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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #12   Issue #10

ISSN: 0219-7642    Sep 29, 2013

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Sorry we are late! Due to some unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, let's go straight to the issue! Many apologies for the delay! Take care.

Thought for today:
"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try." - Jack Canfield

Best Regards,
Andrew Loh
Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine

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Feature Articles

Instilling Responsibility in Today's Children
If you find that disciplining your children and fostering a sense of responsibility in them is stressful or unsuccessful, the use of traditional parenting approaches may be the problem. Click to learn more.

Raising Independent and Responsible Children
In order to become productive and happy adults, children need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions and follow through on commitments. The home is one of the best places for teaching responsibility and preparing children for the future.

Ask an Expert

Q1: Our son just turned 4 years old in the beginning of September and just started PreK. He is starting to exhibit some behavioral problems in class and I believe it has to do with him being gifted. We haven't had him tested yet. I'm meeting with his Pediatrician on Monday to go over some options. Here are some examples to show you where I concluded the giftedness...

A: From your description, it clearly shows that your son has characteristics distinct to gifted children, at the same time some that gear towards high functioning autistic behaviour. It is also very interesting that you brought the term “dumb down” which has been around for a while but only in the recent years applied more and more for gifted children. Briefly, this is a term that is referred to masking of natural intellectual abilities..... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Gifted Children Choosing to “Dumb Down” here.

Brainy Products

Setting Limits: How to Raise Responsible, Independent Children by Providing Clear Boundaries
By Robert J. Mackenzie, Ed.D

Do your children misbehave? Do they repeatedly ignore or refuse your requests for proper behavior? Are you constantly fluctuating between permissive and authoritarian parenting, with little or no success? Are you convinced there has to be a better way? There is. Setting Limits will help you establish the positive, respectful, and instructional groundwork your children need for proper ethical and behavioral development

In this revised and expanded edition of his popular book, Robert MacKenzie, Ed.D., demonstrates proven techniques and procedures that not only correct misbehavior but instill the cooperation and conduct you want and expect from your children.


Family Rules: Raising Responsible Children
By Kenneth Kaye, Ph.D

If you're tired of arguing and complaining, this is the book for you. Full of warmth and wisdom, this guide to parenting by respected psychologist and family therapist Kenneth Kaye explains how you can custom design for your own family a set of straightforward rules that make discipline easy - principles which can be easily modified as family life improves.

In order to grow into happy, self-respecting adults, your children need the security of clear, consistently enforced rules. Family Rules teaches you everything you need to know to raise responsible children - without yelling or nagging! This is an excellent book for the subject, well written, thorough and it covers all views on setting rules within the family.


Latest Brainy News

Raising a genius
Business Standard Sep 13, 2013

Abhijeet (name changed to protect identity) and his parents would be considered "lucky" by most people. The adolescent has an IQ above 130 and has invariably performed brilliantly in academics. He is what is called a "gifted" child

Ways to boost kids' brain power by reading books
Sun Sentinel Sep 23, 2013

Toddlers and preschoolers are masters of YouTube and iPads as they quickly finesse their favorite games and stories. And yet, while they love technology, they still love books. They love turning pages, pointing to pictures, following characters from page to page

Reading for fun improves children's brains, study confirms
The Guardian Sep 18, 2013

A study of 17,000 people from birth indicates that reading for pleasure improves not just literacy, but math ability too. And we will soon know whether the effects continue into adult life.

Aerobic fitness can boost brain power in kids
The Star Sep 13, 2013

A new US study finds that aerobically fit children perform better in memory tests than their less fit counterparts. While regular physical activity is vital for keeping a child lean and healthy, a new US study finds that it can even boost learning and memory, especially when tasks are challenging.

Want to help kids learn? Teach them to nap
Boston Sep 23, 2013

A new study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst suggest the answer is a resounding “yes.” In a study of 40 preschoolers, napping aided children's ability to recall information they had been taught earlier that day.

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