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Gifted with Learning Disability

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My girl is 5.1 yrs old and she has been confirmed to be gifted with the overall performance score at 135 (verbal - 135 and performance - 126). She is also confirmed to have eye tracking problem. However, she doesn't like reading and sometimes she cannot do simple calculation such as one digit add one digit or one digit minus one digit. May I know whether she is a disable gifted?

A: It is highly possible for your girl to be double-labeled gifted child, a tested gifted child with a disability. Due to her eye tracking problem, she may be unable to concentrate well and tire quite easily. Skipping words causes frustration and reading becomes a chore. I hope you have consulted a doctor and have therapy done immediately. You may want to find out about Vision Therapy which has had a rather high success rate for children with eye tracking problem. I hope you get her treated as soon as possible (if not already) as the longer you delay treatment, the more she may be losing out in learning.

You may also want to look up for information on gifted children with learning disability to prepare yourself on unique yet effective methods to educate your girl before she starts formal schooling.


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