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Why your Kid Needs the Best Type of Learning Toys?

By Andrew Loh

"Baby learning toys are the ultimate tools to make them smart and intelligent"

Now that you understand the importance of learning toys, you may really wonder what the most practical learning toys for your baby are. Before you buy any one of those useful toys, you may also ask: Do they really work for me? Above all, do these learning toys have the ability to make my kid really smarter and intelligent? If you are asking these sensitive questions, the answer is YES! They do work for your kids and they have the ability to provide your child an opportunity to develop a score of important developmental parameters.

Available research and development reports suggest that a number of learning toys have the ability to give the baby's brain a big start in develop a number skills and techniques. The importance of learning toys in the developmental stages of your child has different manifestations. Do you wish to know why choosing the right type of learning toys for your kid is important?

Tip: Your baby's brain develops and enhances its abilities more during the infant stages than at any other time of growth; in fact, baby's brain actually grows almost double in its volume and it reaches almost 60% of its size at an adult stage just in one year.

While growing, your baby's brain develops by multiplying highly critical neurons that eventually help the brain to think and act in a productive manner. With age a system of neuron network forms that helps in absorbing a range of cognitive and motor skills.

Thus, the most important thing to consider here is:

The more stimulation your baby receives or gets will end up in an increased nerve network in the brain. An increase in the efficiency of neuron network will lead to better brain development. Better brain development also means smarter and intelligent personality for your kid.

Brain can develop its neuron network only by enhancing or optimizing a series of crucial senses like:

  • Hearing and listening

  • Seeing and observing

  • Tasting

  • Smelling

  • Touching and feeling

Tip: When you baby develops these five different senses, your baby will get smarter and intelligent with increasing age.

As a parent you should try to provide all available opportunities to help you kid develop the above mentioned parameters. This when one can realize the importance of learning toys in the life of your child. Educational toys provide ample opportunities for your kid provide a multi-sensory stimulation and impetus to a growing brain.

Good and the right type of learning toys can help your child in the following manner:

The sense of sight: Your young baby has a pair of very immature eyes. In fact, your infant baby can just recognize contracting color with black and white as the preferred colors. As your baby develops, he or she starts enjoying very bright and vivid primary colors. Thus, you may wish to buy learning toys that are very bright and vivid in color to help develop better vision.

Tactile sense: The sense of touch is very critical for any child, especially in the pre-school years. Your baby will develop a habit of touching everything that comes into his or her contact. Providing learning toys that provide textures and shapes will help stimulate touching senses. Touching and exploring is a way to help your baby develop a range of sensory perceptions.

The sense of sound: Though your baby's hearing ability is very immature in the first 6 months, he or she can still listen to some basic forms of sounds. Music sounds can help soothe your baby's basic brain. Musical clippings can also help your baby's brain develop neurons and their intricate networks.

Tips for choosing the right type of learning toys:

Manufacturers of learning toys recognize the importance of different senses in the development of baby's personality. Thus, most of the well known toy makers make it a point to include a number of features that enhances different senses. Good learning toys will contain the following features:

  • Bright primary colors to enhance the perception of sight.

  • Different types of textures and patterns to develop the perception of touch and exploration.

  • Variety of sounds to help develop the ability to follow and recognize sounds.

When you understand the importance of these principles, you can easily buy the right type of learning toys for your kid. This will eventually result in purchasing the most influential types of learning toys apart from saving lot of money on irrelevant and useless toys.


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