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Brain building toys based on different skills - Part II

By Andrew Loh

Baby brain development also involves a gradual enhancement of other skills like cognition, logical, reasoning, visualization and imagination skills. Truly speaking, most of the toys help children promote one or the other skills those are mentioned above. No single toy can enhance all the necessary skills and abilities. However, some of them are capable of developing a combination of many skills and abilities. Here is a brief list of toys and play sets that can build your child's brain and help streamline many skills.

Noah's ABC Stacking Blocks - 10 Nesting Blocks

These simple, yet thoughtful stacking blocks are colorful and attractive for play. These blocks contain many Noah's pictures, which when placed in an order, will result in arranged alphabets in order. These are visible on the other three sides as well. One of the most significant aspects of this play set is its challenging nature, as your child will need to reach out to place all the blocks on top of one another.

Benefits: These stacking blocks will introduce your child to size, patterns and space relationships. It also helps in imaginative play and reasoning. When your child stretches out to place the blocks, he or she will also get the required physical exercise.



Cat Pyramid Stacking Toy

This amazing toy helps your baby learn basic skills and techniques like recognizing shapes and forms. It is non-toxic and safe for your children. With a pack of crinkles and several rings of different colors, this toy invites your child to play with it and enjoy the learning process. One of the cat's paws can make a crinkling sound, while the other makes a squeaking sound.

Benefits: This basic toy stimulates baby's visual, auditory and tactile senses. It also develops a sense for touch and movement. This toy acts as a soft exercising tool to keep the muscle within the fingers and hands in perfect health.




Big Buzz E. Bee with Textures and Noises by early ears

This texture toy is a lovely little plaything! It is smooth, textured, contour-rich, colorful and vibrant. This bee has many contours, patterns and shapes within its body. It also has many sounds to explore. It includes wings with crinkling sound, a squeaker nose and tiny rattle handle as well.

Benefits: Its soft and contoured shape makes your children learn sight, auditory and tactile sensory skills. In addition, the contoured structure also develops basic cognition.




Melissa and Doug First Shapes Jumbo

A large and beautiful wooden puzzle play tool, it has a colorful shape and pattern to display. This play set  has a half-inch thick piece that allows your baby to play with puzzle. The knobs housed in the structure will aid your child explore the Jumbo and learn a series of skills.

Benefits: This play set helps your children develop matching skills and enhance recognition ability. In addition, they will also be able to control their motor organs. Other skills developed by using this toy are those related to vision and touch.




Baby Gund My Day: My Day

It is an exciting board book for your children. The Baby Gund board helps your children learn many new skills, techniques and methods that eventually build the brain in the best way possible. Brilliantly colored images and illustrations also help your baby learn a number of visual skills.

Benefits: This board-set streamlines the learning process of new words and meanings. Its excellent design ensures the refinement of visual and imagination skills. Other areas of improvement is spatial and logical thinking.




Disk Clutching Toy and Rattle

It is small, tiny and powerful. Despite its size, it is powerful enough to help your child become intuitive and predictive. It is very easy to handle, hold and play. It is colorful and textured. It also makes sweet sounds. It is safe for everyday play. Its safe paint makes it very secure for daily play. Your baby can easily hold the toy with its smooth and safe handle.

Benefits: The most significant aspect of this toy is its ability to enhance cognition, motor organ efficiency and streamlining of tactile and touch skills. By using this toy, your baby can toughen the muscular structure within the hands.




Symphony-in-Motion Deluxe Remote Control Mobile

This award-winning toy is famous for its practical utility. A complete tool emits classical tunes from Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. It provides four different types of motions to help the baby learn basic sense of sound and music. Your baby can hold the mobile with her tiny hands and make the toy emit soothing sounds.

Benefits: The first important benefit of using this toy is an increased ability to use hands and fingers; in other words, it helps in strengthening the motor organs apart from developing cognition. Visual and auditory abilities/skills will also be enhanced, while the baby will enhance spatial thinking power, as the gently moving mobile will fine-tune it's nerve pathways.




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