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The Power of Optimum Motivation

By Andrew Loh

Today's world is increasingly becoming more competitive and confusing for your child to show an optimum performance, be it in the classroom or in a sports hall. The intense pressure to perform far above their abilities and expectations may make your kid loose interest in everything. It is critically so in a school where the pull and twists of tests and exam results may hold the kid to an unfair ransom. As parents, we may try our level best to support, lead and guide or encourage our kids to display the best of their talents and skills. To ask our kids to do the right thing could be very difficult given the fragile state of mind they undergo in a highly pressurized world. To make them perform better in their life, we may need to encourage and motivate them on a consistent basis.

Here are some workable suggestions and tips to help motivate your kid to perform both in studies as well as other sundry activities:

Teach Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm makes the difference! If your child is enthusiastic about his or her life, it is possible to show inclination to achieve the best in life. Whenever you child becomes successful in achieving a small goal, have fun with her or him to celebrate the event. Show enthusiasm to edge your kid to go for the next goal in the series.

Teach Positive Character: The power of a positive mind can make a person achieve anything in life. A positive mind is capable of reaching any type of goalpost within the shortest possible time. Make your child understand that a failure is just an event and that it is a brief stopover enroot to the path of success. You will be doing the greatest service if you are making your kid feel positive about his or her intrinsic capabilities.

Boost and Encourage Self Belief and Self Esteem: When you assign a task to your child, encourage your kids by saying something positive about the task. Leave them to finish their task and never bother them unless they really need something. Once they complete an assigned task, they will start feeling extremely positive and comfortable about future tasks that are more difficult and time sensitive.

Accept and Understand their Difficulties: Kids often find doing work very tedious, laborious and time consuming. As a parent, you will need to understand their difficulties and problems. Helping them to overcome these problems will make them confident and bold which eventually enhances their self images and self esteem.

Teach Kids How to Take Control: This is probably the most important and difficult stage of your child's life. Taking control means having a tight control on our life, on what we do, how we do things, the ways in which we interact with crises and the mode in which we try to solve any type of problems. Your child must reach a sensible goal by himself or herself. Help only if necessary! Help them to take control over various processes of reaching a substantial goal.

Make them Learn How to Solve Problems: Problems could be really annoying especially when they remain unsolved. Kids get impatient and angry when they are unable to solve a specific problem. Solving problems also means getting there by using a workable short cut in the quickest possible time. If you find that your kid is struggling while solving problems provide him or her range of clues on how to solve the problem.

The Power of Choices: Some kids will not work and reach their goals even after sitting down with them for a long time. The reasons for this inactivity could be your kid's wavering concentration and preoccupation with some other things which are often a big distraction. It makes sense to provide intelligent choices to your kid about when they do things and the place where they would like to work.

As a parent, your essential duty is to empower your kid with a range of positive characters and traits that will lead and guide him or her to reach the goalpost all the while learning how to solve a specific problem. Motivating your kid to perform better in class and elsewhere is itself a big task. Ensure that you are motivating your kid to perform better in any sphere of life, especially school and other activities.


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