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The Secrets to Raising a Smarter Child
- By Inderbir Sandhu, Ph.D


~ B R A I N Y - Z I N E ~

" Learn How to Nurture A Smarter Kid "

Volume #5   Issue #2

ISSN: 0219-7642    Sep 17, 2006

Andrew Loh, Publisher

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The Internet today has become part of kids' natural environment as most children have access to the Internet at school and/or at home. My children use the Internet to do their school assignment. Occasionally, they also go online for learning activities that are not connected directly with school (a.k.a playing Internet games ...;-). As a parent, we know the potential exposure of children to controversial information online. There is about as much good as evil on the Internet. Rather than stopping your children from using the Internet completely, it is better to know some of the guidelines to keep our children safe while they research or play online. So, I hope this issue offers some tips for you to make your kids safe online. Take care!

Thought for today:
" Money might determine who gets what opportunities, but as the years go by, you measure your personal bank account by who loves you, how they love you, and whether the world is a better place because you were born " - Warren Buffett (The second richest man in the world pledged the bulk of his US$44 billion fortune to charity recently)

Best Regards,
Andrew Loh
Andrew Loh
Publisher & Editor, BrainyZine
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Tips to Keeping Children Safe Online
By Sharon Housley

Kids often have Internet access both at home and school - they are potentially deadly. Follow these basic rules to ensure child safety on the Internet here!

Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet?
By Michael Grose

The much-publicised risk of predators is small compared with excessive use and the consequent isolation. While the research is thin on the ground about the NET and its effects on children and young people it is fair to say that many concerns concentrate around overuse at the expense of offline activities and relationships.


Q1: My 6 month-old daughter exhibits many of the signs of early giftedness on your list. She has demonstrated a keen sense of humor and advanced social skills since birth. On her first day, she smiled in response to a chorus of laughter....How can I best enrich my child's development without her becoming overly dependent on me as the caregiver?

A: From your description, your girl certainly demonstrates clear signs of giftedness. She must be one by now and probably have reached a milestone ahead of her age group. You certainly need to work very hard to maintain and further enhance her potential. Read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Enhancement of Early Giftedness

Q2: I have six year old student in my 4 year old class. Last year's teacher suggested that he repeat the four year old program because he socially tested a year behind his grade. He sees a speech pathologist for auditory processing problems. He is doing everything required of him in this 4 year old class. He is performing at the bottom of the class...My question is what is the percentage of bright children who have learning disabilities? I believe this child is very bright but "we" in regular education do not have the facts to back this idea?

A: Children who are both gifted and learning disabled may exhibit remarkable talents or strengths in some areas and disabling weaknesses in others. Such children display vast gap between achievement level and potential which can often be observed in the discrepancy between the qualitative level of oral and written work ... Continue to read Dr. Sandhu's answer on Twice exceptional Learners here.

Q3: I have a niece who has just turned 3 this last Dec.... She is a very "odd" child even in her parent's words. She seems overly sensitive but is extremely intelligent. She stops doing what she is doing to watch conversation of adults and listens very intently. I wonder if there might be a child disorder that she may have I have started to research Asperger's Disorder?

A: See Dr. Sandhu's complete answer on Giftedness or Asperger's Syndrome (AS)

Q4: Do you offer any resources or testing on the creative side for gifted children? The psychologist would not test for IQ due to age and I head there were more tests that could be done? I am looking for programs or clubs to get her involved in.

A: See Dr. Sandhu's answer on Testing of Creativity


Protect Your Children From Internet and Mobile Phone Dangers: An Easy-to-Understand Handbook for Worried Mums
By Steve Roche

This book explains the dangers your kids face when they log onto the Internet or use a mobile phone, what the risk levels are, the essential information you need to know and what you can do. This book explains everything in a non-technical and easy-to-follow way.





What Should Pre-Schoolers Learn?
jewishtimes Sep 15, 2006

In a study led by G.V. Caprara that appeared in the July 2000 issue of Psychological Science, researchers found that changes in academic achievement in eighth grade were better predicted from knowing a child's social competence five years earlier (in third grade) than knowing their third-grade academic achievement. In essence, the study reinforced the notion that positive social skills are integral to success in academics.

TV channel for babies? Pediatricians say turn it off Sep 11, 2006

It has come under fire from child development experts who say the claims are false and fly in the face of the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendation of no TV at all for children under age 2.

Newest whiz kids more than just super-smart
UCBerkeleyNews Sep 12, 2006

Each year, a handful of child prodigies enters the University of California, Berkeley, after skipping grades and wowing admissions officials with their academic prowess. In keeping with that tradition, five 16-year-old advanced learners have joined this fall's 2006 freshman class.

Fish oils to get IQ test Sep 6, 2006

Fish oil supplements have been heralded as the cure-all for everything from arthritis to heart disease and now research will see if they really do boost IQ. Scientists think omega-3 dramatically improves concentration and short-term memory by making it easier for brain signals to move between cells.

Arts infusion creating better scores Sep 6, 2006

Since infusing arts into the school's curriculum, 100 percent of Remington Elementary School's third- and fifth-graders passed state math tests last year, said Principal Judy Fessenden.

Bilingual babies Sep 4, 2006

Research suggests that kids who become bilingual at a young age often are more creative and fare better at solving complex problems in school. Bilingual students also have a better chance at landing jobs.

Study: Males have IQ advantage
United Press International Sep 11, 2006

Men have a 4- to 5-point IQ advantage over women by adulthood, but because girls mature faster, the difference is masked in school, a Canadian study found.


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