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Holding Back a Bright Child?

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: A learner in Grade R shows signs of smartness and brightness, intelligence. Fine motor skills that are slightly not developed as would be preferred and allergies affect his performance. He will be school age appropriate in 2012 but is an October child. Should he remain in Grade R or should he be sent on to kindergarten?

A: The main problem with smart kids with a possible disability is that adults usually tend to focus on their weaknesses and not their strengths. Children as such would flourish with an individual learning program or perhaps home schooled if adjustment in school is not possible. Fine motor skills would be developed in time as the child grows older.

It is hard to tell if he should remain or should move on as there is minimal description on his ability. Perhaps, an educational psychologist would be best to do some tests and determine his skills and weaknesses and suggest an appropriate learning plan for him. His weaknesses need to be dealt with appropriate intervention so he is able to absorb as much as his ability allows him to. His strengths as well need to be nurtured.

Neither holding him back nor moving him on alone would be appropriate. This child is special and need more than just that. Professionals (educational/child psychologist and a pediatrician for his allergies) would be able to determine this and advise accordingly. More importantly, early intervention is necessary. Good luck!


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