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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #4   Issue #6

ISSN: 0219-7642    Nov 27, 2005

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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Andrew Loh
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Kids not listening? Top 10 Tips to Deal With It!
By Cathy Gariety

Parents, Kids And Time Alone
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D


Q1: My 2 year old boy is extremely verbal and very active and energetic. Lately, it seems that his developmental independence is particularly aggressive and he shows frustration very easily. My instinct tells me that my son needs much more stimulation and structured activity. How do I help him?

A: Find Dr. Sandhu's answer on auditory-sequential learner

Q2: My daughter was tested using the Terra Nova testing last year during first grade. In reading she scored in the 97th percentile, while in language and math in the 99th. She is in the CAP program at school, yet rarely had homework and seemed to grasp everything very easily. Are we doing enough for her to have her simply continue in the CAP program, or should she be in another sort of program or school?

A: Read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Unchallenged gifted children

Q3: My daughter was tested for her inborn intelligence and it turns out that it is above average by 51 points. Teacher claimed that she could be gifted due to her observation in class through a series of games and activities for brain training. Hence when an IQ test was administered on her, she has IQ of 100 points, which is average. Will an IQ test for 4 years and 3 months old child be accurate at this point?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Accuracy of IQ Testing



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Brain boosts and busts
United Press International Nov 21, 2005

Family ties can pull the cognitive and creative strings of a child's brain, the latest research shows. Twins have significantly lower IQ in childhood than youngsters making a solo entrance into the world, a difference that cannot be explained by social or economic factors, scientists report in the British Medical Journal.

Eat your way to a better brain for your baby Nov 23, 2005

A team of British scientists at Manchester and Lancaster Universities has turned established thinking on its head in a bid to understand the serious and often deadly condition, hydrocephalus, commonly known as 'water on the brain'.

Reading to infants stimulates brains Nov 13, 2005

Want to help your children be confident, do well in school and improve their potential for success as adults? Start telling them stories from the time they are infants.

Increasing Child's I.Q. May Be At Your Fingertips
Kansas City Channel Nov 16, 2005

Eckerman reported that studies show physical and intellectual gains in babies who get lots of skin-to-skin contact. Breast feeding or not, skin-to-skin contact between mother and child can bring lifelong benefits.

High IQ in childhood tied to longer life
Reuter UK Nov 11, 2005

Smarter children may enjoy longer lives, the results of a new study suggest. The study, which followed elderly adults deemed gifted by childhood IQ tests, found that the higher their early IQs were, the longer they lived -- up to a point, at least. The survival advantage began to plateau after a childhood IQ of 163, an intelligence level few people reach.

Conference emphasizes infants, brain power Nov 14, 2005

Always searching for a way to help, Bednarz said she discovered a "simple but profound" method in a group of exercises called Brain Gym. The exercises stimulate the three different parts of the brain -  the limbic system, brain stem and especially the cerebral cortex, or the "thinking brain." With the cerebral cortex working smoothly, a person is better able to control stress and emotional outbursts.


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