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Brain Fitness Exercises for Your Children - Brain Fitness Training

By Andrew Loh

Physical exercises like walking, playing field games, jumping and climbing can help both adults and children improve and enhance their level of body fitness. Regular exercises will assist you maintain your body weight and manage good health. Physical fitness is essential to everyone including your children. Brain exercises are as critical and important as physical ones, if not more. Physical exercises and fitness training will help you keep your body fit, while brain exercises will assist your brain maintain its sharpness and agility.

Why brain train exercises are critical for your children? How do they help them and in what manner they can make your children's brain sharper? Let us go back to the basics of brain. We use our brain and its critical functions as long as we live. When we touch or smell something, our complex nerve system sends out an important message to the brain to evaluate and analyze the perceived sensation. The brain cells start processing billions of complex calculations to check what has just happened. The result is that you will recognize that there is smoothing in front of you that smells sweet or pleasant or even foul. Similarly, when you see something, you will send a request to your brain to check what you have just seen. Brain is too complex, quizzical and challenging to understand. Its invisible role is too difficult to comprehend as well. However, you can put some efforts to make your brain fitter and sharper.

Brain fitness exercises provide a number of benefits to your children. Some of them are as follows:

Note: Brain fitness exercise means stimulating your children's brain and its basic functions.

  • Improve basic brain functions like cognition, thinking and visualization.

  • Protecting the brain against quick decay and decline.

  • Help enhance the basic learning abilities.

  • Assist the brain to organize its and basic functions, so that your children can be very quick in their learning.

  • Help the brain cells to retrieve information from the large database within the shortest possible time.

A brain based learning process is necessary for the normal mental growth. Brain based learning is a special learning program that can keep your children's brain fit and healthy for a long period.

Here are some simple brain exercise games that your children can use every day:

Use flash cards: Playing with flash cards can help children develop their cognition. Colorful picture cards will help your children remember and reproduce events with relative ease.

Playing with colorful blocks and jigsaw patterns: Blocks, patterns and puzzles will help your children streamline their thinking ability. Most of these play toys will be colorful and they will have different shapes, sizes and patterns. Playing with such toys will help your children enhance eye-muscle-mental coordination. Better cognition comes, when your children master the art of recognizing shapes, patterns and sizes of the play toys along with their color and shades.

Word search games: For older children, word search games could keep their brain fit. Apart from developing memory power, your children will also learn basic vocabulary, which in turn develops language skills.

Use both sides of the body: We are trained to use just one side of the brain; most of us are right brained and we need considerable efforts to use both sides of the brain. Train your children to use non-dominant side of their body, like non dominant hand or leg. If your children are left-handed, ask them to use their right hand also.

The game of treasure hunt: Outfield sport events like treasure hunt will help your children develop thinking, visualization and cognition. This famous game involves solving tricky problems by providing equally tricky solutions. It also demands your children search for an object that is hidden somewhere in a safe place. Your children will also need to visualize the place where the object is hidden.

Obstacle course games: Obstacle games like carrying lemon on a spoon kept inside your children's mouth will help them learn how to coordinate their body and mind.

While brain fit or train exercises are immensely beneficial, they can be extremely joyous too. Make sure that they become a daily part in your children's lives. The benefits that your children derive from them could be huge, while the brain fitness achieved will be phenomenal. Make sure that your children adapt them to their daily lives just like any other daily chore, like eating food or drinking milk. Brain exercises will empower your children with a special mental ability that will eventually help them achieve academic excellence and professional perfection.

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