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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #8   Issue #21

ISSN: 0219-7642    May 16, 2010

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Brain fitness is often the most talked and discussed term today. Some children are extremely sharp and agile while many others are not so sharp and intelligent. Children, who have a fitter and physically sharper brain, display an amazing ability to solve the most complex of all classroom problems. Brain fitness is a term that is used almost akin to physical fitness with almost similar type of goals and objectives. Just like you keep your body fit and healthy, you will also need to keep your brain fit. Unfortunately, people spend hundreds of dollars to keep their physique fit and skin beautiful! However, we may never spend the same amount of time, money and effort to keep our brain fit, happy and healthy. Sadly, we may never realize the importance of keeping our brain healthy, smarter and sharper because we may never feel the need for it!

As a parent, you may wish to train you children understand the power of brain and its great importance. Brain train exercises can make your children sharper in their classroom and can help your children to develop the most important skills of better cognition, visualization, thinking, imagination and verbal. I hope you will find this issue helpful. Have a nice day.

Thought for today:
"Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future." - Marilyn Ferguson

Best Regards,
Andrew Loh
Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine


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Brain Fitness Exercises for Your Children - Understanding the Basics
Brain fitness is as important and critical as physical exercises. An agile mind is sharper and intelligent. A fit brain will help you remain agile and intelligent throughout your life.

Brain Fitness Exercises for Your Children - The Brain Fitness Training
Brain fitness exercises can assist your children enhance cognition, imagination, thinking, visualization and coordination skills. Developing a habit of mental exercises will help your children make their brain sharper and smarter.


Q1: My child who is now 8, took the Stanford-Binet v5 when he was 4 years and 3 months. We were asked to take the test because his teachers at preschool thought he may not be absorbing information. We knew he was smart but the test results were very good. He scored a FSIQ of 138 VIQ of 148 NVIQ of 126 and ABIQ of 145....

A: I believe that the results of the Stanford-Binet v5 do indicate your son's potential. I would consider him gifted. And the scores are certainly evident of his above averageness. It is important to note that the gifted are a rather diverse group and their range of attainment will surely be varied. Amongst them, a good number do well in national exams or meet the cut-off points for national qualifications.... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted Child's Qualities Not Apparent here.

Q2: Our oldest son is what I call my "high-needs child." I'm wondering if any of his behavior is indicative of high intelligence or if you have ideas on how his brain is working. He's 5 years old and EXTREMELY inquisitive. He asks questions like no one I've ever met, and we've heard the same from the daycare and from our sitter...

A: Gifted children come in many types - a diverse group with many different exceptional gifts and talents; e.g., mathematics, language skills, music, sports, etc. Whatever form their gifts may take, gifted children are passionate about their interests once they discover them. They are known to focus tremendous energy on the topics that absorb them, often to the exclusion of other activities. From your description, I believe that you son is gifted.... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted Children and Curiosity here.

Q3: Our daughter is 19 months old now. From the information I gathered browsing the internet, I feel she is little ahead of her age. Below is the list of skills she accomplished at different stages. Since she is still 19 months, I guess it is too early for any kind of formal assessment. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm looking for ways to develop her potential. Can you please let me know what my options are?..

A: From your description, she does appear to be ahead of her peers. As for formal assessment, you are right about holding on a little until she is older (about five to six years of age). However, as parents, you are in the best position to determine if she has advanced abilities so if you feel that she is above average, she probably is – and your description confirms it.... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Nurturing an Above Average Child here.


Brain Fitness: A Recipe for Feeding Your Child's Dreams and Unlocking Their Maximum Brain Power
By Dr. Simon Evans

Dr. Simon Evans is a Brain Research Scientist, a Youth sports coach and a parent with a plan to help people secure successful futures.

This book will show you how to boost your children's chances for physical and intellectual success.

  • Achieve peak physical and mental health.

  • Acquire laser focused attention.

  • Master creativity and independent thinking.

  • Maximize self-confidence and self-reliance.


Active Baby, Healthy Brain: 135 Fun Exercises and Activities to Maximize Your Child's Brain Development from Birth Through Age 5 1/2
By Margaret Sasse

Sasse, founder of Australia-based ToddlerKindy GymbaROO, offers a practical handbook for parents hoping to boost their baby's intellectual and physical development. The author, who died last year at the age of 80, divides her program into eight sections ranging from newborn to age five–and-a-half. In each, she offers specific, age-appropriate exercises and activities, accompanied by illustrations: each exercise takes only two minutes or less, totaling about 10 minutes per day.

Sasse's focus is on fun, but she also provides parents with an informative manual that outlines the crucial connections between movement and the health and development of body and brain.



Potential begins at birth
Craig Daily Press May 11, 2010

The human being grows based on experiences in his or her environment. Brain development and learning are based on an individual's interaction with sensory information. Even in utero, our brains react, change and grow according to stimuli.

DHA and Brain Development - Discover the Power of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Grupocompostela May 06, 2010

It is necessary for us to understand the relevant relationship between DHA and brain development. This important fatty acid makes up 30% of the human brain and it plays major roles in promoting proper functioning of our brain.

5 kinds of food detrimental to children's brain development
Hub Pages May 09, 2010

Reasonable to add some nutritious food to children can play the role of brain puzzle. Conversely, if not pay attention to the choice of food, let him eat what children eat what, it will undermine the healthy development of the brain. What food do harm to brain development?

Children Brain Function Can Be Trained By Eat With Chopsticks
The Guide Health May 04, 2010

One brain relationship for many years opponents of the scholars pointed out that to train smart, intelligent children, we must allow them to exercise the fingers movement. Because the finger activity can stimulate the cerebral cortex motor area, to promote some special, positive and creative areas more active.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education
The Company Marketing May 09, 2010

The best predictor of a good ending is a good beginning. The old adage is a true today as when it was first uttered so long ago that no one can clearly say who first spoke those words.

If you want kids to succeed, get them started young on household chores
The National Post May 11, 2010

Your three-year-old is not too young to match the socks in the family laundry basket; your five-year-old can make his bed by pulling up the comforter. Your eight-year-old can make her own lunch and your 10-year-old can do all of the above, plus put away the groceries and do the family laundry -- sorting it by colours first.


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