keyboards, drums, whistles and a basic xylophone. Ask them to play anything they want. Sit down with your kid and play to the tune of music. Play to popular kid tunes and ask your kid to dance to them. You can also make music with your kids by playing on an instrument. When they grow old, consider providing them formal music classes. Choose any musical instruments they want, be it a piano or a drum. Music leads to enhanced creativity and better imagination skills.

Japanese Origami and Paper Cutting Techniques: Japanese Origami techniques are perhaps the finest known methods than can enhance your kid's imagination and creativity. In fact, there are thousands of shapes and designs that you can select and choose for your kids. Origami is a fascinating, amazing, interesting and creative art form for your kid, especially when you find origami models that are right and appropriate to their age and intelligence. Not only will your kid develop skills of creativity and imagination, they will also keep themselves busy in learning a new art form that is quite useful in enhancing manual dexterity and coordination skills. Developing concentration and visualization are the other two important factors that your kid can develop after learning the basic techniques of origami. Origami is also very useful ion teaching your kids the importance of sequencing and arranging.

Enjoy your kids as they grow and develop a number of positive and encouraging qualities. Never be a mute spectator while your child is growing and developing his or her personality, especially the art of imagination and creativity.


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