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Best Brain Food for Children - Brainy Recipes (Part I)

By Andrew Loh

Elders believe that intelligence starts right from your kitchen. You are what you eat and drink. Your intelligence is what you feed your brain. Your ability to learn relates directly to the type of nutrients you consume through your food. It means that food is the necessity for building better brains among your children. Most parents try to feed their children with the best of food and drinks. However, they may still miss some vital nutrients those are so necessary for optimum brain growth (Read Brain Food for your Child here).

Both brain performance and mental intelligence relate to each other. Mental intelligence is the direct precursor to brain performance. Past and present research show that it is possible to enhance brain intelligence by feeding your children with highest quality diet that includes all essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. More often, most children do not eat well nor do they like their lunch boxes because of the monotony that is attached to the food.

Parents may like to add a small twist to the good items they prepare for their children. It is possible to create a wholesome and nutritious menu that enhances their brainpower. A subtle change in the recipe may work wonders to your children. Whatever the menu you create, you may need to remember one rule - that the recipe you use, should include all the necessary ingredients that ensure optimum brain functions.

The three important brain functions that need vast improvements are memory, cognition and mental alertness or concentration. Just as building physical body is important, parents should pay their attention towards enhancing the above-mentioned brain functions. Here are some simple food ideas to create wonderful, brain-building recipes to help your children develop their brain functions to their optimum best.

Note: Any recipe you prepare may include some or a combination of many of the following food ingredients - eggs, nuts, different fruits and vegetables, milk products, cereals, seeds and pulses, meat, fish, whole and prepared grains, soybeans and mineral/vitamin supplements.

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is possibly the most important item in a child's daily life. A wholesome breakfast ensures better brain functions related to memory retention and cognition. In addition, it also provides the much-needed hydration to sustain the daily rigors of classroom and keep the energy levels of the body high throughout the day. A vital vitamin like Choline is very critical for enhancing memory functions in children. Any breakfast recipe that is copiously rich with this item will help your children develop better memory functions. Simple breakfast recipe suggestions:

Recipe #1

A glass of orange juice (fresh fruit squeezed and enriched with a sprinkle of glucose power), scrambled egg mass with mashed vegetables and peanut butter. Serve it over slices of wholegrain toasts.


A glass of enriched milk and a thrilling wrap containing scrambled eggs, salsa and Monterrey Jack cheese and served over high fiber wheat bread or wrap.

Recipe #3

French toast added with little cinnamon, dry nuts and milk added to the egg batter. Supplement with a glass of milk shake.

Recipe #4

Delicious berry smoothie with scrambled eggs is a nice idea. Use fruits like banana, frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries for added taste. You can mix the paste win a glass of milk sprinkled with a dash of sugar.

Recipe #5

Oatmeal porridge with milk and generously sprinkled with dry nuts, raisins, fresh fruit pieces like strawberry, raspberry and banana. Combine this with scrambled egg or whole-wheat toasts.

Recipe #6

Delicious sandwich made from egg and vegetables. Fry some green and tuberous vegetables together and sprinkle pieces of red pepper and mushrooms. Mash egg yolk from two eggs and cook the mixture for 2 minutes. Create grain pitta with a small later of sliced tomatoes, green vegetable leaves and cheese. Use the pitta pocket to fold the omelets sandwich. Serve warm along with a glass of milk.

Recipe #7

Use toasted wholegrain pitta bread along with humus. Add vegetable pieces, a dash of yogurt and sweetened berries like strawberry of raspberry. Supplement with a glass of milk.

You can use hundreds of different types of ingredients to prepare breakfast. Make sure that the kind of breakfast you serve is energetic and tasteful. If your children demand more, you could also give them normal breakfast that you and your spouse eat. Be ready to change the recipe as and when needed depending on the availability of time. Readymade breakfast cereal preparations are the most common breakfast types in homes. You can think of substituting them occasionally with new recipes. Continue to read Best Brain Food for Children - Brainy Recipes (Part II)!


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