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Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Dr Sandhu holds a PhD in Psychology (Gifted Education) from the University of Cambridge, UK. She has been working with individuals of high abilities since 1996. She was formerly a lecturer at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Vice-President for the National Association for Gifted Children, Malaysia (NAGCM). While reading for her PhD, she also taught undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. She has worked as a consultant with NUS (National University of Singapore) Overseas College in the Silicon Valley, California, USA and in NUS Singapore. She then worked as a school psychologist with Raffles Girls' School (Secondary), a school reputed for the highly able in Singapore. She is also a consultant with V-Campus (affiliated with Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth), Cambridge Alliance Centre, advisor for projects on gifted education/creativity with schools. She has also been the Head of Research and Assessments with Ingenio Pte Ltd. She is an associate faculty with SIM University (Singapore) teaching various subjects in psychology to adult learners.

Currently, she manages her consultancy Mind Path Consulting Services ( which provides services for intelligence, giftedness and creativity assessment and giftedness/creativity workshops/seminars/talks, consulting and counselling. In addition, she is the consultant /trainer/curriculum developer for Igenius Pte Ltd in Singapore. She is constantly involved in spreading awareness in the gifted education programme in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East, and India.

Dr. Sandhu has researched, presented and published various papers on giftedness both locally and internationally. She has also conducted talks and workshops on giftedness, creativity, critical thinking, and motivation for both students and adults. Her areas of expertise and interests are gifted education, creative thinking and assessment, positive psychology, critical thinking and bullying issues in schools. Her more recent work includes seminars/workshops on giftedness and creativity, positive psychology, bullying policy in schools and conducted research and statistics training to junior college students in Singapore. At present, she is the consultant for Club M.A.G.I.C – Mediacorp Okto's (TV station in Singapore) newly launched local preschool programme. She has also been interviewed and quoted in various magazines and newspapers in Singapore and Malaysia and on air for radio talk shows.

*Dr Sandhu is currently based in Gurgaon (NCR Delhi) India.


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