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Boosting IQ in Your Children - Simple Tips and Practical Suggestions

By Andrew Loh

Children IQ (intelligent quotient) is a scientifically based evaluation of intelligence pooled after conducting a series of standard tests that are designed to measure three specific abilities - problem solving, spatial vision and imagery, native memory and general knowledge. Recent research studies have revealed that it is possible to enhance and boost IQ in your children. However, there might be a limitation to the extent to which you enhance IQ in children. Although you are not going to create a super child, you can still create an individual that can stand up on his or her own legs and compete with the best in the world.

Boosting IQ in children involves a series of techniques that range from supplying brain building foods to motivating children to achieve the best in their classroom. What works for a child may not work for the other. However, many of the techniques listed in the following articles might act as great tools to enhance IQ values. Here are some of the well-known techniques for you to try at your home:

Helping children when they are young

Children are children, after all! They are tender, innocent, developing and still trying to understand the complex world around them. In fact, the external world is too harsh for them. It is a well-known truth that external environment plays a great role in shaping up brain activities and abilities. Parents may wish to help and motivate their children when they are still young. Most of the cognitive abilities usually appear with active parental support.

Pre-school enrolment and activities

Again, it is an established fact that pre-school enrolment might help children develop and streamline their emotional and mental IQ values. Pre-school stay offers a series of great benefits like better cognition development, stimuli to enhance intelligence, problem solving skills and better social interaction techniques. Preschools that offer basic language sessions are more likely to contribute to enhancement in IQ values to the tune of 5 points. In other words, when children are exposed to varied social situations, their emotional and mental IQ values tend to go up as they learn how to relate existing situations to solve problems and search for practical solutions.

Early perceptual development

Body perception is possibly the most important tool that can enhance IQ development in young children. Body perception involves five different senses - taste, smell, touch, sound and sight. Children, who are exposed to these senses at an early age, are more likely to possess better IQ scores. When you expose your children to these five senses, you are showing them the world that exists as it is and around them.

Here are some ways that you can use to expose your children to different senses:

Taste and smell - Exposing your children to tastes of brain building foods could be a great way to train your children to enhance their IQs. Here are some foods that you can expose your children to enhance IQ values:

  • DHA fortified eggs, fresh yogurt, small portions of salon and fatty fishes, small portions of poultry meat, milk and milk products.

  • Low glycemic foods like bran cereals, oat meal, barley, whole wheat bread, pulses and low fat content cooking oils.

  • Iron and calcium fortified food items: Iron fortified cereals and bran, dark leafy vegetables, beans, soybean extracts, meat, breakfast bars containing low fat and high protein additives, Calcium supplements through eggs and medications. Sufficient iron can boost learning, memory, and attention.

  • Supplements of vitamins and trace minerals: These are essential for streamlining activities of different enzymes in the body and to fine tune brain development.

  • Vegetables and fruits: Berries, dry fruits, nuts, dates, brightly colored fruits like tangerine, orange, mango, papaya, pineapple, green vegetables and other vegetables will help boost memory power, enhance cognition and improve anti-oxidant production in the body.

Touch - Early touch and holding of infants at least for six hours in a day is known to create a deep emotional bond between mother and the child. Deep emotional bond means better emotional IQ development which is as critical and important as mental IQ. Close touch is also very powerful as it will add a sense of security to the child. It can rejuvenate it to grow without support at a later date.

Sound - Sound and an ability to hear properly is an extremely important ability in a child's life. Sounds are the most important stimulus in a child's life even before it is used to train children for speech and communication. Sounds' emanating from a baby's tender throat is the natural tool to converse with the mother. Sound is two way traffic and it is should be mutually beneficial. A mother should talk to her child as many times as possible in a day. Mothers can rest assured that their children too will talk to them in the same exciting tone that they talk to them although it is just “sound” in nature. Sound can come in many forms. It can be just a round of dialogue. It can come though teachers teaching lessons to children in classroom. It can even be music and nursery rhymes that are known to boost memory and cognition in children. An early introduction to audible communication, music and oral story recitation is known to boost IQ at least by five points.

Sight - Sight and vision is as important as sound. Proper sight and keen observation to watch things that happen around us offer tremendous opportunities to develop IQ and cognition. Children are known to respond well to auditory stimulation before visual. However, it is always better to supplement auditory stimulus with sight and vision so that children may learn at an accelerated pace.

Socio-emotional development

Although it starts very early in life, it is at best very rudimentary. Children always need additional impetus to boost emotional development which in turn can help children developmental IQ in a significant way. Mothers should engage in s face-to-face play with their children to aid in emotional development. Plenty of human contact is needed for optimal social development.

Motor development

Motor development is an essential developmental milestone in a child's life as it develops a series of other abilities which are listed here:

Oral motor skills - To develop feeding and language skills

Pre-hension skills - This skill comes of use for reaching for objects and grasping for them.

Locomotors skills - These skills will help children crawl on the floor, sit on it and later walk with their own effort.

There are a series of other motor development skills that can enhance a series of abilities that are mandatory for optimum IQ development. Bring home toys and play-sets that help children learn, understand and explore which eventually lead to an all-round brain development. Continue to read Boosting IQ in Your Children - Simple Tips and Practical Suggestions.


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