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Brains of Gifted Children

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: How do gifted children learn? Are their brains programmed differently? Do they have more neurons or make more connections then normal children?

A: It is indeed true that gifted children learn and think differently. They are also diverse in their academic needs, which is why they need a differentiated and intellectually demanding curriculum. The brain development of these gifted children is found to be significantly more developed than the average child. They also tend have higher amount of grey matter in certain regions that are found to be associated with intelligence. The MRI scans also found these children to have average levels of brain activity; however, their brains work better in terms of efficiency.

You may want to read this interesting article on brain-imaging research on gifted children by Tamara Fisher (for more technical facts). In the same site, there are also links to other sites.

Hope that helps.


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