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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


Boosting Your Child's Imagination and Creativity

By Andrew Loh

To become a person of substance and stature, one will need to develop several critical and biologically important characters. A person now was a child before! Children learn several attitudes, characters and skills right from the childhood days. Of all the important skills and characters, imagination and creativity are two of the most critical skills involved with the evolution of a person.

An imaginative person is the one who can see or foresee many events much before others do. A child, who is imaginative, can succeed in his or her life both in personal and professional life. Imagination is a critical personal ability or character that has varied influences on the manner and way in which your children think and act. Mind you, some of the greatest inventions, discoveries and personal accomplishment of arts and science have been the result of sheer curiosity, imagination and creativity. The word “imagination” took its form from Latin word, “imaginari” which means an image or a picture or an illustration.

The University of Chicago has published wonderful literature in imagination. According to the University, “imagination is considered "a power of the mind", "a creative faculty of the mind", "the mind" itself when in use, and a "process" of the mind used for thinking, scheming, contriving, remembering, creating, fantasizing, and forming opinion.” On the other hand, WikiAnswers provide a different explanation for the word imagination. According to that web site, “imagination is the ability to conceive (think about) a concept solely within the mind, and not by observation or interaction with anything physical. It is the driving force behind all human advancement, because it allows humans to think of things that do not exist, at least not at the time they are imagined.”

Imagination allows your children plenty of freedom to work on their own ideas and interests. When your child develops this character, they can probe, expand, evaluate and explore the world around them. With the information so gathered, they can apply its principles to create a systematic or orderly idea for their future life.

Like the power of imagination, creativity is yet another skill that your children will need to develop in their childhood. According to Dr. Robert E. Franken, creativity is defined as the “tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

Obviously, both imagination and creativity offer several advantages and benefits that can help your children achieve excellence in their life. As a parent, you might never think how the power of imagination benefits your children. It helps your children:

Develop social skills and intelligence: With imagination, your children can explore the latent relationship among different members of the family and others, to learn each member act and pretend. Different child plays and pretend games can help them learn the basics of social skills in a manner that lays a very strong foundation for future growth.

Enhance the power of self-confidence: Young children may not have full control over their daily life. The power of imagination can help your children develop and enhance self confidence. Self confidence will push your children towards stardom.

Boost and promote intellectual growth: Imagination acts like a seed to boost abstract thinking and thought processing. Abstract thinking can promote intellectual growth as well.

Develop linguistic abilities: Pretend play can help your children develop and speak several languages. Better linguistic skills mean the development an attitude of survival anywhere in the world.

Likewise, even creativity plays an important role in acquiring several additional skills and abilities. Creativity leads to artistic expression. Creativity is also an essential aspect of human experience. Creativity can breed an ability to look at things in a different way. Creative expression may help your children in accomplishing many feats and achievements. With creativity, your children can enjoy a number of benefits like:

Create balance and order in life: With creativity, your children can develop an ability to streamline a well-balanced life. Every human must have a well-organized life.

Treat both bad and good experiences with an equal measure: A child who has the ability to see things in a creative way will be immune to both sad and happy events of life. He or she can develop an ability to treat all spheres of life in an equitable manner.

Achieve excellence in classroom: A child who is creative always excels in fine arts, science, painting and modeling. These are the practical aspects of life, those are mandatory for classroom success.

The power of imagination and creativity are the two important pillars of life. Without these noble skills and attributes, a person may not reach the full potential that he or she is supposed to achieve. These important skills also play an important role in your children's intellectual and brain growth and development. Continue to read Acquiring Imagination and Creative Skills - Simple Parental Techniques and Methods


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