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Normal or Bright?

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: Hi, I live in Ascot, I have noticed that may baby son in his early week was very advanced he can follow my finger with his eyes from the day one, he started to smile from his first week he started to understand when i ask him if you are hungry and he replies to me with a big smile in his first month, he want to stand on his feet very early and start to grab things in his two months, start to make sound and gurgle and one day he said mama I could not believe it in his three months, the staff in the play and stay noticed that he is clever he wants to talk to them laugh and smile with them he loves watching programs or cartoon when there are speaking if they are just making sound like teletubbies he does not like it, he start to turn in his side by him self before he reach three months, now he is four months he cries when i said to him we will go out he stopped and when we are outside he is very curious he watches every thing around. IS HE BRIGHT? or its normal thing for baby?

A: The description you gave is not very detailed to suggest if your child is normal or bright. These days, due to excessive exposure, most children are able to do things much earlier than say, 30 years ago. Children are naturally curious, so they would always prefer change of environment. Most babies are quite happy to be outdoors and see different things around them. Bright colours and music grab their attention and they enjoy that.

There is a lot more you need to describe to suggest if your baby is clearly advanced. For now, enjoy every moment with him and monitor his progress carefully. Do refer to the previous newsletter for obvious signs of advanced development that would help you figure out how to cater for his needs and help him further.

Parents are the best people to recognise gifts in their children. Look out for these distinct characteristics to determine if your baby is progressing at a more advanced rate. They are unusual alertness in infancy, high levels of energy, less requirement of sleep compared to other babies, lengthened attention span on subject of interest, early recognition of caretakers, intense reactions to noise, pain, and frustration, absorbs learning quickly, fascination with books, rapid cognitive development, early and extensive development of language, heightened sensitivity and compassion, highly curious, keen observer, vivid imagination, etc. Not all children would have all these characteristics to be recognised as potentially gifted but most of them would have a good number of them. Additionally, surf the internet for some readings on bright babies and tips to further promote their development.

For now, just enjoy your baby and give him enough exposure to feed his curious mind. At this stage all children are gifts regardless of whether are developmentally advanced or not. Good luck!


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