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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


Tips to Educate Your Toddler

Parents can use the following tips to educate your child (2-3 years).

Make Your Child A Good Listener
Before you give the instruction or talk to your child, it is best to reduce the distraction from her. Before you talk to her, you can call her name to get her attention. Only begin to talk when she has eye contact with you. Remain eye contact all the times when you speak to her. While you are reading to her, you can ask simple questions such as "Where did the boy go to?", or "When are they coming back?"

Develop your child's basic knowledge and expression skills
You can help your child learning colors, numbers, concept of sizes, concept of space and place through games, actions or talking. You can try the following methods:

Use blocks to teach your child to learn colors
Get her to speak out the colors of different blocks. Or, find the block with the specified color. You can also ask her "What color is this block"

Establish the foundation on numbering
You can get her to give you one object. When she understand the concept of 'one', you can continue to get her to give you more things. You can encourage her to count her five senses, arms or legs, toys or even the cars on the road.

Teach your child the concept of size
You can let your child use the crayon to draw on the paper with different length of lines or different size of circles. Or you can use the 
clay to make different sizes of balls. You discuss the size of objects such as "Giraffe has a long neck and tortoise has short leg", "Get me that long rope", "where is your short pants?".

Teach your child the concept of space
To teach the concept of space, you can design some activities to be participated by her. For example, prepare a big box, let your child stand inside and outside the box or walk around the box. You can play the bubble with your child, while your child is playing the bubble, ask her to observe which bubbles are falling in front and which are falling behind. Which bubbles are close to you and which bubbles are far from you. Which bubbles are flying high and which bubbles are flying low.

Develop your child's memory skills
You can improve your child's memory skills by teaching your child about a rhythm, a short poem or a song. After repeating few times, you skip the last word without saying it out. Encourage your child to speak out that missing word. Slowing increase the number of skipped words. Finally, see if your child can say out the whole sentence. After repeating this exercise several times, you child can quickly memorize all the contents. This is a good way to learn a language and pronunciation.

Reinforce your child's newly learned words and concept
When your child just learn a new concept or word from the story, you can reinforce using natural way. For example, after reading a book about the bread. Next time when you pass by a bakery shop, you can bring your child into the bakery shop and if possible, let her look at the process of making the bread.


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