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The Importance of Reading to Children

By Andrew Loh

Reading is perhaps one of the oldest activities in the history of humankind apart from writing. Reading is a ubiquitous activity as well. Reading is a very important activity for everyone including young children. In fact, it is an important activity for children, because those who start with the art of meaningful reading at an early age will not only become wise and intelligent, but also successful in personal and professional spheres of life.

Now, you may ask why reading is an important activity for children. Did you ever think why this statement is true for all children irrespective of their nationalities and creed? Now, what types of benefits do your children gain by developing reading habit? Another important question is very simple - Does the habit of reading really matter? There are many practical benefits to reading. In essence, most of them lead to the development of an all-round personality that is dynamic and lively.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of developing reading habits in children:

Develop and streamline important language skills

For an effective development of language skills, children will need to read more and become better at it. The more they read and become adept at the habit, the more effective they will be in their life. In fact, you will need to make the process of reading enjoyable and exciting to your children. In other words, your children will need to find that habit thrilling and interesting. Young readers need constant nurturing and support when they are developing reading habit. Early language skills are easy to develop when parents help them read at an early age. Acquisition of language skills at an early age will also help them become sharp and smart in their adult life.

Elementary grammar skills, development of diction, streamlining of proper usage of phrases and synthesis of correct pronunciation are some of the benefits of reading habit. When children read aloud, they also develop better-spoken English skills and superior ability to express their opinions. Reading books, poetry and children magazine will also help children develop superior vocabulary skills. Children may not understand what they read or speak when they hold a book in their hand. However, this habit will become a stable platform for understanding the context for superior absorption of language skills.

Enrich and empower children's life

Knowledge is unlimited! Your children will have all the knowledge and skills in the world when they develop reading habit. They can find knowledge through books, magazines and internet. Your children can easily tap a vast repository of knowledge provided they develop the habit of reading. The knowledge source that your children get from reading could be factual, theoretical or even practical. In essence, your children will come to understand that reading will help them acquire a lot of information and details. Reading is a solid tool to enrich one life and it is one for your children too.

Reading can enhance children's social skills

In practice, reading is a solitary activity because it needs complete silence and solitude. However, it can also be a tool to enhance a range of social skills like development of family bondage and emotional attachment among different members of the family. Just remember your grandma reading out an interesting story and all other young members of the family sitting down to listen to that beautiful story. A story read aloud enhances comprehension and listening ability among children. In addition, it is also a time to socialize and relax. There could also be an opportunity to discuss about the moral of the story. The act of reading loud could also be extended to other members of the family including younger siblings.

Reading encourages emotional bonding between the parents and children

Reading should always precede bedtime. Available research suggests that when parents read stories just before their children go to bed, it will enhance the existing emotional bonding between them. This bonding acts like a strong glue to develop better personal relationship as well as different social skills. When parents read loud, their children will also develop an ability to read and understand the text and content of a book. Repeated reading also makes children adept at understanding even the most complex of topics and subjects. When children feel that they are becoming experts in reading, it raises their self-confidence and self-esteem that eventually aid them in scoring better marks and grades. "Reading makes a man perfect" - that is how the traditional saying goes. Reading is a great marker that divulges a person's taste, style, charisma and mannerisms. Continue to read How to Improve Your Child's Reading


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