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Time Management Tips for Children

By Andrew Loh

Time is the most precious commodity! You can never retrieve back time when it is gone past you. Time is slippery too. "Time waits for no body" - that is what the great singer Freddy Mercury sang in one of his greatest songs. Time is free. However, it is extremely valuable. You can never own it. Nevertheless, you can use it freely. You can never keep it. However, you can spend it. In the end, you can never get it back once you lose it. These are the words of ancient wisdom!

Time is important for everyone including your children. If they do not know how to spend their time judiciously, they may face serious problems in their adult life. All children should learn how to manage their time when they are young because they will be laying a strong foundation for their future success. Time management is a challenging domain. Time management is a group of rigid principles, skills, knowledge, practices and proven systems that operate in conjunction to help your children squeeze more out of the available time. When you children know how to manage their time, they will be improving the quality of their life.

Managing one's time is a confusing issue. Time management is not necessarily finishing a lot of work! Time management is about ensuring right things occur at the right time and it is about doing something that you should do on a priority. With better time management principles, your children will know and understand that there is much more do with their classroom and homework than they could do in the normal course.

Time management has many things to offer to your children:

  • You children will learn how to focus on their classroom lessons and homework.

  • They can easily do more number of tasks and assignments.

  • They will understand that spending all their time on trivial tasks is wasteful and not necessary.

  • Children will learn how to be a good time manager.

  • They will learn how to work on many tasks in less time.

  • They will feel more relaxed and contended.

  • They can use their time in a balanced and fruitful manner.

  • They can also feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after completing many tasks within the allotted time.

Time management primer for children

Training your children to master time management could be a fun-filled activity. Teaching your children for time management has positive benefits for you too. The most important goal of teaching time management is to help you children lead a more productive and contented life. The first important thing to do is to giving them the right and best tools that can simplify their work. To manage time, one should have a good calendar, a desk or wall clock, a to-do/scheduling book and a diary.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of your children

Procrastination is the most dangerous thing in the world. Work postponed today is work postponed forever! Procrastination can stifle your children's academic career. You may want to help your children realize that postponing their work could affect their classroom performance in a significant way. Deadlines should be met with utmost regularity while today's work should be finished today itself.

Daily routine and time management

A regular routine is necessary for proper time management. You may wish to set a particular time and place for homework and entertainment activities. Never ever, allow them to watch TV before they finish homework. You may also fine-tune the schedule to include time for house chores.

Set an example by following effective time management schedule for yourself

Set an example by following the rules of time management so that children can emulate you. Develop the skills of time management and let it percolate to your children. Children always watch you for your behavior and time management skills. Another advantage is that you will learn the art of time management and become a better person.

Teach children how to write a diary and make them learn counting time

You may want to teach your children the art of writing a diary. Show them how to enter notes in diary pages. In addition, you should teach them how to tell time by looking at a watch or clock. Hang an analogue clock on the wall so that your children will learn how to tell the time.

Time management is an intricate skill that your children should master to taste success of life. Time management skills are mandatory requirements for today because they will help your children remain competitive and empowered to face any stiff challenge that they are likely to face in their school or outside. Continue to read Effective Time Management Techniques for Children


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