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Child Brain Training - Is It a Myth or Reality?

By Andrew Loh

Sometime ago, brain research was still in its infant stage. It was a big mystery for researchers too. Scientists and researchers tried hard to learn and understand in what manner brain functions work in children's brain and what drives their brain while developing several important skills. Decades of dedicated research on child brain and learning could reveal several stunning and informative details that eventually formed a basis for training children's brain to learn in an optimal manner, and to learn various brain skills those are so required for leading a productive life.

Past and present brain research led to the discovery of many new things. Apart from their theoretical usefulness, they also helped educators and teachers to devise brand new strategies and techniques to train children brain to enhance its utility value. Of late, hundreds of curriculum developers are creating newer strategies to train children brain.

However, many skeptics still believe that children brain training is more of myth than real-life reality. Some of the reasons attributed by them are as follows:

  • Human brain can develop to only the maximum extent as permitted and allowed by nature.

  • No one can fiddle with nature and change the destiny of a person especially his or her intelligence and IQ.

  • Many people still believe that the techniques and methods prescribed will never work in case of children.

However, the reasons and causes explained by brain researchers and scientists are far more valid and applicable than the ones expressed by skeptics. If you ask any child brain expert whether brain training for children is a myth, he or she would tell it is not and later provide several compelling reasons for the practical usefulness of brain training. Here are some of the valid reasons that make the foundation of brain training for young children.

1) Human brains are unusual organs and are great tools of resilience and tenacity. They can easily adapt and construct when it is healthy. Human brain is ever active right from the birth to the old age when slow decaying starts to affect it. In addition, brain cells keep finding ways and means to re-index and re-organize its pathways to keep the entire brain active and working. In other words, brain is never a sleeping organ because it is alive even when someone is sleeping. You can use this principle to train your children to make their brain smarter and livelier.

2) All cognitive and learning skills that arise from human brain depend on the efficiency of these information highways those designed and built by using brain cells. Human IQ is a direct result of these cognitive functions and these skills quantify the how efficiently one would process available information to fine-tune different areas of brain.

3) Brain can never stop and it can never be static. It keeps thinking, sort out data and information, index it according to priorities, form a basket of short and long time memory pool, retrieve information as and when necessary, develop cognitive skills based on the information available, grow in a manner that is appropriate to the body and perform hundreds of functions at the same time. It means that you can brain train your children when they are young and studying in preschools.

The curious factor of “neuro-plasticity”

One of the amazing factors that relate to brain training is the factor of “neuro-plasticity”. With this amazing ability, human brain would be able to do the following:

  • Adapt to new situations and scenarios.

  • Design and develop newer problem strategies and techniques.

  • Re-route and create newer brain pathways when some of them fail due to some reasons.

Note: However, all these are possible only when a child undergoes proper brain training. The human brain works on the principle of “use, adapt and deploy” when it is subjected to consistent use during the early age of a child. With consistent use of brain functions, children can easily enhance its capacity to process, index, retrieve, organize and eventually learn in an effective manner.

The ultimate secrets to enhance brain functions and fine-tune different cognitive functions are as follows:

  • Subject children brain to thoughtful brain training exercises to make them sharper and smarter.

  • Introduce brain training schedule to in a way that matches classroom lessons.

  • Loading, sequencing and timed brain train exercises are extremely useful in sharpening a child's cognitive skills.

Brain training for preschoolers and school-going children is never a myth. With advanced training regimen and techniques, a myth could easily be turned into a big reality. In this regard, parents may want to learn and master techniques of child brain training.


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