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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


The Unique Challenges of Raising a Smarter Kid

Raising a socially responsible and intelligent kid could be a daunting task and a strenuous exercise. It is very common to see parents struggling to raise their kids in way that is good and satisfactory for them as well as their kids. All parents want their kids to be very smart and intelligent. They also want their kids grow healthier and talented like all other children. It is possible for all parents to make their kids smarter and intelligent by providing their children an ambience that is conducive for optimal growth.

Gifted or talented children are those kids whose innate abilities, capacities, talents and potentials are so amazing that they place the kid far apart from his or her peers. Giftedness, in theory, means having an IQ of 120 or more, accompanied by excellent performance in any the following critical areas like:

  • General intellectual capability,

  • Enhanced academic excellence,

  • Creative and gifted thinking,

  • Leadership and organizational ability, and/or

  • Artistic and extracurricular ability.

The first important challenge that you could face while raising your kid is to detect and identify areas, where your kid has an inbuilt talent to perform or deliver the best. More often, parents simply fail to recognize their kid's talents and skills. As a parent, you may wish to start finding ways to identify your kid's hidden talents and skills. Some young children are exceptionally talented and scholastically brilliant, and these kids always perform better in their academics. On the other hand, a number of other children are those livewire types of kids, who are always on the move, by leading their counterparts either in games or a particular extracurricular activity. A number of kids could be extraordinary in some artistic talents like drawing, painting or even singing.

To identify the hidden talent in your kid, you will need to observe and watch his or her activities for some time. Once you feel that you have the right answer, your goal must focus at encouraging your kid to develop and streamline the innate talent and skills to the maximum possible extent.

However, developing talent and skills in your kid is an extraordinary task and a tough exercise. Raising intelligence and smartness in your kid is also a two-way process, where, you are the actual partner in progress. How do you make your child smart and intelligent? There are a number of rules that you can set up in your home while raising higher-achieving kids. Also, understand that you are also learning a number of new skills and tricks, in the course of making your kids smarter and intelligent.

Here are some general tips that will help you in raising your kid with a higher intelligence and better IQ:

Note: Just remember that you are the mentor who is trying hard to make your kid smart and intelligent. Ensure that you are willing to walk that extra length!

Tip #1: Willing to walk along with your kid

Your kid is your first priority! Kids always need to feel very confident that you are there for them whenever there is a real need. You will need to be compassionate, cooperative and kind to your kid, while she or he is learning. In your quest to make your child smarter, you may wish to give full time, energy and strength.

Tip #2: Set up an environment that encourages learning

Smart kids continue to learn with you, when you provide the right type of atmosphere. You can involve in your child's learning process by providing freedom to initiate and learn activities and goals that occur within a safe and secure environment that:

  • Tries to limit distracting media like TV and Radio

  • Encourages or cajoles reading habits

  • Permits play only after the assigned work is carried out

  • Attempts to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere

Tip #3: Showering Praise and Love

The one important and successful factor of very successful parent, who raises a smart kid, is his or her unconditional love for the kid. Your heart should guide you in your attempt to raise a smart kid! Praise, encouragement, rewards, love and affection are the essential ingredients for a successful parenting.

Tip $4: Involve your kid in brain enhancing activities

Smart kids are extremely efficient in projecting their common sense and problem solving skills. As a parent, you may wish to provide your kid various, challenging activities that promote problem solving skills, as well as enhance spatial and logical thinking. Games and activities that encourage and promote such activities will not only promote intelligence, but also encourage your child's brainpower. Riddles, simple quizzes, activity games, board games, playing with geometrical shapes or patterns and building activities help your child to imbibe logical, spatial, cognitive and muscular skills. Playing a leadership based games will also assist your kid to know more about organizational skills.

Possibilities of raising a smart and intelligent kid are numerous and diverse. Whatever you do, just remember that you will need to set up an ambience that is conducive for your kid. Raising a smart kid is not different than parenting any child. Loving and caring for your child are the most important additives for raising a smarter and intelligent kid.


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