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The Top 10 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Children

By Kelly Jo Murphy

There are many things that you, as a parent, can do to nurture your children's creativity. Each of the following ways are about you nurturing your children's creativity, but they can just as easily be used for yourself or the child in you wanting to come out and play!

1. Freedom

First and foremost is to give her the freedom to think, to feel, to be herself. This can only be when your child feels secure in her environment, when she feels it is OK to be herself. Give her the time, space and materials to create to her heart's content. Children tend to be more creative when parents give their children a great deal of freedom.

2. Be an example of a creative person in action

You are your children's primary role model. Let her see what it looks like to be creative. Some of the attributes are easy going, non-authoritarian, open to new adventures and activities, risk taking, following your own interests and passions.

3. Respect

Respecting that each child has the right to be herself and believing in her uniqueness builds your child's confidence in herself. She then feels capable of taking risks and being original. Respect her imagination and fantasies. They are where creativity begins.

Here are some examples of comments that nurture the creative environment:

"It's fun to try it different ways"
"Tell me about it"
"Let's try it anyway"
"Have you thought of any alternatives?"
"I see you are having lots of fun"

These comments focus on having faith in your child and that it is OK to do it HER way.

4. Emotional Detachment from the outcome

Detach yourself from HER outcome. Her creative endeavors are hers. Take pride in your own work, let her take pride in her own.

5. Based on values not rules

Too many rules are stifling to creativity. But, if you base your actions on what you value, be an example of those values, and let your children decide their behavior according to those values, creativity will flourish.

6. Achievement not grades

Encourage your children to do their best and accomplish wonderful things. Rote learning and high grades are not as important as imagination and integrity in developing creativity. Creativity is developed in her achieving what is important to her.

7. Appreciate creativity

Encourage inquisitiveness and a sense of wonder. As Albert Einstein said, "I have no special gift, I am only passionately curious." Appreciating and acknowledging your children's creative attempts and endeavors fosters more of the same.

8. Have a vision

Envision her as the wonderfully unique and original person she is. Take your cues from her interests and passions. See her as capable of doing great, creative things.

Have confidence and trust that she is fine doing things her own way, doing things that might be different than the "norm." That vote of confidence allows her the freedom to be more creative.

When you expect your children to be creative, they will be. The self-fulfilling prophecy is a strong influence on your children's behavior, including creativity.

9. Maximize success

Give your children every opportunity to develop new interests, see new things, experience something different, build new skills. And when she expresses her original ideas about those new experiences, go with it.

Let it be OK, let it be great, let it be the "norm" to express herself in whatever way feels good to her. Success breeds more success. Creativity breeds more creativity.

10. Have fun, a sense of humor

Laugh, have fun, laugh, have fun, laugh a lot. Did I mention laugh?! :) Humor is a key ingredient in creativity. Laugh at situations, events, yourself. Lighten up and get silly!

Creativity is within each of our grasps. It is within each of us waiting to be discovered. Let it out, your children CAN nurture a lifetime of creativity!


Kelly Jo Murphy is a Certified Parent Coach, Artist, Wife, Mom and an all around silly little girl. She helps parents add more fun, ease and fulfillment to their parenting and their own lives. To sign up for her free ezine, send a blank email to

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