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Developing the Right Type of Attitude in Children - Right Attitude is a Precursor to Success in Life

By Andrew Loh

According to, “attitude is disposition, feeling or position with regard to a person or thing, or a tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: a negative or positive attitude; group attitudes.

Attitude is an important attribute in our life. Without the right kind of attitude, you can never achieve anything in life. Attitude is also an important precursor to future success in life. It is also an energizer to achieve greater things in life. Attitude is everything for a successful life. Many a great things have been achieved with right kind of attitude. In essence, attitude is an essence of life. Attitude is very critical for everyone including young children.

Unfortunately, many parents presume that the character of attitude develops only when their children reach their teen age. They also believe that training their children for better attitude is not so necessary especially when they are in their sub-10 year's age. Sadly, these perceptions are false and they may hinder their children's normal growth and development. Instances of bad or disappointing attitudes start occurring right when children are in their young age (less than 10 years). Bad attitude displays are clearly visible in young children provided when parents choose to look at them.

Display of bad attitude starts in very smaller increments those are annoying and disappointing. These negative actions could be a dissenting tone, dismal mannerisms, annoying rebuttal of facts, defying of parental orders. Unfortunately, parents usually treat such incidents as passing phases and decide to forgive their children. However, such leniency could boomerang on parents themselves may suffer as their children continue displaying more aggressive instances of bad attitudes.

Children with bad or disappointing attitude usually appear in many forms, among all children and sexes. Such children could be rich or poor or they may live in a rural area or in a busy town. If you allow your children to develop dismal attitude without trying to correct them, these bad attitudes may prosper and grow. When children feel that there is no one to resist them or their behavior, they might feel superior and start behaving in an utterly misbehaving manner.

There are many reasons for children showing bad attitude. Some of them are as follows:

Synthesis of destructive thinking: At times, some children may develop destructive thinking when they are still young. Bad attitude and destructive behavior always go hand in hand. If parents fail to control such behavior, their children are more likely to develop bad habit.

Ambiance at home: The general environment at home is an important factor in deciding whether a child would develop bad attitude. If the ambiance at home is depressive and negative, it is more likely that it would cast a negative influence on children's attitude.

Excessive criticism and scolding from parents: Excessive criticism and scolding is dangerous for children and it is a bad parenting method too. Excessive criticism may snatch a child's ability to think and behave in an affable manner.

Negative parental approach: If parents were negative in their parenting, their children too would be negative in their approach, behavior and attitude. Negativity always breeds negative characters and bad attitude is one among them.

No or lack of freedom: Children always need certain amount of freedom to develop their own personality. When children use available free time with their own activities, they develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Enhanced self-esteem always means better attitude and a courageous outlook. Excessive parental control is detrimental to your children's mental health.

Over protection of children: Over protection and a denial to provide, freedom to your children is always counter-productive and dangerous. Over protecting children may lead to a total loss of self-confidence, courage, will power and a synthesis of fear factor. The last issue is very critical to growing children because when they develop fright and fear in their outlook, they will lose their self-esteem that eventually leads to bad attitude.

Genetic and psychological problems: A display of bad attitude could also be a result of genetics. If there are some inherited genetic problems, a child may display very bad mannerism, attitude and an undisciplined outlook.

Parents are the vital links to their children defying behavior and average attitude. Occasional display of disrespectful could be tolerated to certain extent. However, parents should never tolerate uncontrolled and repetitious display of bad attitude from their children. Most of the time, many parents may not have the required control over their children's bad attitude. If parents fail to control it by nixing in the bud itself, children might even take over their parents with highly demanding and annoying behavior.

The next article " Practical Tips to Develop the Right Type of Attitude in Children - Right Attitude is a Precursor to Success in Life" provides you innumerable tips on training your children to display better attitude in front of their peers, elders and friends.


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