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Raising a Successful Child Entrepreneur - Steps to Entrepreneurial Stardom

By Andrew Loh

Raising a successful child entrepreneur involves empowering him or her with an array of unique characters. Parents may want to teach their children with the basics of these characters. Before becoming an entrepreneur, one should try to nurture two different types of skills. One relates to the entrepreneurial traits while the other deals with entrepreneurial skills. Here, is what parents can do to empower their children with entrepreneurial traits and skills:


Business is all about achieving something. Achievement comes through hard work. Hard work is possible, when your children work hard. The first important thing that can do to help your children is to highlight the importance of achieving something. You may also like to tell your children the innumerable benefits that come after achieving something.


Persistence and dedication are the cornerstones of success. Both of them are absolute necessities for entrepreneurs. If your children are doing something, they should persist in the set goals and dedicate their efforts to finish it with success.


Successful entrepreneurs are exceptionally talented leaders. Professional business leaders lead their subordinates from the front and guide them to reach their own goals. Children may need to develop this quality right from their childhood. Help them learn the basics of leadership. Take them to a children's leadership camp. Let them attend summer camps to learn the basics of leadership.

Sales techniques

Good sales people could become efficient entrepreneurs. Sales drive business goals. Salesmanship helps entrepreneurs to push their business towards success. One of the best sales techniques that children should learn is to participate in the local fairs and try to sell something. One of the most famous sales techniques is to sell lemonade to people. This is a basic sales technique that helps your children learn the art of interacting with people and selling them the concept of nutritious and tasty lemonade.

Network System

Business is also a system of efficient network. Network could mean different things. Network means a ring of like-minded people. It could also mean a system of supply and demand chain. Whatever it means, you should teach why network of people is extremely valuable in life. With a good network, your children can achieve the impossible. Ask them to create their own network in their school. Invite them to your home during the weekend. Arrange for a party.

Your home itself is a beehive of child entrepreneur ideas. You can be creative enough to find one or two mock business activities for your children learn and master. Here, is a brief list of business endeavors for your children. Please join them in the activities.

Outdoor arts and painting services

Take your children to a professional house painting class and let them learn the art of house painting. Once the child learns the basics, you can allow him or her to seek painting orders from homes in a different neighborhood. People may hesitate to give your children any work for obvious reasons. However, you can ask people to allow your children to paint fences and post boxes for a menial fee.

Clay modeling and making objects

Clay modeling to make patterns and objects is a exceptionally compelling business idea. If your children are adept at clay modeling, you can provide them the necessary raw materials to make models and objects for selling in their school.

Party and event management

Some children are adept at managing parties and small events. They are exceptionally talented organizers too. If your children fall in this category, you can help them in this activity. Ask some of your friends and colleagues to take your children to help in their parties and weekend events. Let your children learn the basics of managing events. Event management is a profitable niche in the business circle.

Golf caddying

Golf clubs and players always need caddying services when they play in the field. You can ask one of the local gold clubs to allow your children serve gold players as caddies. Gold caddies earn top salaries and they are respected.

Cooking and household help

Cooking is another area where your child can learn the art of entrepreneurship. Involve your children in making different types of food. Teach them the basics of catering and serving. Also, train them in the art of household helping. These two areas are paying niches in business circles.


Gardening is a premium business niche. Running a nursery, floriculture and green house farming are other well-known business niches that your children can excel. Teach your children the basics of gardening. Use your own backyard garden as the area for training.

Online research and blogging

These two topics are the hot niches today. Millionaires is born every day by using these business niches. Online research, publishing, web designing and blogging are the best business vehicles to make money.

Your children can use to learn the art of business by using innumerable options. Pick the best one, that suits your children better. Let them learn the basics of these activities until such a time they can start their small entrepreneurship. As they start working on their business ideas, you can watch them become another well-known entrepreneur just like one of those famous child entrepreneurs.

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