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Early Advanced Potential

By Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D

Q: My daughter just turned 28 months old. Here's her development stages in brief.

  • Sitting unassisted and using pincer - 4 months

  • Talking - 6 months

  • Walking - 7.5 months

  • Knew alphabets (lowercase and uppercase) and sounds they make by 18 months.

  • Sounding out words by two years.

The part that puzzles me most is her sense of humor. She started making puns by 12 months - my husband calls me "m" and she would call me "n" "o" "p". I asked her what her name was and she said "Wee Willie Winkie"

At 18 months she started locking me out of the house every time I take her diaper to the trash. I thought it was just an accident until I could hear her laughing. I've caught her just getting ready to slam the door several times. For Christmas she received educational toys recommended for four to eight year olds and she taught herself the nine planets (she recognizes them in any NASA pictures) and all 50 states.

What bothers me is that I know people think I'm hot-housing her but I'm not. She teaches herself and then I buy materials on whatever she's interested in. In fact when she started trying to write I was against it but now I have no choice because she is teaching herself anyway and I noticed she forms some letters incorrectly. I NEED HELP! I can't talk about her to people because they think that's bragging. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not even sure she's gifted. Will she may just level out? Right now I need support and information on learning materials for an advanced 2 year old. Any idea where I can get these or find out if there's a group of like kids in VA?

A: It does appear that your daughter is rather advanced for her age. Therefore, it is quite normal for you to appear hot-housing her when you are actually very aware and concerned of her development and doing your best to nurture her.

She is obviously advanced compared to her age group, and unfortunately, if she does not get appropriate nurturance, she may level out. Unidentified talent causes frustration and boredom and the child will eventually want to “be like the rest” by suppressing their gifted if not encouraged. For educational materials, you may want to view the past newsletters which have a lot of information in this area. The good thing here is that you are already aware of her condition and are looking for ways to help here; which means half the battle is already won. Do keep up the good work, and do not be discouraged by other people’s comments. People have a lot to say but it only works when you pay attention to them – and you do have a choice here.

In your area, I suggest you get in touch with the Gifted Association (the contact provided) for some helpful information on resources. Good Luck!

Virginia Association for the Gifted
P. O. Box 26212
Richmond, VA 23260-6212
Voice Mail: (804) 355-5945
Fax: (804) 355-5137
Liz Nelson, Executive Director


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