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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #3   Issue #10

ISSN: 0219-7642    Feb 18, 2005

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Hi Everyone,

My 4 years old youngest son now and then asked amazing questions. There was once he asked, "If you touch a dead jellyfish, will it still sting you?" Today, he asked me "If the sun exploded, is God going to die?" .... grin. Here is one joke on some 'remarkable' questions a child can ask:


Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, "Why is the bride dressed in white?"

"Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life," her mother explained, keeping it simple.

The child thought for a moment and said, "So why is the groom wearing black?"


Let's have a good laugh and have a nice day!

Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
andrew @


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The Best Gifts Ever: Life experiences every child should have
By Rob Stringer

How to Deal with Your Child's Inappropriate Behavior
By Dr. Michael G. Rayel


Q: I have a 5 year old son who has been in full time education since April 04. His Year 1 teacher asked me, several weeks into his first term, if I realized how bright he was and she considered him very bright/gifted. The fly in the ointment however is that his behavior at school during break-times is letting him down severely. He annoys and antagonizes other children when not being closely observed. His behavior at home is sometimes challenging but generally we have no significant problems ....

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on giftedness and behavioral problems here




125 Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos: Simple Games to Promote Early Brain Development

125 Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos is a fun-filled collection of ways to lay the groundwork for your child's future. It is packed with everyday opportunities to contribute to brain development during the critical period from 12-36 months. Each game is accompanied by information on related brain research and a description of how the activity promotes brain power in your child.





Whiz Kids: Science, Music & Memory
CBS News Feb 6, 2005

What do you do with a kid who's not just bright, but smarter than most adults in a lot of ways? Put the child on a fast track in school and you're accused of being a pushy parent. But let him or her slog along with the other kids, and you run the risk of boredom.

Cell Phones Endanger Children

If your child uses a cell phone, take note. A recent news report has prompted renewed concerns about the safety of cell phone use, especially by children.
In January, 2005, The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), an independent research organization in the UK, announced that they are now advising parents not to let children under the age of eight use cell phones. Evidence of the potentially harmful effects of cell phone use, the NRPB explained, has become more persuasive over the past five years.

Study: Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes
Yahoo! News Feb 15, 2005

A study of New York City newborns suggests that prenatal exposure to air pollution may be linked to genetic changes associated with an increased risk of cancer, researchers said Tuesday.

Brain is primed to learn languages early
The Telegraph Online Feb 13, 2005

The brain of a young child is precisely programmed to learn a language - or two, or three. It gets more challenging to learn a second language after age 8 or 10, and downright taxing to attempt it in adulthood. This reinforces the idea that it's better to learn a second language in the early years. Unfortunately, most students enroll in a second-language class long after the brain's "window of opportunity" has closed.

Mom's Work Schedule Affects Child's Development
Reuters UK Feb 10, 2005

Children whose mothers work nights, evenings or rotating shifts are more likely to be behind the curve in mental development at age 2 and in language ability at age 3, new research reports.

Study Links Autism and Mother's Illnesses
Reuters Feb 7, 2005

Expectant mothers suffering from asthma, allergies or a type of skin disease have a higher risk of giving birth to an autistic child, a study said Monday.

Teens' brains still developing judgment
South Bend Tribune Feb 15, 2005

"We used to believe that children's brain development occurred very much early on during uterine growth and within the first six years of life," said Vaughn Rickert, professor of population and family health at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.

"What we have discovered in the last two to three years is adolescent brains do change, and there is a wave of growth that does occur during the adolescent years."


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