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Brain building toys based on different skills - Part I

By Andrew Loh

The entire baby developmental phase, right from its birth until it reaches the adolescent stage, involves several intermediary stages and sub-phases. There are two distinctive phases to baby developmental process. Both are extremely important to the growing baby. The physical growth involves everything that relates to the development of body organs, bone system, blood formation and other critical anatomical entities.

Likewise, the development of various senses, skills, abilities and capabilities are equally important; although brain is a physical organ of critical importance, without the afore-mentioned factors, it becomes an empty box without any contents. In other words, baby development also involves growth and development of very important abilities like critical and creative thinking skills, cognitive capabilities, muscle-mind coordination, and logical, reasoning, visualization and imagination techniques.

Although, all the above-mentioned skills and abilities are genetically driven and stamped, parents may still try to enhance them by using several techniques and methods. One of the most used and tested methods is to provide your children a variety of toys and play tools. Toys and play tools are very useful, because they help young children develop a series of abilities and skills. They are not only entertaining and educative, but also thrilling and probing. They can probe children's intelligence, IQ and smartness apart from teaching necessary skills. You can segregate toys and play tools into many categories depending on their brand, materials used, skills and abilities tested.

Here are some of the most famous toys and play tools that can help your children master several skills, senses and abilities.

Toys to enhance spatial skills, develop motor organ efficiency and thinking ability

Busy Box

Busy Box is an exciting yet highly educative baby toy that can keep her busy all the while building brain cells and establish better nerve connections. This lovely toy set has clicking clock, gently moving beads, a tiny shape mixer and dummy telephone that has the ability to produce animal sounds. There are some keys that unlock to reveal different shapes. The adjoining gear lever can move sideways and make clicking sounds. The entire set is playful, exciting and brain building.

Benefits: Busy box helps your child enhance motor organ efficiency, hand-to-eye coordination and spatial thinking. The keys embedded inside also promote thinking ability and muscle control skills, while the shape sorter helps in the processing of thinking abilities.



Activity Tunnel

As soon as your baby starts sitting on the floor, you can consider buying this amazing play set to help develop both her brain and the body. This is not a simple tunnel! A challenging toy, it contains three unique toys, a gently spinning monkey, a beaded flower ball and rattling frog.

It also has many spanners and clickers that make different sounds. Just see and enjoy your baby crawling through the tunnel and coming from the other end. Your baby can touch and feel the sidewalls of the tunnel and listen to the amazing sounds of eight different musical tunes.

Benefits: The soothing sound of the toy helps your baby refine her listening abilities and it also enhances the capabilities of the auditory system as well. As the baby crawls through the tunnel, he or she will get the required exercise to develop motor control systems of the body.

Activity Spiral

This toy is very simple, yet absorbing with its brilliant colors. An activity set comprises of spiral shaped structure with two or three hand controllers. It also produces brilliant colors and emits soothing sounds apart from gentle movements.

Benefits: This toy encourages the development of auditory and tactile senses. In addition, it also helps the baby to develop hand-eye-muscle control system apart from enhancing rudimentary thinking abilities.





Children's Summer Fun Multi-Use Table

One best toy in the market, this multi-use table has eight small, yet beautiful toys. In addition, you can also find several extras like a watering can, water wheel, sand models, spade and rake. The entire set of play tools lay on top of a brilliantly colored table. It's vividly colored patterns along with safe materials make it an excellent choice for any family.

Benefits: In most of the cases, young children lack primary skills and abilities those relate to cognition, imagination, thinking and motor control. This play set possesses the ability to enhance these skills to the best possible extent. The most significant advantage is its ability to link various nerve pathways to develop the brain in a proper manner. All the eight extra included in the play set relate to one another and they test the thinking power of young children.



Educational Toy - My First Activity Center

Young and growing children will need to develop fine tactile sense to enhance motor control system. Mind to muscle coordination is equally important as well. This amazing toy provides enough opportunities to develop gripping abilities by using fingers and hands. Its intuitive design and brilliant colors makes it an exciting choice. When children turn its wheels, the colorful beads will start moving across the spiral bar.

Benefits: Use this toy to help your children develop very fine cognitive, visual and spatial skills. It will also enhance hand-to-eye coordination and motor skills.




Kids II Bright Starts Bounce Baby Activity Zone

This wonderful play set is a great center for varied entertainment! It is bright and vibrant; it is also a great tool to promote many skills in one stroke! The young baby will keep herself busy for some time, while you could do your work without any hindrance. This play tool is safe and secure for a growing baby. The seat is very cozy and safe, while the small-sized tray, mirrors, lights and beads are appealing to a baby's tender senses.

Benefits: Young children will need to develop cognition, motor control, and hand-eye coordination apart from fine tuning motor control. This superb play tool has all the required qualities to help your baby enhance other skills like thinking ability and creativity.



Choosing a right brain building toy for your children could be very confusing as the list is very long and exhaustive. Your selection and choice will depend on the type of materials used, skills tested, manufacturers and safety guidelines. Here is a brief list of other toys that can help your children develop many skills and capabilities:

Toys and play sets like Kids II Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Toy, Kids II Baby Einstein Discovering Water Rocker Seat, Jungle Activity Mat, K's Kids Fold N Go Deluxe Playmat, Nest & Stack Buckets and Flapping Duck Push Toy are famous for their simple, safe, secure and thoughtful construction qualities. Continue to read Brain building toys based on different skills - Part II


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