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The Magic of Slow Parenting - Freeing Up Family Time and Eradicating Parenting Stress

By Andrew Loh

Slow parenting is the buzz word of the day. Also known as free-range parenting, slow parenting is a parenting method when children are allowed their own time and freedom to think and grow by themselves, check the events around them, explore the world, and make their own well-informed decisions. Parents help them to learn by observations, through practical experiences and try to avoid a theoretical approach of parenting. In traditional parenting, the mother assumes the responsibility of raising children with love and care while in the slow parenting technique, fathers take the charge to teach and train children to learn in a responsible way.

The technical term “slow” is not treated in a literary sense, rather parents should understand that slow parenting is all about doing everything at a well-measured and proper speed and infuse quality over quantity. It is the quality of learning that matters and not the quantity. Family connections are made which eventually help parents remain in the presence of children although at leisure and freedom.

Slow parents are very intelligent and smart and they are capable enough to keep the family schedule under tight check so that all in the family gets enough time to reflect on their mind and thoughts and learn at a leisurely pace. Slow parenting does not mean that children are allowed to do whatever they want and wish. Parents would never bend their back to please their children. Instead, they allow their children to work out to know who they are and what their responsibilities are. They are also allowed to think and act on what they want to become in their life.

Parents should understand that they are not parenting to create a wonderful product that does whatever they say and utter. In other words, parents should not create a child that acts like a robot that dances to their tunes. Rather, children should be allowed enough freedom and independence to think about them and act on their own conscience to learn more about life, its mysteries and intricacies. In nutshell, slow parenting deals with the principle of raising children at their own pace without parents losing their mind and develop tension and stress.

Advantages of Slow Parenting

  • Parents can make their children smart, intelligent and self-reliant. In the process, they become more of their needs and requirements and learn how to work to fulfill them.

  • Children will develop and develop more self-confidence.

  • They will also know, learn and understand about the big world that lies beyond their cozy ambiance of home. Children are exposed to new vistas and difficult situations almost every day.

  • Children will develop more creative power and imagination to become intelligent citizens. They also explore the world beyond their home and find out ways to solve difficult problems.

  • Children will become freer in their mind and they will develop their own sweet time to study and lead a life of contentment.

  • They will be less stressful and more active in their home and out of it. In other words, they know how to detox their mind to get rid of bad thoughts and negative mindset.

  • Parents will also become less stressful, and they will be at their peace of mind too.

Disadvantages of Slow Parenting

  • If allowed too much freedom, children may end up in undesirable company. Some children may take their freedom as granted and they may even use it to develop bad habits.

  • Children may not know how to handle risky and dangerous situations in the initial stages. They even experience very bad situations which might break their mind and resolve.

  • Free children are prone to lose their way in the big world of competition. They are also left with innumerable choices and options which they might find very difficult to pick and use.

  • Everything cannot be left for fathers alone. It might be bad at times. Mother's intervention is also needed sometimes.

Slow parenting is a new age thinking and technique that needs utmost care and attention. When this technique is used, parents should always keep a tight watch on their children to know what they are doing in their classroom and during free time. In other words, a leash is always required to keep their children under invisible check. However, when slow parenting works, it could be the best form of parenting in the world as it will create additional time for the family that could eventually used for more productive work and chore. You might want to read Slow Parenting - Leisurely, yet Effective and Productive!


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